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Swami Hal hit the nail almost on the head with my March horoscope. I am at an RV Resort in the Houston area for a while and a man came looking for me, by name, and told the woman at the office that I had purchased my trailer from him and hadn’t been paying. He wanted to repossess it! I purchased my trailer from the factory. He left after being told he had the wrong person and he had to leave. What in the world!

Tony Williams

Tiffin put it out to some owners around the first of the year about the service of 4 year old motorhomes. they don’t work on them for nothing so more work more money why not add on and make more money?


Hey Chuck. I really enjoy your newsletter. Thank you for your efforts and your love for what you do. Keep up the good work.


Chuck, I worked for Ind. Bell for 35 years and I seen my share of changes over that time.I can remember when we needed a small hand cart to carry a Data Set,now they are the size of a pin head.Do you remember the Bag Phone?I had one for work.I think communications has come faster than any other thing. Keep up the good work,look forward to the news letter each Saturday.


Sheridan Ball

Dear Chuck. I particularly enjoyed your editorial in this week’s newsletter. It was a very interesting retrospective and I was pleased to hear that your readership is on the rise again. Yours is by far the most helpful an interesting publication available to the RVing community and I want to personally thank you for all the work and dedication you give to the task of publishing this weekly missive.
I thought it was a very good suggestion to pass the sign up information along to our Facebook friends and I will do so today.
Best wishes, Chuck, for your continued success. Sincerely, Sheridan Ball

David Lee

Chuck, thanks so much for the link for the free gaffer tape last week. I got my roll yesterday, so I’ll see how well it works. I always enjoy and look forward to your weekly email every Saturday.


Just thinking that you haven’t mentioned Cheese Its in a very long time. Did you go “cold turkey” on them? I once made a whole meal of them as I drove across the USA.

Greg Illes

Chuck, that was a great reminiscence in the editorial. Being a “tech” guy, I’ve lived through, and invented some of, the gadgets in all of our lives today. (I carried three different versions of that Moto flip-phone you pictured, back in the late ’90’s.)

I’m amazed (after reading your thoughts) at how recent some of the changes have been. Only 10 years of iPhones? Wow. I’m also amazed at how far computing has come since my early days (late ’60’s) when I programmed Air Force machines in COBOL with IBM punch-cards.

Thanks again for the fine work on the newsletter.

Rainer Vils

Way I should buy a used Milepost 2016 between $200.00 and $4,525.00 + $ 3.99 for shipping over your link, when I need the 2017 edition?

Tony Williams

Tiffin did not email the owner’s of a Tiffin motorhome the owner’s that know about this found out on a web site by owner’s of a Tiffin who are member’s of this site . Will this hurt the sales of Tiffin Motorhome’s?

Ron Schmitz

Great video on Hydraulic jack failure. Every week your news letter gives good advice and great ideas. I’m glad my freind from CA told me about your news letter. Keep up the good work.