RV Travel editor interviewed on syndicated radio show


RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury was interviewed on last Wednesday’s (Jan. 2, 2019) taping of the syndicated radio program The RV Show USA.

In the ten-minute segment Woodbury talked with host Alan Warren regarding his thoughts about what’s ahead for the RV industry in 2019 and what it means to RVers.

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Gene Bennington

The RV Show USA discussion with Alan Warren and Chuck Woodbury was my first. In a very short time, there were many important topics brought up which require an understanding if you want enjoyment when getting into an RV’er lifestyle. Whether it’s for long weekends or possibly months on end of traveling / sightseeing. Listening to the show and reading the RV Travel newsletters will definitely take some of the sting out of the many decisions you will make. I believe that no matter what an individual decides to do, the more informed they are the better the outcome. Enjoy!