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frater secessus

I’m sure the handover will go well.

I disagree that aggregation is tantamount to theft. Cf. @rvtravel’s own retweets.


I live in WI. Hope Gayle is enjoying our state.

Jay French

Definitely appreciate the ground lift adapter tip from Mike Sokol. I honestly did not know this & had previously made a mistake in the past ruining an appliance. I also definitely want to once again thank you for this newsletter. I had a dream of living beach to beach mountains in the dead of summer Full-Timing & had budgeted $300,000 to pay cash for the purchase. When I was inspecting units, encountered unbelievably pushy salespersons & never found what I considered a quality built unit in my price range. A buddy made a purchase of a glitzy unit paying $256… Read more »


I wanted to make a one time donation to support your newsletter using PayPal but there is no option do that.

Richard Kramer

Thank you for many interesting editorials. We have been RVing since 1978 when we got our first van – ended up eventually with a diesel pusher that we put 105000 miles on in 11 years – part time. Honest reviews of products are hard to find. Keep going!


It seems like almost every RV manufacturer produces shoddy products. Not all, we’ve found.
We purchased a new Class-C Pleasureway in 2016. After 18 months a ceiling light went out. I called Pleasureway and they sent two lights free of charge.
17MPG clean and 15MPG with a 4500 pound toad.


” I will use video and live video chats to better get my points across”
Bandwidth is a huge issue for full time RVers. Text doesn’t eat near the bandwidth that video does.

frater secessus

Agreed. Podcasts are a more bandwidth-friendly to get non-visual points across.


After enjoying the newsletter for many years, I decided it was time to make a voluntary contribution. I noticed that the only way to contribute on a monthly basis was via PayPal. I have had problems with PayPal in the past so will donate once a year as long as I am enjoying the newsletter.


Mike, I love reading your comments on electrical articles in every week s issue. I was an electrician for caterpillar for years but retired.
my question is why does the rv industry use those sheep outlets were the wire is just pushed in a slot and insolation not even removed, I change them when using over 6 amps. What do you say?

Trek N See

Was going to make a recurring monthly donation. Didn’t find a way to do that. Perhaps the site should be reworked to make it easier.


Thanks, Chuck, for being our voice to the RV industry. I wonder why the RV manufacturers are not held to standards at least equivalent to the residential construction standards? I know RVs might be too pricy for many of us, but as it is, there are huge safety and quality gaps….especially for large “vehicle homes” that rumble down the road at speeds well beyond “in town traffic speed limits.” The main problem, to me, is that large mega companies are buying out the “family grown” manufacturers and lowering construction quality to provide bigger profits. No true regulation in this industry… Read more »

George McMeenb

Never been able to figure out how to contact Chuck. When he was in the Hill country I had it set up to pay for his dinner at one of the finest restaurants ( no the finest ) Gennaro’s at Canyon Lake but no source of contact that I could find.

Chuck Woodbury

George, my email is right below my Editor’s Corner at the top of almost all issues of the RV Travel Newsletter. — Chuck (at)


I’ve been reading RV Travel newsletter for several years. I was constantly saying that I should donate but never “got around to it”. Well today I “got around to it”. Thank you Chuck for the valuable articles and enjoyable stories. Sorry it took so long to contribute.

Linda Sutherland

Hi Chuck,
I want to wish you and Emily continued success with the RV Newsletter. I need to unsubscribe, as my husband’s health has declined, and we no longer own a motorhome or travel. Thank you so much for all the great information that we gleaned from your hard work.

Enjoy and stay healthy!
Linda Sutherland; [email protected]

Bob C.

I was surprised to see that there were no $2-3 options for donations. I have contributed randomly in recent years (happily) and wonder if I have an “account” with you that I can access to see what I have contributed, and what method I used. At 83, my memory of such things is vanishingly small.


I am happy to be a voluntary contributor, Chuck. If going to a subscription fee, I would prefer you select an annual fee and give readers a little nudge when to renew. You didn’t ask for my choice, but this would be HUGE for me!!! On another note, living in the RV capitol of the world region, I know a lot of people who work in the factories. They all seem to work hard at their jobs, but only for number of units – no mention ever of QA. And, they work hard to “get out” of the factories as… Read more »

Karem Willis

Likewise, option for annual fee.

john stahl

CAN A VOLUNTARY SUBSCRIPTION to be counted as a DONATION for tax purposes? If it qualifies as a donation then you might get more voluntary subscribers.

Chuck Woodbury

No, John. We’re not a non-profit organization. So donating to us, unless you can use it for a business deduction, is not tax deductible. Thanks for asking.

M. Bintz

My husband and I (80 & 82) stopped RVing 4 years ago. So maybe it is time to give up this site and several others relating to Rv’s. I do think you are missing so many wonderful opportunities by not having solar and boondocking. many of those places were our favorites.

Richard Pugh

Chuck, I read your newsletter every one and some two or three times. I have even told many people about them and RV Travel. I must tell you I work for a RV Dealership (and a very large one) and spent 30+years in the marine service industry before that and worked in the Featherlite Coach factory before,and what a shock to work on RV’s..It is very sad to me to see the GREED at the expense of hard working people that buy campers, it makes me sad and mad. I have said for years now that we are the quality… Read more »


The next RV I buy, I’m insisting on pulling outlets and peeking into every cavity I can reasonably view… the things I’ve found hidden behind the glitz would scare the pants off anyone with some engineering knowledge. Plumbing with huge bellies that are almost impossible to winterize? Rigid adhesives holding everything, which will tear free on the first bump? ZERO 12V outlets? ALL your outlets on a huge RV on a single 15A circuit? Just dumb: one RV floorplan prevented sitting on the toilet without leaving the door open, or the bunks only rated for 150lbs… Shiny, but totally unlivable.… Read more »


Chuck asks for a $2 or $3 monthly pledge but links to a site that starts at $5/month! Something missing there.

I think you would get more monthly pledges (myself included) if there were lower options on the page.


And I was just unable to figure out how to donate with a credit card, not using Pay Pay, even though it’s listed as an option. I put in the amount and it doesn’t show up in the shopping cart. What am I doing wrong??


OK, I figured out what I was doing wrong = adding the $ sign. If you pay by credit card, don’t put $ in front of the amount. Donation is done. Thanks, Chuck, for all you do to keep us informed.