Sunday, October 2, 2022


RV shipments set new record in January

The RV manufacturing industry just had its best January on record.

The RV Industry Association is reporting a total of 53,290 RV shipments from manufacturing plants in January 2022. That’s an increase of 16% over the 45,930 produced during the first month of 2021.

Craig Kirby, RVIA president and CEO, said manufacturers and suppliers demonstrated their preparedness to meet consumer demand in 2022.

“With spring just around the corner, consumers are looking to RVs as an ideal way to take advantage of the mental and physical health benefits of living an active outdoor lifestyle,” Kirby said, “and our manufacturers and suppliers are prepared to meet this ongoing demand for RVs.”

Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, ended the month up 17.3% against last January with 48,565 wholesale shipments.

Motorhomes finished the month up 4.6% compared with the same month last year with 4,725 units.



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7 months ago

It won’t be long before Ikea gets the idea and gets markets an Rv Home Assembly Kit. “Some assembly required!” It appears from comments about quality of the last few years – a do-it-yourself Rv kit wouldn’t be a bad idea. (Are you listening WalMart?)

BILLY Bob Thronton
7 months ago

Soon, articles will be saying…. third consecutive month of falling unit sales….. .

Oil cresting at $100/bbl. Real Inflation lastyear was 30.5%. Buckle up!

BILLY Bob Thronton
6 months ago

Update: $112/bbl. Its coming fast, and elections matter boys and girls!

Seann Fox
7 months ago

Truth in advertising: quick by your 2/3 assembled RV now you get to finish it in the driveway or the dealer’s lot

7 months ago

If they slowed production they could build a quality unit worthy of the suggested retail price!

7 months ago

It’s great that the industry is booming. The only thing is that there seems to be a lack of quality control. I would rather see them them build less with better quality.

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