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The types of RV screws and bits you should have in your toolbox

I get questions all the time, and sometimes I’m surprised that RVers don’t know the answer. I just assume that everyone knows the little things. Recently, I had an RV owner ask what type of screwdriver they should use to remove RV screws. I thought that not only would it be a good idea to create a photo album in my RV Facebook groups for screws and bits, but I also wanted to show more information to help.

Below is a chart of basic drive types. Having the right-hand screwdrivers, bits, and impact bits in different lengths will also come in handy for all those hard-to-reach areas.

Hope this helps you to understand the drive types.

The head style is just as important as the length, and understanding the difference between some of the basic information when going to a hardware store will make all that much easier.

I also thought it would be important to share the pilot hole size chart and sheet metal screw diameter.

Having a hole size chart can come in handy when needed.
It is also a good idea to understand the screw diameters for the job.

Besides knowing what types of screws and bits we use in the industry, you need to be familiar with these screws so you can take the right screwdrivers and driver bits with you in your RV toolbox. I hope this information has given you something to walk away with, and will help you during your trips to the hardware store.

Here are some links for screws and the bits. It is important to buy impact bits with round smooth sides to not damage anything when using them. The impact bits will also last longer and not wear the tips out.

Our Facebook groups

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We try and help as time allows to answer questions and problems. We encourage others to share their experience so we can build a resource page to help everyone.

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Please feel free to share your stories, problems, and upgrades with us so we can build a resource page to help others.

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Dustin Simpson
Dustin Simpson
With over 25 years in the RV Industry, Mr. Dustin Simpson has worn many hats. From an RV Technician, Warranty & Parts Administrator, Parts & Service Manager and Business Owner. Outside of these typical roles and responsibilities within the industry, Dustin enjoys being a Content Creator, Brand Ambassador, Author, and Expert Witness. He has served as an expert witness in multiple cases in California, Washington, Idaho, and Texas. His repair facility has been servicing customers at the same location since 2003. What sets us apart from the dealerships is we are here to fix and maintain what you have, and not sell you a new one. Whether you own a million-dollar unit or an entry level, my message to you will be the same, it needs to be maintained.



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Andrew Herrick
1 month ago

Would add T25 torx and Hex 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ nut drivers to this list 🙂

Neal Davis (@guest_256399)
1 month ago

Thank you, Dustin! Another bookmarked column! 🙂 Thank you!

Brent (@guest_256350)
1 month ago

How about a discussion of screws and fasteners that don’t vibrate out onto the floor or around RV on the pavement. Seems to be a big issue for all RV’ers. To add adhesive or not? To use mollie bolts or claw type screws!

Bob P (@guest_256200)
1 month ago

When you speak of a Phillips screw driver are you actually talking about Reed and Prince driver? A Phillips screwdriver is similar to a Reed Prince except the Reed and Prince is actually pointed on the end where the Phillips has a blunt end. The two are very similar but usually Reed and Prince doesn’t go deep enough into a Phillips head screw to get a solid grip. These days most screws are Reed and Prince as most that is the most commonly sold driver. Just a small technicallity.

WilBB (@guest_256193)
1 month ago

Thank you. There’s also a double square, I’ve only seen it once. Had to stop a project and wait for Amazon.

Rolling Coal (@guest_256256)
1 month ago
Reply to  WilBB

A standard Roberston bit will work.

Jim Johnson (@guest_256192)
1 month ago

So long as we aren’t talking about high-torque screw applications, I have found a #2 phillips head screwdriver will turn many of the square drive screws in our two travel trailers.

I don’t have a non-interchangeable bit square drive screwdriver and the #2 phillips is handy. And most cordless drill/drivers have a #2 phillips & slotted bit clipped to them. My auxillary case of bits has a wide assortment. But when all I need to do tighten a loose screw I happen upon, it’s often not worth heading back to the bay for the bit case.

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