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25 years!!! The units they are producing now won’t last 25 years so an owner will be paying on the unit long after it’s gone. No wait. Most of that time it will be in the shop waiting on parts so it might last that long.

Brian “Doc” Burry

Please know many of us will not/do not use Facebook, yet your RV Horror Stories is just on that undesirable (to so many of us) site?! Isn’t there a way you could create a different way for people to read such important issues please?
You do such a wonderful service and job of creating your informative newsletter, we just are so grateful and appreciative for all of your fine work in your readers behalf!!!

John Hiler

Instead of all this yowlin about punk rv’s why don’t you just tell folks what are good and what are bad. Get right up there in your bully pulpit and sort out the good the bad and the ugly. Who’s selling good and who’s selling crap.

Kenneth Hanigan

I enjoy reading the weekly edition and currently I am in Australia visiting friends and still opened this weeks edition to read. I just wanted to say I spent 10 days at a campground and noticed many RVs and in particular pop up tent trailers here built for rougher roads much higher than ours seem to be. But I wanted to mention I talked to and inspected a number of units and it seemed to me the units here are built much sturderier than ours, and the heavier framed pop up trailers come with added tents and outdoor kitchens that are excellent. I found several I would have loved to have. I was very impressed with the quality of rvs and tent trailers.

Tony King

The article/tip discussed the “ Pull Test” for 5th wheel hitches but it doesn’t explain for New RVers how to perform the test…safely. I know of one 5th Wheel owner pulled too hard too quickly and couldn’t stop quickly enough and crashed his 5Th Wheel right on top of Truck bed right in the RV Park. Bed was totaled. I don’t own a 5th Wheel but know how to perform the “ Pull Test”.


As an add-on to “Pull test for safe fifth-wheel hitching”, when coming back to your vehicle also check whether some SOB has pulled your pin release.
Same with us TT haulers, back in ’15 a buddy had his pin pulled from his WDH bar, he drove 2km through multiple traffic lights in Barrie (Ontario) before the hitch pulled out of the receiver!

Safe travels.


Several years ago, after looking at expensive cookware protectors, I purchased round, foam-style placemats at the dollar store. A few snips of the scissors customized them, and they have worked beautifully.

William McFarling

Did you know that OHIO may raised the gas tax by .18 cents? That will bring Ohio to fourth highest in the nation. Do you know about the joint venture of G M and NAVISTAR? ALL cutaway chassis used for vans/delivery trucks/class-c motor homes have been built for the last TWO years in the Navistar assembly plant on Springfield Urbana road , 5 miles north of Springfield , Ohio. Now a new phase of the joint venture , they are building the International and GM class 5 & 6 trucks on the same assembly line using the same chassis and cab, but with different engines and hoods/grilles. . This may be an article for you news .