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November 19, 2022
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 Cover story 

Thanksgiving: What a season of gratitude and hope teaches us

By Nanci Dixon


uring the trying times of the last couple of years, I am reminded that this is the season of giving thanks. I will admit that in the past the meaning of Thanksgiving was usually lost under the anticipation and management of a turkey. Nope, not a favorite uncle – a real turkey. And, of course, the dressing and all the other sides. The true meaning was lost somewhere in the planning, buying groceries, setting the table, and baking the pies. (I won’t even mention Black Friday.)

History of Thanksgiving – the story we know and love

The core teaching of the holiday stems from value of the giving between the native peoples, the Wampanoag, and the colonists at Plymouth. When the colonists finally left the ship after a cruel and bitter winter, only half of the original people had survived. They were greeted by English-speaking Squanto, a native of the Pawtucket tribe. Squanto had been captured and taken to England, where he learned English, then later escaped to come back to his native home. He taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, catch fish and survive. He cemented the alliance between the local Wampanoag people and the colonists.

The celebration of the autumn harvest, the first Thanksgiving, was in 1621. It was a grand feast that lasted three days. The great chief of the Wampanoag, Massasoit, attended with 90 of his men and brought five deer to share. That first Thanksgiving was a feast of friendship, despite drastic differences, as well as a celebration of survival. The alliance between the new colonists and native peoples lasted more than 50 years.

Pilgrims at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving becomes a national holiday

While states continued the tradition of Thanksgiving, it wasn’t until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday to be celebrated every year in November. He declared it a day of Thanksgiving in the midst of the Civil War, when the nation was divided and at war with itself.

Not so happy Thanksgiving for the Wampanoag

The Smithsonian Magazine presents a different perspective of the Thanksgiving feast and the influence of the Pilgrims on the Wampanoag. While the Wampanoag native peoples did welcome or at least allowed entry to the Pilgrims, it was partially to help protect themselves against the Narragansetts. They did share an alliance with the Pilgrims that lasted 50 years, but in the end it devastated the Wampanoag. Disease spread, land was taken, resources abused, and it eventually ended in war that forever turned the power to the English. The Wampanoag sadly remember Thanksgiving as a day of mourning.

Remembering the spirit of the first Thanksgiving

Still, there is the spirit of Thanksgiving to remember. It would seem in this time – with the nation still politically divided, rising inflation, gas prices over the moon and simple groceries out of reach for many – it would behoove us to remember the good intentions of that first Thanksgiving. Then, it was the coming together of diverse people with different beliefs and lives. It was the community of people sharing the bounty of the fall harvest and giving thanks. Giving thanks for one another, for food, shelter and survival.

Continue reading this wonderful story

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As RVers, we have many reasons to give thanks

By Gail Marsh
November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. (Canadians celebrated in October.) As I was contemplating Thanksgiving and wondering how big a turkey I could fit into my RV’s oven, I thought about the many, many reasons RVers have to give thanks. Here are just a few. I hope they’ll spark some ideas for you. Please add to my “Thankful for …” list in the comments. Continue reading.

When it comes to cooking Thanksgiving turkey, don’t do this… or this… or this

By Mike Gast
What is it about Thanksgiving that makes some folks think they have to experiment when cooking up our favorite wattled fowl? It seems every year some folks find a way to mangle a family tradition. What’s wrong with a nice, oven-roasted bird sitting proudly on a platter in the middle of your campground picnic table? Let’s discuss this here, plus watch a video compilation of deep-fried turkey infernos.

We want to know…

What advice do you have for new RVers? readers have a lot of collective wisdom among them. Far more, in fact, than the glut of new RV sites popping up these days run by people who have barely ever RV’d before. So, this week we’re asking: What RV advice would you have for people who are either new to RVing or who are considering getting into the RV lifestyle? In other words, what do you wish you had known about RVing but nobody ever told you?

Tell us here

Today’s RV review…

Entegra Expanse Li 21BL

Tony writes, “One of the Class B vans that’s new to the market comes from the people at Entegra Coach in the form of the Entegra Expanse Li. This line of Class B vans is based on the Ford Transit 4X4 chassis and, as the name may imply, sports a lithium battery system. As with some of the other Class B vans I’ve seen recently, this one has no propane whatsoever. Instead, there is the battery, and that’s it. ”

Read more

Click here for more reviews. readers speak out: Your worst RV mishaps and road woes

Last week we asked you about your RV mishaps and what was the worst mechanical or driving mishap you have ever experienced while RVing. As usual, our readers did not disappoint. Our goal with the question was to help others avoid the same experience, if possible. It turns out there is a whole lot that can possibly go wrong when RVing. Hopefully, not all days are like the ones below. But some days are beyond challenging. Continue reading about readers’ worst RV mishaps here. Yep, there are some doozies (in the old sense of the word, just to be clear).

