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July 11, 2020
Non-Members (advertising supported) edition

Editor’s corner

With Chuck Woodbury


o you remember the song, “I Was Country, When Country Wasn’t Cool,” by Barbara Mandrell? Well, I could say pretty much the same thing, as in “I was RVing, when RVing wasn’t cool.”

Well, times have changed, and dramatically in the last few months, when the popularity of RVing has skyrocketed. It seems everywhere you look, in newspapers, magazines, TV and on social media, you find glowing reports of travel by RV. It’s “the thing” right now.

That uncool industry where I have worked for decades (where RVs in the past often sported “Grandpa’s and Grandma’s Playhouse” bumper stickers) is now very trendy. The pandemic has fueled many people’s desire to buy an RV and travel with it; RVing is the safest way to go. International travel, cruises and hotel stays are no longer an option for many.

We're spending our children's inheritance
Popular bumper sticker from 30 years ago.

Sales at RV dealerships across the country have boomed in the last couple of months, especially with first-time buyers.

I attended a phone conference last Tuesday with about two dozen RV industry folks — mostly dealers, manufacturers and campground executives. What I learned was that nobody knows what’s coming next. The big topic of discussion was that with RV factories shut down or returning to limited production, dealer inventories are fading fast. One northern California dealer reported he normally had 150 RVs on his lot this time of year. This past Tuesday he had 10. A friend told me that a dealer friend of his would normally have 500 units to sell, but now has 180.

One dealer reported he and his staff were repeatedly explaining to eager buyers that some of the RVs they liked on the lot were not for sale, but were there for service.

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, today’s first-time buyers are not providing trade-ins, which further depletes inventory. Some dealers are so desperate for RVs they’re buying them at auction at higher prices than before, which will likely mean higher prices back on the lot.

Qualifying for an RV loan is suddenly more challenging. One dealer said a credit score of 700 was mostly good enough for a loan a year ago, but now it’s more like 740, but even that’s not a sure thing. “I often have to turn to sub-prime lenders,” she explained. “Six months ago the customer would have got a better rate.” She said that more customers than normal are paying cash, which other dealers said, too.

As far as producing more RVs for dealers, who knows how that will be affected by what’s happening in Elkhart, Indiana, where 85% of all American RVs are made, and where COVID-19 cases are spiking? Will factories fully reopen or just manage limited production? Already masks are required. I wonder what it will be like building RVs in the mostly un-air-conditioned factories this summer, where conditions in Indiana can be brutal on hot and humid days. Wearing a mask in those conditions can’t be comfortable. How could that not impede worker performance?

So, much is going on. My staff and I will keep observing, and let you know what we find.


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• Walmart to debut Drive-In Movie Theaters in its store parking lots!
• RV sales are hot now – and they’re mostly to first-time RVers
• Toyota reigns as most reliable, best buy among used trucks

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Clintoons • By Clint Norrell

Copyright 2020 by Clint Norrell

Even with an RV, there’s no escape from the outside world

By Andy Zipser
Midway through our eighth season as campground owners, I still get surprised by the many ways in which our little microcosm absorbs larger social issues and conflicts. From most campers’ perspectives, a campground is an opportunity to get away from the larger world and the numbing routine of everyday life — yet in making that escape, many campers haul all that baggage along with them. The result is that what should be an oasis from a fractious world instead ends up reflecting it. Continue reading.

Help keep “Mom-and-Pop” businesses alive

By Silvana Clark
The coronavirus has altered the way Americans are spending their summer. Many people seem resigned to have a “staycation” rather than fly on a long-awaited trip to Hawaii or Europe. Those of us lucky to own RVs have the freedom to travel while still practicing social distancing. So how about considering supporting local businesses whenever we travel? Here are some great, and fun, ideas.

Disney to reopen Florida parks. Good idea or bad?

Walt Disney World theme parks will open beginning today, July 11, for the Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park followed by EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on July 15. … Here’s a look at some of the changes guests can expect. Also, please answer the included poll and let us know if you think opening is good idea right now.

