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December 31, 2022
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 Cover story 

Putting everything into perspective

By Chuck Woodbury

This is a photo of the world’s most distant recreational vehicle. By definition, it has almost everything our RVs have—all that’s needed for temporary living for a trip away from home. Our Earth-bound RVs have wheels, so that’s different. But as far as a traveling abode away from home, this has many of the same features. If you want to see a large image, click here.

It’s a selfie of the Orion spacecraft taken beyond the moon on Nov. 28 on its journey into Space and back. No humans were aboard, but it won’t be long before they will be. I’d give everything I own to go. Alas, that’s not going to happen.

Stare at the photo for a while. If you’re reading on a smartphone, find a computer with a big screen. That’s us in the top right corner—on that little blue orb—you, me and 8 billion other people. Look at us out there surrounded by all that black nothingness. Let your mind wander. Gulp! Do you suddenly feel very alone?

Are you mad at somebody today, maybe a friend, sibling, parent—for what is probably a petty reason? Come on, look at the photo. How does your little squabble stack up in the big scheme of things? Who cares? Our little planet has been up there for billions of years. We get to occupy it in our human form for a fraction of a cosmic nanosecond. Look at the picture. Calm down.

You, me, and most readers of this newsletter are so lucky. For one, we have our little wheeled homes to travel about (and most of us have a traditional home as well). The RVs take us to wonderful places at the turn of an ignition key. Do you realize how fortunate we are?

WHEN I LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH taken from far, far away, I am reminded of how blessed a life I have lived. And you could probably say the same thing. Sure, we can always find people better off than us and lament that we come up short—”Oh, woe is me!” But maybe when we start thinking that way we should pause and remember instead those less fortunate than us, and be thankful for what we have. Do you have shelter? Food? Your health? Someone who loves you? Then count your blessings. And do you have a little recreational vehicle that transports you like a magic carpet to magic places? No King or Queen in history (until a few decades ago) ever had such a luxury!

I am looking forward to a wonderful 2023, and I vow to be kind to others and help them when I can, and not to be greedy, and to thank whoever or whatever is up there in the heavens running the show, who has been so kind to me in this beautiful life I was born into.

Happy New Year to you!
Stay warm and healthy and happy, and try your best to understand and accept people with beliefs that differ from yours.

Signing off now from rainy Seattle.

Your good ol’ buddy,

Remember: No Sunday newsletter tomorrow. We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week.

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RV Service Centers and Repairs Report

Mostly good service and repair news to end the year

A while ago we asked you to tell us about your experiences with RV service centers. You came through with hundreds of responses. This week we heard from several readers with nothing but praise for their service centers and repair technicians. But, of course, not a week goes by that we don’t hear from disgruntled RVers regarding service on their RVs. Such is the case with Kimberly K. What a nightmare, including a call from the sheriff’s deputy while the RV was in the shop! All that and more here.

What was your favorite memory of 2022?

The articles in this newsletter are special today. We asked all of our writers to write about their favorite 2022 memory (or memories). What was their favorite moment? Make sure to read them all. Feel free to share your favorite 2022 memory in the comment section at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Merging back onto I-90 … and back into life in 2022

By Jeff Clemishaw
2022 was a bit of a whirlwind for me, filled with lots of excitement, surprises, frustration, and changes. The year started in Lake Tahoe, California, with one rig, and ended in the same place, but with a different rig. In April of this year, I found out I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma—a highly treatable form of cancer but still scary, nonetheless. Being in California with out-of-state insurance, my partner, Nicole, and I needed to return home to Upstate New York so I could receive treatment. Continue reading Jeff’s uplifting story.

A year in photos: The best (and worst) memories of our 2022

By Nanci Dixon
The best (and worst) memories of our 2022 are found sitting on my phone. It is a year in photos, just like the now-defunct Life magazine’s “The Year in Pictures.” I scroll through thousands of 2022 photos on my phone reliving our wonderful travels, a few times of deep sadness and an unforgettable RVing “oops.” It is so easy to forget what wonderful experiences we have had this year. Last January seems so very long ago. See Nanci’s (albeit abbreviated) year in photos here.

2022 Favorite moments from the California RV Specialists crew

By Dustin Simpson
This past year seemed to go by at lightning speed. I’ve been asked to share my favorite moment of 2022, but the truth is, I simply couldn’t do what I do without my team. So I want to share a few favorite moments from my team here at California RV Specialists. Meet the great crew.

Three generations of camping tradition continued in 2022

By Dave Helgeson
As a child, my wife camped with her family at a now very popular state park in Western Washington. I won’t name it because it is hard enough to get reservations now without popularizing it any more. After our first child (daughter) was born, my wife suggested we go there for her first campout. When our son came along two years later, it was also his first camping experience. It became our “go-to” place nearly every year. … Read about this mysterious magical place.

