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11 unexpected ways sandpaper comes in handy in the RV

By Gail Marsh
Space is so limited in our RV that I like to find common products that can be used in different ways. Let’s face it, sandpaper takes up very little room and can do a lot of things inside and out of the RV. (Hint: Always start with the smallest grit of sandpaper and test a hidden spot before tackling more visible areas.)

It takes up such little space and can simplify your life! Here are several unexpected ways to use sandpaper in your RV.

Exterior of your RV

  • Use sandpaper to remove rust from the metal undercarriage of your RV. The same goes for your tow vehicle. Use safety glasses to keep rust bits out of your eyes, especially when working under your rig.
  • Sandpaper can clean rust off tools in your RV basement, too. Think ax, screwdrivers, hammers, and more.
  • Restore shine to your dull, cloudy headlights by gently rubbing a fine grit sandpaper/abrasive material over the lights’ exterior cover. (Use water when sanding. Test the procedure in a less noticeable place to make sure you aren’t scratching the surface.)

Ways to use sandpaper in the kitchen

  • Did you know that sandpaper will sharpen scissor blades? Make several cuts in a sheet of sandpaper, then watch out! Those shears will be sharp.
  • Sandpaper will help you open those stuck-tight pickle jar lids. Place a piece of sandpaper on the lid, grit side down. Twist and voila! (Of course, this doesn’t work on pickle jars alone. Try it on any too-stuck-to-open jar lids.)
  • Over time, our wooden cutting boards have become pitted. I’m sure the little grooves and divots harbor all kinds of germs and bacteria. Once again sandpaper comes to the rescue! Simply sand the wooden board smooth and afterward give it a thin coat of mineral oil to condition it.
  • What is it with pizza pans? Mine look so corroded with stuck-on cheese and other toppings. Use sandpaper to really clean that pan. (Not recommended for non-stick pans!)

In the bedroom and bathroom

  • I have a foot buffer. My hubby gifted it to me, and I absolutely love it. But it takes up space. More space than a piece of sandpaper, of course. So, yes, I use the abrasive material to gently buff the heels of my feet, especially with summer and barefoot days coming. Use a fine grit and do not scrub too hard. It really works!
  • Speaking of summer, I use sandpaper to rough up the bottom of my new sandals. Just rub the soles of slick shoes a few times to prevent slips or falls that can be nasty and painful, not to mention embarrassing!
  • Before putting away my winter sweaters I launder and dry them and then grab the sandpaper. Yep, it’s great to remove those annoying little “pills” that form after wearing my favorite sweaters for a season. A gentle sandpaper rub and those pills are gone. Sweaters look like new again! I also use this trick on other surfaces that “pill.”
  • Did you know that you can clean stubborn grout stains with sandpaper? Just rub gently so as not to mar the grout. Sometimes a gentle rub of the abrasive material, followed by a grout cleaner, is all it takes for a super-clean bathroom.

That’s how I use sandpaper around my RV. (Oh! Hubby says to mention that it can also be used to smooth wood. Eye roll … and smile!)

If you don’t have any handy, find a plethora of sandpaper options here.


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Larry Lee
1 year ago

I’m sorry to have to point it out, but using the term sandpaper covers a wide range of products. Next time you edit an article regarding sandpaper, please insist the author specify which grit is being recommended for which purpose.

Jill Goldman
1 year ago

I use 400 grit wet (waterproof) sandpaper to bring the Corian sinks back to original clean. 

Bruce LaHargoue
1 year ago

Sandpaper is an excellent substitute for toilet paper…😁

1 year ago

Do not “sandpaper” plastic headlights covers. Use a gentle “chrome” polish. Light pressure. Don’t scratch the plastic! Replacement covers are expensive.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
1 year ago

be careful of the sandpaper grit. The wrong grit will do a lot more damage. Caution is necessary

David Telenko
1 year ago

I totally agree as sandpaper comes in many grits. The grit size comes in many sizes from around 24 grit (coarse) all the way up to 2000 grit (extra fine). Each one has a very specific application, so be careful to what you choose for your projects!

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