Boondocking in a coronavirus world. Part 3: Freedom and civility

By Dave Helgeson
Last week we celebrated Independence Day and the freedom we enjoy in the United States. One of the freedoms we enjoy as RVers is the ability to go where we want, when we want. Another is the freedom to form and share our own opinions along with making our own decisions. However, with freedom comes responsibility, civility and understanding. Read more.

Disaster at the Dump Station

This man attempts to dump his rental motorhome’s black water tank (sewer tank) in this one-minute video. One big mistake was opening the valve quickly, instantly overwhelming the hose. Warning: This is disgusting, but if you’ve got the stomach, it just might make you laugh (perhaps a little nervously).

Workamping? There are more ways to make money from it than you think…

By Terri Nighswonger
Levi and Natalie Henley, of Henley’s Happy Trails, are experienced work campers who put pen to paper this spring to tell others about their workamping experiences. The book, “Seasonal Workamping for a Living: How We Did It,” gives some background on the couple, who have been full-time RVing since 2014, and lays out the time commitment, duties and pay of a number of popular job types. Read about workamping and this informative book here.

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Brain Teaser

A special offer allows you to get a free Popsicle if you exchange two Popsicle sticks for one Popsicle. Peter has 20 sticks. How many times can Peter get a free Popsicle?

(Shhh. Don’t give it away. Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday News newsletter.)

Time to cool off!
This compact, battery-powered, highly rated (the highest rated one on Amazon!), low-noise fan is just what you need to stay cool in your RV this summer. The rechargeable battery charges quick with a USB and will keep you cool for up to six hours at a time. Clip it to your table, bedside, driver or passenger seat or by your chair outside to stay cool. Learn more or order

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What you need to know BEFORE buying a motorhome – Part Two

By Andy Pargh, The Gadget Guru
This is Part Two of a video series where I speak with Steve Zeigler, the Director of Bus Shell Sales of Prevost, and Gil Johnson, a well-known Prevost Motorhome Inspector. While the content in this video is slanted towards Prevost motorhomes, the information will be useful to anyone shopping for a variety of motorhome brands. Watch the video.

Are you managing your RV tanks? Part 1

By Jim Twamley
I’d like to address an important issue – tank management. Most RV’s have several tanks: fresh water, gray water, black water, hot water, propane and (for motorhomes) fuel tanks. Let’s deal with each one separately. Part 1 deals with the fresh water tank and the black water tank. Read it here.

Which state has the worst drivers? This new report ranks them all

For the fourth year in a row, Smart Asset has produced a report showing the states with the worst drivers. (Did the East Coast just pop into your head? Yes, for us too. But you may be surprised…) Learn more.

Fire-chasing weird RV conversion!

Most kids run to the sound of a fire engine siren, and those kids grown up probably do the same thing. There’s just something that compels some folks to chase after fire apparatus. Maybe that’s why those noisemakers are called “sirens.” Anyhow, grownups need hobbies, and maybe collecting fire trucks is one. Check out this fire engine RV.

No! No! No! This fifth wheel towing setup can’t be real! Or can it?

When you see this photo you’ll say, no way can that work safely, much less can it be legal! But the fact is, it is real and it was photographed at an Alberta gas station. Check it out. If you own a fifth wheel, please leave a comment with your thoughts. Does this really work, and safely?

Fireproof bag keeps valuables safe!
This silicone-coated fire-resistant bag will save your money, documents, jewelry, passport and other valuables from a fire. Its two layers of supreme fire retardant fiberglass material make it resist fire and heat up to 1000 ℉. It’s waterproof, too, so when the hoses arrive, your valuables won’t be harmed. Learn more or order.

Stay safe on your RV roof

The first rule of anything you do with an RV roof, even if to just check it out on a ladder, is to know your limitations and your comfort zone. … When you think you do need to get on the roof, here are a few safety precautions that are worth your time to follow.

Reader from South Africa shows off cute VW motorhome readers span the globe. Here’s an email and photo we received from reader Danie Fourie from South Africa. Read Danie’s note and see this cute RV here.

