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April 9, 2022
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Cover story

You can learn a lot by visiting cemeteries

By Chuck Woodbury


like to visit cemeteries when I travel. How about you? Here’s an idea: This weekend, stop by a cemetery — any cemetery. Just walk around. Take your time. Read the headstones. Soak up the history.

You can learn about the people buried there from their headstones, and often about the hardships of life in times more challenging than ours today. For example, you see many children’s graves or those of adults who died young. In many Old West ghost towns, it seems every other grave is a child’s.

Sometimes you come across a headstone that makes you laugh — like the one of Douglas Kiss, pictured here. Whether he wrote the epitaph himself or someone else did after he was gone, the message is a good one. I think I would have liked him.

Occasionally, you come across the grave of someone famous. A few years ago, in Missoula, Montana, I visited the grave of Kirby Grant Hoon, Jr. Does that name ring a bell? Probably not. Kirby (aka Kirby Grant) was the star of “Sky King,” a popular TV series in the 1950s. That was back in the heyday of the cowboy TV shows. Kirby was different because instead of riding a horse he flew an airplane! He was one of my heroes. It felt special to stand alone by his grave and recall all the joy he brought me as a youngster.

Years ago, in Ohio, I visited the grave of Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley. I made a video. You can watch it here.

I have visited the graves of many of my favorite authors — Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, Henry David Thoreau and Robert Frost. On a vacation in Hawaii, I visited my hero, World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle, in Honolulu’s Punchbowl Cemetery (National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific).

When I visit a cemetery I almost always pause at interesting graves to ponder the person below me. Who was he or she? Sometimes there are clues, like on the tombstone of Elizabeth Harson in the photo above. But even at those with no clues, it’s still good to stop by to just say “hi.” I hope that after I’m gone someone will visit me.

I believe the best headstone slogan of all time is this one:

Remember me as you pass by.
As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so you will be.
Prepare for death and follow me.

Publisher’s Roadside Journal

Idea: Robot-made burgers at rest areas?

By Chuck Woodbury
If you happen to live near the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, N.J., you might want to wander over and buy a hamburger made and served by a robot. And then, please, email us to tell us how it tasted. RoboBurger made its worldwide debut March 25 at the New Jersey mall. Cooked and then prepared in a vending machine, the burgers are promoted as “restaurant-quality.” Read more.

 Featured article 

New RV industry ad campaign ignores baby boomers

By Mike Gast
I’ve got some good news and some bad news for longtime baby boomer RVers. The good news is that the “seniors” age group likely won’t be getting bombarded (as much) with ads and emails encouraging them to purchase a new RV. While RV manufacturers and dealers will still gladly take your money, those born between 1946 and 1964 are no longer the prime interest of RV makers.

Here’s the bad news

We’re awarding a Big Gold Star to reader Tommy Molnar, who, as of Thursday, has left 3,000 comments on RVtravel.com. Wow, Tommy! You like us. You really like us! Secret: We really like you too! Tommy wrote, “Your whole staff is great. Everyone seems to know their ‘stuff’ on the topics they write about. We’ve picked up a lot of good tips from both your staff and other readers. We bought our first trailer in 1996 (after giving our tent to the last kid that left home – ha) and we have been at it ever since. Just when you think you know it all, someone proves you’re wrong.” Aww, shucks. We’re blushing! Thanks for being such a loyal, wonderful reader, Tommy. Your input is always appreciated! (BTW – Tommy should get an extra gold star for never having a comment deleted. The comment moderator really appreciates that!)

Now, who thinks they can beat out Tommy for two Big Gold Stars? Wink.

Today’s RV review…

Mystic Mini Pop Bee Active Gear pickup camper

Tony writes, “Unlike the typical pickup truck with bed-top pop-up camper, the Mini Pop Bee features a more integrated design with a full pass-through between camper and driver cab. The camper cabin can also be accessed via a rear door with step.”

Read More

Click here for more reviews.

5 qualities of highly successful RVers

By Nanci Dixon
These five qualities of highly successful RVers are ones that can make a camping trip worthwhile. They are the ones that can make RVing fun and fulfilling. The successful RVer can turn on a dime and take a trip from misery and turn it into a lifetime memory. Do you possess these five qualities?

Around the Campfire: RVers discuss downsides to workamping

By Gail Marsh
Like many RVers, my husband and I frequently talk about workamping. It seems like a great “fit” for us. We both enjoy helping others. We share a strong work ethic. Having RVed for several years, we know our way around a campground, and we’re outgoing and friendly. Staying in one RV spot with free or reduced site fees sounds inviting, too. Well, it did. Until a recent campfire discussion. That’s where we learned about some downsides to workamping. Continue reading.

