1. Chuck,
    I had no trouble entering the contest for question one but when I took a look at question 2 to see if I knew the answer (which I didn’t) It would not let me go back to question one to submit that answer. I tried refreshing the page as well as backing out to the main page and even watching the video again and trying to reenter but to no avail…I sure could have used the Shell gasoline in my 1957 Chushman Eagle motor scooter!

    • Tom, I’m not sure what happened. We are still trying to figure out the game from our end. I know there has been some confusion. We’ll get it right, hopefully soon. Sorry about the inconvenience. — Chuck

  2. Gaston J. Feeblebunny?! Laughed out loud.
    I think there were similarly named Hogg sisters, but I think you’ve been rickedoodled about Ima and Ura.
    On a different tack, you lamented the crowding of RV sites, but your success is partly to blame. Also blame the overpopulation crisis: my family used to pull into any state campground anytime during the day in the 50s and find a place. Try that now. Overpopulation. It’s not too few sites or too few highway lanes, it’s too many people and too many cars. Overpopulation. And my wife and I are about to retire to full-time RVing…..

    • Michael, you are absolutely correct. There are twice as many people camping these days as when I was growing up. It’s complicated. I plan to spend some time writing an essay where I make sense of the current state of camping, especially RV camping.

      Chuck, editor

    • We’re sorry you’re having trouble entering the contest, Kermit. I just clicked on the link to watch the “how to” video, and also clicked on the links in the game show video to enter the contest, and they all worked fine for me, so I’m not sure what’s going on. If you’re clicking on links and it’s not taking you where you want to go, you might want to try copying the URL in the next sentence into the space at the top of your computer screen and see if it will take you directly to the contest that way. Or just click on this link (the URL/address for the contest): https://www.rvtravel.com/contest/

      While in the contest I noticed that more than 1,500 people have entered it today, so it’s apparently working correctly the majority of the time. I don’t know what to tell you, but to apologize and ask you to try again, including what we mentioned in our response to Bev. Hopefully, you can get it to work. Good luck!

  3. Unable to enter the contest this week. I have entered the new contest before. I also watched the video. There is not a link where it says contest.

    • Sorry you’re having a problem entering the contest this week, Bev. Did you watch the video about how to enter? There’s a link to the “how to” video under Chuck’s essay in the newsletter. Or, there are two links to watch this week’s game show in the Spin and Win section of the newsletter, above the “Almost Breaking News” section. When you’re watching the game show video, towards the end, it shows an address on the screen to go to for the contest, or there’s a button in the upper right corner of the screen to click on to enter. Good luck!

  4. When clicking the “Click to read the issue.”today, it did not work. I ended up using the RVTravel.com link and went to today’s issue there.

  5. Rvtravel.com has now become the premier newsletter of rv advertisements and infomercials. Unfortunately, it now takes much more time to wade thru the junk before finding anything useful or interesting. This might be considered as an “improvement”. It may result in higher revenue for you. But for me I no longer look forward to the new edition nearly as much as I used to. My 2 cents.

    • Hi, Deck,
      Sorry for the late response to your comment. In reply, I’m going to just copy here a portion of Chuck’s reply to another reader a few days ago who complained about the ads, also:

      “We need the ads. RVtravel is not a hobby, although I think all of us who work on it love what we do. I know there are many ads, but we try our best to keep them all of interest to RVers and do not accept those that we do not believe offer a good value or are of questionable integrity. Our staff needs to earn a living and ad revenue provides about three quarters of our revenue.

      Five percent of our readers pitch in with “voluntary subscriptions,” and these readers’ support may one day make it possible for us to largely do away with advertising, which would suit me just fine! But when 19 out of 20 of our readers are unwilling to chip in for a subscription — and we say very clearly that even $5 a year per reader is all we need (which amounts to 10 cents an issue), we need advertising to pay our salaries and our other bills. It’s that or we get other jobs and our website or newsletter goes away.”

      ‘Nuff said. We hope you can understand our position and the need for ads.


  6. There was a kid at a school that had a last name of Monk. His parents named him Chip! If that was me I’d have to slap my parents. Well known family in northern California with the last name or Horr. Harry Horr married Ima. Later in life after Harry had passed. She decided to change her name. To Ivy!

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