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10 months ago

I pretty much call camping world and have them check the roof, do the tires and fix my list when it is deemed necessary. That is done the week I am off spring break. Otherwise I pull out the dawn dish soap scrub down the camper spray with the tilex in the fridge to prevent mold unscrew the rod to drain the hot water tank and pour 3 gallons of pink stuff down the sink. Cover and done until the week before the TT goes in for servicing. Much easier on me. Happy autumn and when I retire? Moving south with my TT in tow never coming back to Michigan winters again.

10 months ago

Looking for a vehcile already set up to tow behind my RV !!

robert mcbride
10 months ago
10 months ago

Hey Chuck, I like to read the comments in chronological order. What happened to the little drop down menu where I could pick “oldest first”?

10 months ago

Agree with Strope. The cheque is in the mail as of 3 days ago. If there’s a bigger bang for the buck I am not aware of it.. Thanks to each of you for the incredible work you’ve put into this endeavour over a very long time RV should be every RV’ers best friend – it’s PRICELESS in my books.

D. Strope
10 months ago

ANOTHER perfect job! Thanks Chuck!