RV slideouts date back 70-80 years


    The slide-out has become a popular feature with American RV manufacturers in recent years but the idea is by no means new. Even 70–80 years ago British caravan constructors were making models with slide-outs to extend sleeping space or create toilet or kitchen wings. One such development was the Extensicar, patented in 1930 by John and Mary Purdey of Wolverhampton, England. A rack-and-pinion mechanism operated by a handle at the rear of the caravan (RV) wound out extensions on both sides of the body.

    slideout mh imageD H Morgan, who made ‘Fairway’ caravans at Deganwy in Caernarfonshire, designed a slide-out toilet compartment and then, under a license to use the Extensicar patent, went for more ambitious extensions. In 1937 he built a caravan for the actor Claude Dampier which boasted four slide-outs, two each side to the front and the rear of the wheel arches. Dampier was a comedy actor, famous for his nasal drawl and portrayal of country yokel types.

    The illustration above was found in postwar World War II editions of The Caravan Manual from Link House, publishers of The Caravan magazine. The Bedford Carlight wears the headlight masks which were obligatory during the wartime “blackout.”

    Source: Motorhome Monthly