Warning: RVers are very prone to dangerous DVT, deep vein thrombosis

Did you know that you can prevent DVT or deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in a vein) even on long travel days? … As an RVer, you should know how to prevent DVTs… Learn all about this very dangerous condition and how to prevent it here.

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RVing in severe storms? Do this, and definitely don’t do that! 
The most drool-worthy, ooey-est, gooey-est, s’mores hacks (seriously, read this!)
7 tips for keeping a happy marriage while RVing
Dueling dual batteries? Here’s a fix for your tow vehicle

And don’t miss Nanci Dixon’s incredibly thorough guide: Boondocking: A comprehensive how-to guide for a great trip

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RV boo-boos: GPS lies. RVer probably cries—while making difficult exit

If you’ve been RVing for long, you’ve probably found yourself and your rig in a tight spot. Sometimes it’s “our own darned fault,” but sometimes we have help getting into a predicament. When the GPS lies, things can happen.

What is RVing worth these days?

By Dave Helgeson
With the current surge in fuel prices, higher campground fees and the cost of new RVs on the rise, many questioning if the RV lifestyle is right for them are asking online, “What does RVing cost?” or “Is RVing worth it?” The real question they should be asking is, “What is RVing worth?” … Read Dave’s insightful and thought-provoking commentary. We bet you’ll agree.

How to check the towing capacity of your pickup truck

🎦 This short video (a little longer than 3 minutes) does a great job explaining and illustrating the many weight terms associated with a vehicle and anything it’s towing. Knowing all these terms is essential for operating a vehicle safely. The video was made by Chevrolet to explain the weight terms associated with a Chevy truck and a trailer it might be towing. But it applies almost equally to every other truck and nearly all automobiles that would be used to tow a travel trailer or any other towed vehicle. Watch the video.

Brand-new! 2022 The MILEPOST is the best Alaska Travel Planner
Driving to Alaska soon or planning a trip? This is the book you need! The MILEPOST is Alaska’s best-selling travel guide and the 2022 guide is the 74th edition. It includes mile-by-mile descriptions of more than 15,000 miles of road in Alaska and through Canada and includes more than 100 city and highway maps. Happy Travels! Learn more or order.

Two incredible vintage Airstreams that were NOT made of aluminum

By Paul Lacitinola, Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine
The admiration of all things vintage is the founding principle of The Gulley Museum Collection. The owners, David and Mary Gulley, collect everything from travel trailers to automobiles and all sorts of interesting stuff in between. They have always believed in preserving the originality of their acquired pieces. Their appreciation for vintage trailers began with vintage Airstreams many years ago. Continue reading.

How to be an RVer and still pursue your hobby

By Gail Marsh
Can you travel in an RV and still pursue your favorite hobby? I didn’t used to think so. But now I know better! My husband has many hobbies. … The best part? My husband can pursue many of his hobbies as we travel in our RV all around the country. I used to envy Hubby. “So many hobbies. So little time.” That seemed to be his motto. And then there’s me. … Find out how Gail learned to travel without giving up her hobbies here. Do you have some tips to offer on your hobbies while RVing?

This couple turned their truck into a “Rolling Yurt” to avoid crowds. It worked!

By Marla Pattison
Living in California’s Central Valley provides many opportunities for wonderful camping excursions. Within a couple of hours’ drive, we have wine country, beaches, and numerous alpine lakes. However, camping in these settings requires planning. Typically, to take our 29-foot Class C motorhome, reservations require a six-month lead time during the summer. … My husband and I have found a solution. Read about their “Rolling Yurt.”

long Airstream trailer

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Where is weed illegal? 19 states cannabis-loving RVers should avoid

By Cheri Sicard
If you love cannabis, or if you medically need cannabis, and you also love RVing, there is a lot to celebrate these days. Accessible cannabis dispensaries and delivery services seem to be everywhere. … Marijuana, in some form, be it medical, adult-use, or CBD-only, is readily available in well over half the country. It’s been a LONG time coming and it took a lot of activists a lot of hard work to get here. Continue reading this very thorough report.

RV prospector: How to file a mining claim (plus a surprising boondocking benefit)

When your RV travel prospecting hits a pay streak, you may want to return to the site of your discovery and continue working it and recovering gold or other precious metals. You might wish to file an official mining claim if your discovery was on U.S. federal lands in the Lower 48 states or anywhere in the state of Alaska. Here’s how to file a mining claim.

Springtime RVing in the Los Padres National Forest: The hills are alive!

When it comes to the topic of RVing in the Los Padres National Forest, springtime is undoubtedly the best time of year to do it. … You’ll want to start planning your trip after reading this enticing report from Cheri Sicard.

