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Chuck, did you remove your link to Amazon usually at the top of your web pages? I usually go to Amazon that way. I do see links throughout the page when you recommend an item. What happened?


I’ve read your newsletter for many years and referred many friends to it. Now I find myself not enjoying it as much!!!! The font size has been made too small, must read it several days of the week (weekday edition and now Sunday edition). Your older versions were much easier to follow and easier to read, all on one day, which I looked forward to! I’m getting less excited about Saturday rolling around so I can read what WAS my favorite newsletter!


I have a cigarette lighter on my school bus. I would love this blanket. I also knew the answer because we did this there. Great newsletter this week.

John Pereira

Good Sam is sending out emails offering $5000 in free travel accident insurance. Read the rates information. The very last line says there is a$2.00 per month administration fee. So the “free” very limited coverage is $12.00 per year. Typical for Good Sam. Oh, and the $5000 becomes $2500 upon turning age 75.


For all you non believers and newbies watch 2019 Grand Design Roof repair on You Tube. You will get to see just how well your RV is made .