1. WOW! If I ever need an ego boost, I’ll tell folks I’m building an RV park. That’s awesome. As an old part-timer and new full-timer, I use Wi-Fi when able, but sharing bandwidth is often an issue, so a hot spot to reach a cell tower is mandatory. I’ll pencil in your Grand Opening, well, just because. I am glad Chuck W. found out about you three.

  2. The link for the article Building an RV Park from Scratch by Machelle James does not work. When I click on the link it brings up “Ooops… Error 404 Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn’t exist.”

  3. The link for the article Building an RV Park from Scratch by Machelle James does not work. When I click on the link it brings up “Ooops… Error 404 Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn’t exist.”

    • Sorry, Craig. It’s been fixed. (Can’t even blame the computer gremlins on this one — I inadvertently and unknowingly messed it up last night! 😮 ) —Diane at RVtravel.com

  4. Just a note on the blurb about quick disconnect hoses. Most “garden hose” quick disconnects have an automatic water shutoff and I’ve had some that can disconnect and stop water flow when disconnected but, because of the pressure in the hose, makes it near impossible to reconnect anything to it unless the pressure is reduced and that can only happen by either releasing the pressure before disconnecting or partially unscrewing the hose from the source. Both of which defeat the purpose of the “quick release” for emergency purposes. If you are using one for this purpose, make sure it a quality disconnect with the ability to reconnect another tool for fighting a fire.

    • In regards to using a garden hose to fight an RV fire, unless you catch the fire in its incipient stage you are wasting your time. Just like the small fire extinguishers included in every RV they will only work if you catch it quickly. You would be better off turning off the electric and propane then moving anything that might be an exposure from radiated heat or direct flame contact.

  5. We are traveling with Lazy Days “Crown Club” members and have had heard their story on how the meal and drink programs were severely reduced and then after protests from members Lazy Days caved in and reversed some of the reductions. We would be interested in seeing an article from you about this. I guess now your adult beverages are limited,(?)

  6. Run in with Tupelo, Mississippi Sheriff….. My son-in-law travels for work. He has a decent 30’ Open Road Trailer he lives in when staying at a place for long periods. His employer moves the trailer when the job ends.
    Recently, after the job ended, a contractor was hired to move the trailer back to my son-in-law’s home. The contracted driver was pulled over by a Tupelo Sheriff’s Deputy for no license plate on towing pick-up truck. The deputy searched the truck and found among a great deal of rubbish, an empty bottle of liquor. They tested the driver and there was no alcohol registered. However they arrested him for the empty bottle and lack of license plate.
    They say they put a dog on the outside of the trailer and it alerted. The driver explained that the trailer was not his and showed the deputy the contracted paperwork and asked them to call my son-in-law. They did not, and proceded to tear up the trailer. They pried open all the doors and outside compartments. They tore open the under belly. They tore up furniture and cabinets. They tore off the bathroom door. Needless to say they found nothing. The trailer was nearly destroyed.
    My son-in-law’s insurance would only cover about half of the damage. Still ongoing…..

    • Well now after working in this field of canine detecting I fully know and understand the powers of our canine friends in law enforcement. I know for sure what the abilities are in using the animal in a law enforcement search. Now if the Law Enforcement Officer is working in the scope of a proper enforcement search that officer knows fairly well what constitutes a lawful search. What the officer needs is probable cause persian to a detector dog search. The officer needs to be able to attest to the animals credibility and has to be able to present that information to be given a search warrant. Search warrant..yes , unless we have tossed out our US Constitution which protects us from unreasonable search and seizure. As far as I know and up to today the only law enforcement agency I know of in the USA is the federal US Custom Service now the DHS Custom and Border Protection. I will not go into what services make up the CBP but here is a sample Customs, INS Border Patrol Agriculture and the US Coast Guard. They all make up CBP of the DHS. The law given to them comes from the US Custom Service which was founded in 1789. I will not go into that history lesson and now back to the canine search. The Leo must provide the Judge this dogs creditability on positive alerts ( where something is found ) in the past, usually the animals past number of seizures or finds. Likely some sort of background training and certifications given on detecting what sort of narcotics , currency and other items trained to detect. If the court accepts that then a warrant will be given and in that warrant it will tell what can be searches so on and so on. They only around this warrant issue and probable cause issue is if the person operating, owning or in control of the vehicle give permission for a warrantless search, usually verbal statement of permission to search. Now understanding this and you decide not to consent to a warrantless verbal search , a seasoned LEO can figure out how to ensure a search and that usually is by impounding the vehicle for one reason or another ( IE…missing paperwork like no registration , insurance document to name a few. So to end this comment, usually I’d rely on the dogs ability because the dog is not programed to lie or deceive …can we say the same about a human who wears a badge or not. That is up to you to decide. Remember never give up your rights to anyone for any manner. Do cooperate with the LEO but you have that right to ask why this and why that as well as asking for the shift supervisor to respond to the scene. Above all do not hamper the LEO in his or her duty. Also keep in mind…if you are moving a vehicle from point a to b beside everything is on the up and up, the vehicle is street legal and remember there are peoplee out there who will hire you to make the move, people who you do not know are you willing to trust them 100 %. Know before you go because you might just end up on the wrong side of the deal! < The Fish <

      • Oh also , if they found nothing I ( the son in law) advise the PD and have them enter a blotter note that I would be contacting the PD and putting in a tort claim to collect for damages and repair. Let the PD and it’s legal staff sort out what happened and why and I would question the animals abilities as well as the animals training and the training of the canine handler ( officer ) and the canine team ( officer and canine combined as a team> It bothers me to no end if a search is conducted in the matter as told but again I also pounder the story as being truthful. We can only assume any thing being lawful and correct by what information we as readers are given.

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