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RV roof replacement tips


Join Dave and me up on the roof of a 2019 Grand Design Reflection in the video below. I’ll explain California RV Specialists’ tips during a roof replacement and what makes our installation different from manufacturers’.

Most manufacturers don’t take the time to completely seal all the molding and seams. It is common for us to come across unfinished areas, cracks, separation and missing or loose screws.

Fortunately, routine roof maintenance can go a long way in protecting your rig from leaks and rot. Every day our customers find out the hard way! You never see anything leaking into the inside! That’s because it didn’t show any signs until it was too late.

Make sure you understand what type of roof material and sealants are used on your units. Here’s a video I did on that explaining the difference between different sealant options.

As a reminder, we recommend that you set a roof maintenance schedule. Most RV roof manufacturers suggest preventive maintenance once every three months. Please review your owner’s manual or contact your local dealer or service center for details.

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Dustin owns and operates California RV Specialists, an independent RV repair shop located in Lodi, CA. He thrives on sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of RV repair and maintenance with his team, customers, and virtual friends.

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel where he shares what’s going on in the shop and the product offerings in the store. Dustin is also very active on Facebook. Join his group, RV Repairs and Tips – What’s in the shop!

Dustin proudly operates the business alongside his wife, Ashley; but the true pair that run the show are their Boston Terriers, Arvie and Hitch.


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Dale M
2 months ago

There is conflicting information from these RV manufacturers. They say to do roof maintenance on a regular schedule. But then they’re taking off the ladders and saying stay off the roof. My RV has a ladder but it says stay off the roof. How do you do roof maintenance without getting on the roof?

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