RV Service Centers and Repairs Report: Some good, some bad this week

In this column, we summarize some of your emails and comments regarding RV service centers and repairs. Well, the majority of the comments from readers this week are praise for their service centers. How refreshing! Learn where these places are here.

Did upgrading the suspension on my F-53 chassis work?

By Karel Carnohan, DVM
So, did upgrading the suspension on my F-53 chassis work? Well, the bottom line is… It didn’t make much difference. I spent about $8,000 to add KONI shocks, SumoSprings®, enhanced stabilizer and steering equipment—and I didn’t notice much difference in the ride. Here is my assessment.

Highlights from this weeks RV Daily Tips Newsletter

Around the Campfire: The true cost of RVing

By Gail Marsh
Newer RVers joined the campfire recently. While still enthused about their RV journey, they were also a bit disillusioned about the true cost of RVing. I’ll let them explain. … Do you have any money-saving advice to offer to new RVers?

Small RV refrigerator? These 30 foods don’t need refrigeration

Have a small RV refrigerator? Refrigeration space is at a premium in an RV. These 30 foods don’t need refrigeration. Some of them may just surprise you.

A quirky, cheerful perspective on clouds

The COVID pandemic brought panic, illness, and death to our world. The catastrophic disease also ushered in a few good things: more family time, widespread acceptance for remote working, and “A Daily Cloud.” What’s that? It’s nature-inspired art! During the pandemic, an Irish artist, Chris Judge, shared with the world his quirky perspective on clouds and “A Daily Cloud” was born. Check out these clouds.

Reader Poll

Pick your two favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Please let us know. After you click your response, you’ll see how others have responded. Feel free to leave a comment.

Tell us here

We asked: Does your RV have a traditional RV absorption refrigerator or a residential fridge?

Ghost Town Trails: Silver City, Utah – Heartbreak and thanksgiving

By Dave Helgeson
This month we will travel to Silver City, Utah, located just a few miles down the road from last month’s featured ghost town of Eureka, Utah. I chose Silver City for this month’s entry not because of extensive remains or a historical event that occurred. I chose it because November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. Also, I chose to share my visit to Silver City to remind myself, and hopefully others, of all the things we have to be thankful for. … You will undoubtedly count your blessings after you read this.

Another easy and delicious camp staple: Sourdough bread

By Randall Brink
When I first began RVing full-time, one of the first things that I realized was that I no longer had my trusty gas oven. My RV, being quite small, had a cook top but no oven. What to do for baking essential biscuits and bread? I frantically started shopping for camp ovens. I found them expensive, but I seriously considered going that route until I realized I had an oven—a Dutch oven. Here is about the most straightforward recipe possible for Camp Sourdough Bread.

Cycling for RVers: What bike should I buy? Part 3, gravel bikes

This is the third in a series of articles on buying bicycles, and which ones are best suited for RVers. Part 1 focused on road bikes, and Part 2 looked at mountain bikes. This week, we look at a very interesting, and growing, segment of the bicycle market: gravel bikes. Learn more about these bikes here and find out: Are they right for RVers?

The long, long RV trip

Week 24: EUREKA! Humboldt County adventures

By Cheri Sicard
Thanks for sticking with me through the long, long RV trip. This week is our last travel entry as I am once again back in California, albeit at a different end of the state from where I started—Humboldt County in the heart of California’s “Emerald Triangle.” Learn all about arts and entertainment as well as Cheri’s adventures in Humboldt County here.


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RV Gadgets and Gizmos

High-tech portable wireless dog fence – Good for RVers?

What’s the best way to keep Buddy confined to your campsite? Don’t like the idea of tying your dog to a spike in the ground or in a fenced area while camping? SpotOn GPS Fence could be a solution. Promising advanced GPS technology, no wires and seemingly endless flexibility, an entrepreneur developed SpotOn, which promises to “Create GPS dog fences of any size, any shape and almost anywhere.” But is it good for RVers? Well, learn more.

