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My wife & I have camped over two months in six states so far this year & have never had a problem finding a camp site. The average coat has been less than $10/day. We stay in state & federal camp grounds & have the golden age pass so that helps.

Wendell Howell "Jim"

I want to thank RVtravel.com and Steve Barnes for the fire escape idea in the July 21st newsletter. We also have a 5th wheel. This is such a great idea and so easy to put in place! We have completed installing this in our 2008 New Horizon. RVtravel.com is such a great source of continuing great information. I recommend it to fellow travelers often. Thanks again

Cheryl Sheldon

As you wander east you should consider stopping at Alliance, NE on August 21 for the solar eclipse. There are special events planned, some at Carhenge.


Contact me if you need someplace to park the RV.


How do I change my email address from AOLCOM TO KKRONOWITZ@GMAIL.COM


Dave Piposzar

Chuck, I think the shortage of campground spaces might be partially addressed by charging by the foot! Just like dock space. The behemoths over 30 feet with toad take up so much space, us little campers could fit four into the same area. Might get the RV consumer more conscience of their conspicuous consumption and pay for it. Havent had a problem yet getting a tent site for my 15 foot vintage camper.

Patrick J Granahan

The problem we all face is…Too many RVs and not enough camping sites.
Last week I did much research both on the net and in RV camping catalogs looking for possible long term sites in both North and South Carolina.
What I discovered was a general lack of availability of monthly and weekly sites. Most campgrounds were booked solid for months…no sites available.
Some of these RV Resorts had hundreds of sites but none available!!!
I am in the final stages of selling my home in the Adirondacks of upstate New York and plan to live full time in our RV in the Carolinas until we find a perfect spot for our retirement…for us it must be a home with acreage and privacy with mountain views. That might take several months.

The RV industry will find itself in dire straits if does not adress this problem of too many campers/RVs and too little space to park them…it short we need more campgrounds and fast!!!

Mick Wood

What is it with the full timers at an RV park?
We all pay the same to rent a space for a night, a week or several months. Stop putting signs on the lawns by your RV that tell me to stay off the lawn, not to walk my dog near your space or do not walk here. You don’t own the space, you rent it as I do.

john & lana Stahl

Went to 6 National Parks this summer. All were well run. They were all different and all beautiful. But they were crowded. Yellowstone was the worst coming in from West Yellowstone it took hours to get in. We entered early from the south so did not have that horrible long, long waiting experience.

Terri Foxx-Wishert

The advertisement about the disposable latex gloves for doing tank emptying duties are not latex, the pictured gloves are vinyl. The problem with vinyl is that as soon as they are wet, they are permeable. Permeable means that small particles, such as viruses, are now able to go thru the gloves onto your hands.
Even sweat can make them wet, and one can’t wear vinyl gloves without sweating. They may be OK for handling food, but not waste. Be safe. If you use thick rubber gloves, after use, dip them into a dilute bleach solution (3 drops of bleach/gallon of water), an d then let them dry.

rich Thibodeau

The website seems to have undergone a little upgrade lately – which is both good and bad. Some full-timers are loading it over connections that aren’t the equivalent of a sticks ‘n bricks cable internet throughput, and as a result visual features like the crawler at the top place an unnecessary burden on the precious data and throughput we depend on. Is there any way to either offer an alternate “quieter” page?

Tom Rastall

Reference the article Scammed by a skimmer, I was told by American Express Security that the new chip cards have reduced this practice a 100 fold. The new chip cards scramble the card number making it almost impossible to skim your card. Skimmers can no longer copy your number with a portable scanner. Hope this is true.

Tom Rastall

Chuck, I think we should all stay home so you can have the RV campgrounds to yourself. Recommend you sell your RV and go back to a house or condo.

richard doscher

We lost a piece of the molding that goes around our wheel well. Is there a source of used RV parts where we could try to get a replacement. We drive a 2004 four winds 5000. Thanks, rich

Barbara O'Brien

Chuck-We have stayed at the same campground north of Seattle as our daughter lives in Redmond. In fact, we were just there for a month this spring. We agree the sites are very tight but did you have to do the park shuffle as we did in order to stay that long? Just curious..

Tom Compton

Hi Chuck,

I’m experiencing trouble responding to this week’s (Newsletter 803) contest at RVcontests@gmail.com. When I type in the email address it takes me to a page which does not allow me to respond to the contest.

John Hiler

Just think how much better it’s going to be when all the National Parks and Monuments are made private and the only motivation will be to increase revenue. The madness of less public space as we have more public just boggles the sane mind. Write about that as you travel between public facilities. What happens when it’s all behind locked gates…


I’m against privatization of federal campgrounds. The cost of camping in theses parks will go up. They’ll start packing more sites into an area and the next thing you know the camping areas will be turned into the crowded RV parks we despise. Federal parks are not retirement communities, they are recreation areas.
Part of the campsite inventory problem is people abuse the system. I’ve talked to Canadians who stay at our local State park all summer by opening different reservation accounts one for the husband and one for the wife. They reserve the site for two weeks max in each name so they don’t have to leave the park for 24 hours before returning. They just register under the other account. Sometimes they have to move to a different site but they’re using the park as an retirement RV Park.


Why didn’t I get my copy of RV travel emailed to me today? I had to link to it off of Facebook