Staying here may make RV camping seem downright boring

It’s pretty darn difficult to top an RV for getting out in nature, enjoying the great outdoors in comfort alone or with your sweetheart or family. But we must admit, a new camping experience coming to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee might just be the icing on the camping cake, especially for campers with kids. Find out what it is here. Oh, my!


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What does an E7 error code mean on Dometic roof A/C?

Dear Dave,
The front Dometic air conditioner stopped working on my 2008 Airstream Classic 34’ and is showing an E7 error. I can reset the breaker and turn the A/C on and it will run for a minute, but then it trips the breaker and shows the E7 error again. I am full-time RV living and cannot find any mobile service help in Melbourne, Florida. Thanks. —Larry

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RV Gadgets and Gizmos

The perfect projector for camping

By Tony Barthel
Today I’m reviewing the XGIMI Halo+ projector. Wait, you ask, a projector for an RV gadget? Absolutely! I know there has been at least one article here on RVtravel.com about people with projectors and, apparently, I’m “one of those” because we love having movie nights when we camp in groups. In fact, as I write this, my wife is at an all-women camping weekend and the projector is with her. … Read what Tony thinks about this projector here. (You may end up wanting one yourself. Just sayin’.)

The newest edition of Tony’s gadget newsletter, Great RV Accessories, comes out on Monday and it’s jam-packed with neat gadgets! Make sure you’re signed up to receive it. 


with Mike Sokol

Can cow magnets help improve your mileage?

The rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel is causing a lot of “free energy” and “mileage boosting” scams to be posted everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites from the past as well as brand-new scams for the computer age.

Continue reading

Just Ask Mike (J.A.M.) Session: Can you recharge an EV from a portable generator?

NEW! Visit Mike’s new RVelectricity Forum on RVtravel.com.

RV Tire Safety

Should I move from Load Range D to LR-E?

The following question about tire Load Range is from an RV Forum on trailers.
Originally posted by NavyL:
If the trailer came with Load Range D tires from the factory, and you replace them with Load Range E tires – I just don’t see the need to run the Load Range E tires at the full 80 psi. Tire manufacturers have inflation pressure vs. weight charts for a reason.

Read Roger Marble’s response

NEW! Ask Roger anything about RV tires on his new RV Tires Forum.

With the warm weather coming, this would be fun to have in your RV. Dare we say, you could perhaps count it as exercise? Ha!

Operating an RV Park

Gorgeous weather and early arrivals!

By Machelle James
What happens when the weather turns nice, early in the year? You get early reservations! We originally had planned to open our campground on April 15th, but the weather has been fantastic and we opened early last week. We have had 10 unexpected reservations in the past week, and we are OK with this. … Continue reading about progress on the store and more, here.

Recipe of the Day

Honey Baked Chicken
By Muna Escobar from Knoxville, TN

Need a new way to prepare chicken? Try this honey baked chicken. Very easy to make, once baked the chicken tastes similar to a General Tso chicken. There’s a bit of sweetness and spice. Simmering the sauce and pouring it over the baked chicken punches up the flavors when serving.

Click here for the recipe

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Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Sophie is our newest addition to the pack. She will go on her first RV trip next week. She’s an 8-week-old English Cream Golden Retriever. A soft ball of fluff and just so very sweet.” —Bad Wolfe

Brain Teaser

What runs but never walks, often murmurs but never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?

(Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday news newsletter. And please don’t spoil it for other readers by posting the answer in the comments.)


The Marshalite was an alternative to traffic signals that displayed signal wait times. Australian inventor Charles Marshall invented the Marshalite in 1936. It was a clock-like signal at intersections. While you waited for the light to change, you could see exactly how much time you had left. This nifty device was used in several cities across Australia, and a similar design was used in Europe, but by 1970 changing traffic laws and lack of interest led to the removal of these signals. Bummer!

Laugh of the Week

Thanks for sending, Gary Willey!


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  1. When in Boston, MA, be sure to visit the Granary Burying Ground. Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock are among those who are buried there.

  2. I love visiting cemeteries. My favorite story is from a local one. There is a man whose wife died, and he buried her. He married again, and buried his second wife 2 spaces over from the first one, with a space in between them for himself when his time came. He married a third time. He died before the third wife, and she had him buried in a completely different part of the cemetery, she wasn’t leaving him with the first two wives!

  3. We too love to go to cemeteries! We recently visited where the “Dalton Gang” are buried in Coffeyville, Kansas. Love to see old headstones and read about the person buried there.

  4. If you ever find yourself in Rhinelander WI you can visit the grave site of John Heisman. The namesake of the collage football trophy.


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