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Delbert Higgins
3 years ago

If you were wondering why so many different amounts that have been donated . Here is why, I get gift cards for BD, Xmas etc. when I am done using them and there is money left over. I donate the final balance left on the cards, then destroy them…so for me and the publication it becomes a win, win.
Please keep up the good work.
Happy trails

Debbie Abrams
3 years ago

I’ve only just stumbled across your newsletter though I’ve watched many of your videos on YouTube. They are great and you’ve taught me a lot. I don’t own an RV yet but have been planning an around-the-country trip for years. It will finally happen next summer. I sent you a donation to say thank you for the information you’ve provided me and the information I’ll be getting now that I know about your newsletter.

Sam Berg
3 years ago

Re: Bob Difley’s commentary regarding the repeal of fish and wildlife rule.
I completely agree with Lorin Turner’s reply. I see, hear and read politics daily on TV, radio and newsprint. I don’t want to read about them in the RV Travel Newsletter. When I read through this past weekend’s newsletter I nearly spit my coffee all over myself. Bob, your reply that this is not a political article is really a stretch, why do you think there were replies that had a serious political slant. I believe the readers of this newsletter are smarter than that. I am not saying that I disagree or agree about the article’s content, not my point, just not in RV Travel. Bob, please take this constructively, maybe you should stick to writing stories about boon docking and not politically inspired articles, at least not in this newsletter.

I hope Chuck Woolbury understands my concern and I hope this is not the future of the RV Travel Newsletter. Finally, I have been an ardent reader for about four years and I do enjoy the publication.

Dale Krenz
3 years ago

Keep up the great work, and a $1 per week is a great bargain for all the useful information.

sue purdy
3 years ago

Hi Chuck, i read your newsletter every week and have contributed also. But, I have a question I hope you can help me with. I think it was your newsletter that mentioned an app (for the phone) that would allow you to put 2 flags on a map and the distance (mileage) would be listed between the 2 flags. Can you help with that? I changed phones and lost the app, thanks! sue

Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

I must apologize for having been an avid reader of your newsletter each week for quite awhile and I’ve always stated each Saturday that I must send in a donation and always seem to forget to “get around to it”. Poor excuses! Finally “got around to it” this week and hope my small contribution will help.

Please keep up the good work and enjoy “fulltiming” as we have for several years.


Sherry Dawson
3 years ago

Thanks, Chuck, for such an informative and entertaining newsletter. I just made a contribution to help sustain your efforts, and will continue to do so. I know how much work this is, and that it can sometimes be very frustrating (and some readers of your wonderful free newsletter can be ungrateful)! So thank you for staying the course with us and providing so much help and encouragement. I’m having some trouble getting on the road due to health issues (and I’m 70), but I WILL go full time this year! Reading your newsletter from top to bottom every Saturday keeps my spirits up. I have only one complaint: your information is so helpful and useful that I spend nearly all day Saturday following links and further researching the information you give so I can put it into my RVing Full Time spreadsheets and travel itineraries! So my complaint is actually another thank you, as I will be very well prepared when I do take to the open road.

3 years ago

We rescued a mixed dog named Charlie and a few years later a Yorkie named Bear was added to the family. After my father in law passed my mother in law remarried Charlie (Charles) Bear!

I guess we have been fortunate, our previous camper required nothing after purchase. The current 5er had an issue with the furnace Atwood sent a mobile tech to repair and Keystone replaced a defective fender skirt. Considering a bigger 5er but just may keep the one we have mainly because I don’t feel like taking a chance of purchasing one only partially built at the factory.

Dan A
3 years ago

I appreciate your newsletter, I try to get it read every week. I have contributed to the funds again this week.
I, like others would like to see manufacturers make a better product and back it up when it leaves the sales lot. I have my bouts with negativity when I help other RVers with problems. I do all my own work and I’m very good at it.
Thanks for your dedication to the RV community and way of life. By the way, we’re on our second year of full-time living in our motorhome and just upgraded as well. The old one hasn’t sold yet.

Maxcy Hall
3 years ago


Don’t take this the wrong way, but, does Gail just take much better pictures than you?

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Maxcy Hall

Maxy, No question about it. The camera loves her. It hates me. No offense taken. — Chuck

Joe & Helen Hesketh
3 years ago

Appreciate your efforts to tell the bad as well as the good news Chuck. Hopefully you can rally enough supporters to be the voice of us owners. We are forwarding your Editorial of today to our many RV friends and encouraging those who do not subscribe to do so.
Have been a weekly reader for many, many years and finally today made a donation to help you keep up the campaign.

Dale Regennitter
3 years ago

Chuck you always have a lot of valuable rv information. Love your weekly updates. Thanks for your contributions to rvers.

Larry and Tammy Pate
3 years ago

Chuck I always enjoyed your surveys. I know there’s a reason you stopped but I was always surprised at the outcomes.

Eric Devolin
3 years ago

We have been “campers” for over 45 years, owning so far every type of rec.camper produced and have had many problems with newly produced units. You are RIGHT ON with your editorials about the quality of newly built units. Have enjoyed all of your articles for many years and have promoted your blog to newbies for info. Look forward to my Saturday morning reading with a coffee. Thank you and keep writing the truth as there is no other publications which do so. Donations to follow.

Steven M Jenkins
3 years ago

The decline in sales of type A motorhomes: Are these new models or both new and used? When we recently bought our used model, most other buyers we met were also buying used models. Lots of them. Some for economic reasons but many to avoid the defects found in new models. Also, the surge in younger buyers can account for the increase in type C buyers, which are cheaper. Our experience was to be surrounded by type A buyers. Hard to believe their sales are down.

3 years ago

Barbie was not the first – Bild Lilli was in Europe and acquired by Mattel in 1964.
I have one of the original Bild Lilli dolls from 54 years ago.

Carl Fuller
3 years ago

Did get a chuckle out of the animal names. I didn’t send mine in. Thought we’d see it on the list. We ‘obtained’ a ‘forgotten menber’ of another family and it came with the name D, O. G. Dee OH gee, Deoji. Also, I understand your attitude of what might sound negative. You’re doing a good thing. It’s difficult. The industry is a sham. I love my RV, but they are the biggest piece of junk on the road. The quality of the components that make up an RV are of the lowest standard of almost anything manufactured in the states.