Highlights from this week’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter

Ishah–The little trailer that gave us a badly needed break

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Sometimes when we’re in a mood to reflect on our history, we dig back in the photo archives. For years, at least since our transition from film to digital, we’ve had easy access to pictures. Just fire up the computer, click away, and watch history unfold. It’s funny how your memory is jogged by those images—you suddenly remember things that you thought you never knew. We catalog those memory joggers year-by-year, and months within years. Usually, there are scads to look at. But not this year. Find out why here.

Finding human connection as a solo RVer in 2022

By Cheri Sicard
OK, the RVtravel.com editors have tasked me with the assignment of coming up with my favorite RV moment of 2022. That is a tough question. It’s not that I lack great moments to choose from. In fact, I have so many great moments, it makes the task even harder (not that I am complaining). I was blessed to do a whole lot of travel this year, as any of you who followed along on my “Long, long RV trip” already know. … A lot of people use their RVs to get away from people. What I love most about my RV is that it allows me to connect with people. What I loved most about 2022 were all of those very special connections.

Downsizing and the best of 2022

By Randall Brink
For weeks in the spring of 2022, I fought the RV bull market at its apex—the wrong time to buy. I had sold my Class A coach and was determined to downsize. After months of research, I settled on a travel trailer brand, only to find that I couldn’t buy one in the overheated RV market. I spent days talking with dealers all across the country who were short on stock and high on price. Price negotiations? Forget about it. … Continue reading Randall’s happy story here.

My 2022 was a mixed bag

By Karel Carnohan, DVM
2021 and 2022 have been difficult years for me. Having sold my small business in Asheville, North Carolina, I decided to retire and move to the California desert to be near my sister. Although I do not like the desert, I committed to making it work because as she and I age, we will need each other. The key to success in this move, and my mental health, was having a way to escape the blistering summers in the Coachella Valley (and many of you will add in, escaping California). Thus, my plan to buy an RV was born. This all happened in late 2021 but really this was all melded together, with 2022 to be the most difficult year of my life

Buying an RV in 2022: So nice we did it twice!

By Tony Barthel
There is nothing like getting a new RV and experiencing all the wonderful feelings associated with that. We got to pick up our new Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S in May of 2022. We were pretty excited as this was a prototype of some new features that Rockwood was offering, including a monster solar and battery package that literally changed the game for us in terms of camping planning. Well, we liked that experience so much that we repeated it just a few weeks ago. Find out why here.

Two best 2022 memories: sweet and sour

By Dale Wade
Of the several pulls we made in 2022, two stand out. Both gave us good memories. However, one of them turned sour. Our first pull came in August. We usually head to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico to beat the Texas heat. This year found us in Gunnison, CO, for two weeks followed by two weeks in Chama, NM. Continue reading about the lesson Dale learned (maybe you’ll learn from it).

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2 months ago

I am not a pro on RV insurance but I can tell you this. After what happened to us one year in Maine? Stay away from Liberty Mutual. They suck when it comes to RV insurance. Which is why we switched to Progressive when they told us if we had them we would have been back on the road. IMO

Kevin C
2 months ago

2022 was fantastic for my Suz and I. Grandbabies #5 and 6 were born in 2022, #6 had a CPAM issue with his lung, successful surgery however and all is great with him. I also retired Sept 1! After 32 years in the Fire Service, I made it!!!! Have a Happy and Healthy 2023 everyone, safe travels! Kevin and Sue C

jim rendt
2 months ago

I had to do a double take at Suzy. She is almost a twin of my rescue Border-Heeler Lilly.

2 months ago

The best part of 2022 was that I found out I have a 44 year old daughter 5 more grand kids and 2 great grand daughters that I knew nothing about, I’ve visited them (across country) 3 times so far. Thanks to DNA test

Uncle Swags
2 months ago

Emily’s pet is proof that everything happens for a reason and why you don’t need to go to outer space to get a good perspective on life on earth. Thanks for sharing and closing out the year on a high note!!

2 months ago

Wish everyone a Happy New Year and may God bless everyone with good luck and good health for 2023.

Steve Minor
2 months ago

Really enjoyed the cover story this morning. We truly are very blessed to live in America, and too often we take it for granted. Take a mission trip to a communist country, or a third world country, and watch little kid’s rummage through garbage trying to find something to eat so they can survive for a few more hours or days, and then reflect on how bad you got it, and how awful the good old U.S.A. is!! If that won’t put everything into perspective, nothing will! On a brighter note, Happy New Year! (may it be healthy, happy, and prosperous)

Retired Traveling Teachers
2 months ago

Thank you Chuck for a wonderful NYE message and reminder! Happy New Year!

J h
2 months ago

On to new adventures in 2023. After living in missouri for 8 years my one daughter and son in law moved to Tennessee for my son in law’s new job in Knoxville. Now I can go to new dirt tracks for stock car racing, the great Smokey mountains and Dollywood.

2 months ago

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, thank you for all you do hear. Prayers go out to Jeff, from this NYer.

2 months ago

What a beautiful dog. So glad she rescued you.

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