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Nancy Logan
4 years ago

I love your newsletter and have been reading it for several years. have been a voluntary donor, but recently received an email from Paypal that my subscription had been suspended. I sent two emails to your folks and have yet to receive a reply. If you no longer need my $5.00 that’s ok. Otherwise let me know how to proceed.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
4 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Logan


Not sure what the letter about your “subscription being suspended.” It’s not something we would ever write, much less do. There is no need for anyone to support us financially unless they wish to. I’m not sure what email address you used to write to us: I didn’t see anything come through from you. Maybe you are using an old address. You might just have to go back to and try to contribute your $5 again.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If I knew better what happened for you to get the “suspended subscription” email I would have done something about it.

And, lest I forgot, thank you very much for supporting us. We appreciate it very much.

chuck (at)

Calvin Rittenhouse
4 years ago

I spend time thinking about your and Greg’s views of the RV and campground industries’ “death spiral.” Many of my best experiences and most of my boot list hopes involve one or both of those. While I cannot help agreeing with the facts presented and their implications, I believe that “something” will happen to counter these trends. From a practical business standpoint, there’s far too much money available for capitalists to just let it go. If those people come from outside the current RV and/or campground businesses, I guess that’s just how it goes. From my personal view as a student of history, people have been camping all the way back to the hunter-gatherers. We will find ways and places to camp whether or not it makes sense to do business with the current operators.