15 camping games and puzzles that make the perfect gift! 
Wondering what to give to the families on your holiday gift list? Face it, the kids already have too many toys, and gifts for teens can be tricky. Most adults buy what they want when they want it! So, what’s left? The perfect gift: the gift of time together. Check out these 15 games and puzzles that will be a blast for everyone!


with Mike Sokol

Charging a Jackery Explorer with a CarGenerator

Dear Readers,
Continuing my experiments with solar panels and portable Lithium Battery Power Stations, I had a brainstorm last week about how to power a Jackery 1000 Explorer Pro if the sun isn’t shining. While I think these portable power stations are great for adding power to your camping experience, they can also be useful for home emergency power if there’s a rolling blackout (like in California), electric grid failure (like in Texas) or hurricane (like in Florida). Continue reading.

Visit Mike’s RVelectricity Forum on

Video of the day

RV Thanksgiving: How to cook a whole turkey over a campfire

By Cheri Sicard
Thinking of having an RV Thanksgiving? Watch the video below from Deirdre and James from Our Upcycled Life. The couple, who love to boondock off-grid, show you how to cook a whole turkey over an open campfire, as well as side dishes and dessert. It might take a little work you are unfamiliar with, but this will undoubtedly go down as your most unique Thanksgiving dinner ever!

Click here to watch

A toaster fit for an RV!
Want to keep a toaster in your RV but don’t have the space for it? This slim, compact toaster is made for RVs – it hardly takes up any space! The slots for your toast are normal width, and can even reheat and defrost foods too! It’s easy to use, and the reviews are stellar! Learn more or order one for your RV here. Happy toasting!

RV Tire Safety

Basic tire knowledge; and could you help this RVer?

I monitor a number of RV forums and when I see someone asking about tires, I will make the effort to learn about the problem and offer possible solutions.

Recently there was a question on inflation for both the tow vehicle and the travel trailer. The comments seemed to be all over the place, so I decided there was a need for some basic foundation of information. Following is my reply and attempt to provide the basic information needed by RV owners.

Read More

Ask Roger anything about RV tires on his RV Tires Forum.

Recipe of the Day

Yummy Thanksgiving recipes to try this year:

Brined & Roasted Turkey Breast: If you’re not hosting a big holiday meal or just want turkey, not at Thanksgiving or Christmas, try this turkey breast. It’s great for people who don’t need a whole turkey. Quick to make, with very few ingredients, it’s an easy roast turkey recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Deb’s Easy Corn Casserole: The crust is similar to cornbread crust, but inside the texture is like a fluffy bread pudding. Get the recipe here.

Millie’s Sweet Potato Biscuits: These are simple, old-fashioned biscuits with sweet potato bits in every bite. Using fresh sweet potatoes, the flavor is noticeable, so if you love sweet potatoes you’ll love these. Click here for the recipe.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“This is our sweet and playful 11-week-old Fox Red Lab puppy. Her name is Ginger-(snap). We are looking forward to taking her camping and traveling with us!” —John & Judy Peters

Brain Teaser

On Thanksgiving, what’s easy to get into and hard to get out of?

(Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday news newsletter. And please don’t spoil it for other readers by posting the answer in the comments.)


Four towns in the United States are named “Turkey.” They can be found in Arizona (well, in Arizona it’s “Turkey Creek”), Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina. Have you ever been to “Turkey”?

Laugh of the Week


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14 days ago

What’s easy to get into and hard to get out of? My guess is Marriage.

14 days ago
Reply to  Crowman

Or dining room chairs

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
13 days ago
Reply to  Crowman

😆 I think your answer is better than the actual answer, Crowman. I worked for a family law attorney for 40+ years, and I don’t know how many hundreds of divorces we handled. Sad. Have a great Thanksgiving. 😀 –Diane

12 days ago
Reply to  RV Staff

“We love one another now, so let’s chain ourselves together so we CAN’T just part amicably after we can’t stand one another!” is such a great sales pitch…

I’ve had several friend-couples tell me NOT getting married is the best thing they ever did for their decades-running relationships — “Every single day, I’m grateful to be with her anew; every day, I make sure she’ll want to be with me tomorrow. Neither of us ever doubts the other craves to be together.”

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
12 days ago
Reply to  Wolfe

Hi, Wolfe. I’ve heard the same thing. “Why do we need to get married? It won’t change how we feel about each other; it’s just a piece of paper.” Have a good night and a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. 😀 –Diane

Jeff Maidment
14 days ago

In response to your trivia question, I actually worked in Turkey, NC at a large Mohasco upholstered furniture plant. If you blinked you missed the town.