Friday, May 20, 2022



RV Short Stop: Bicycle in a tree and UFO


Beautiful Vashon Island is 12 minutes by ferry from Seattle, Washington. It seems a hundred miles away. There’s one small settlement and isolated homes scattered around the peaceful countryside. And there’s “the bicycle.” Ask at the Country Store how to find it (it’s hidden from view across the street). 

Not the real UFO. This fake one is at the airport.

The story goes that the bicycle was chained to a tree decades ago and never picked up. Over time, the tree “ate it.” Many children (and ex-children) are familiar with the bike from the Berkeley Breathed book “Red Ranger Came Calling.”

While on the island, visit the small airport and the “crashed” flying saucer. Vashon Island is connected to Maury Island, where in 1947 the first UFO sighting in the USA was reported. And be sure to have a cup of coffee at the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, located in the wooden building where Seattle’s Best Coffee was founded.

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