RVing: The joy of the unexpected

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
We find that a good part of the joy of RVing is running into the unexpected. Round the next corner, who knows, maybe you’ll happen onto a herd of antelope. There’s always that vintage gas station that looks like a coffee pot. But half the fun is seeing the reactions folks have to these strange turnings. So what did Russ and Tiña’s Southern friend have to say about this Northwest anomaly? Find out here.

YOU DO NOT (repeat: DO NOT) want to drive on this road

What’s the scariest road you’ve ever driven down? There are many of them across the U.S., but the road in this photo might just have them all beat… Check it out.

Never a dull moment for game wardens

What comes to mind when you think of game wardens? Fellows that ask to see your hunting or fishing license? A fellow who sits in his truck at the edge of the fishing hole, nodding off? In some places, maybe. But Texas game wardens evidently live an active and frequently challenging life. Witness a few tidbits from the lives of Lone Star State wildlife officials. Continue reading.

Forget buying a portable generator!
Use your car or RV engine to generate clean 110 power with a CarGenerator. It’s cheaper, more reliable, and so light even a child can lift it. Use to power your RV accessories, and recharge batteries for continued use of CPAP machines, etc. Perfect supplement to solar on cloudy days. At home, use for backup power when the power grid goes down. Learn more.

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Is this a real airplane? Did it ever fly? Or is it non-flying movie prop? The answer is here along with where you can see it.

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Ask the RV Shrink

Reader asks, “Are all absorption fridges inefficient?”

Dear RV Shrink:
We bought a new trailer and the refrigerator is not staying cold enough. We have had it in the shop where fans have been added, outside shades have been installed, and airflow inspected. Do all absorption refrigerators work inefficiently?

Read the rest of the question and the RV Shrink’s response.

RV Education 101

RV gray water tank maintenance tip

We always talk about black water holding tank maintenance, but seldom mention the gray water holding tank. The gray water tank requires some simple maintenance to keep it clean and odor free. Read more.

Let your drill clean your RV, really!
This 4-piece cleaning brush attachment connects right to your drill. Deep-clean virtually any surface. Perfect for grout lines, corners, tiles, tubs, showers, carpets, wooden furniture, windows, shower doors, siding, linoleum, stoves, counters, fiberglass, grills, marble, and more. Learn more or order here.

RV Electricity

Hughes Autoformer – A cure for low campground voltage?

Dear Readers,
Not a week goes by without me receiving at least a few emails and questions about the Hughes Autoformer. This is advertised as a cure for low campground voltage, and its users are adamant about how great it works, and everyone else at the campground is shutting down while their own air conditioner is still working, etc.

Note that in the 2020 National Electrical Code any voltage boosting transformers have been made a violation of NFPA 1192, allowing campgrounds to force you to disconnect or leave. Continue reading.

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session:

Chiller? Cooler vs. refrigerator comparison. A reader wonders why their food wasn’t kept cold in a plug-in cooler.

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RV Tire Safety

What valve stem to use with a TPMS – Part 2

As a follow-up to last week’s post of why Roger Marble recommends people NOT use rubber valve stems with their external TPMS sensors, he shows some of the “guts” of valve stems. He explains the attention to detail tire engineers go to when designing tires and when trying to understand the “why” for a tire to lose air. Learn more.

Roof vent not doing its job? Here’s a solution…
If you smell your toilet when driving your motorhome down the road, it’s because the odor is being drawn into the RV and not outside via the roof vent. The solution is to get an inexpensive 360 Siphon Roof Vent. It works for all RVs even when the RV is not moving, like in a campground. Keep the stink away.

RV Short Stop

Trees of Mystery – Popular outdoor destination in the Redwoods

Since the mid-’40s, the Trees of Mystery in northern California has been a favorite stopover for many travelers driving along U.S. Highway 101. This attraction sits in the center of Redwood National and State Parks. The outdoor location of the Trees of Mystery lends itself to a good family destination during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

RV Fire Safety

How many fire extinguishers for your RV?

While the National Fire Protection Association does not require that you carry more than one fire extinguisher, don’t take chances. One fire extinguisher is simply not enough. Fire and Life Safety instructor Mac McCoy recommends having at least two extinguishers inside of your coach — one near the door and one in the bedroom — and an additional one in an unlocked outside compartment or in your towed vehicle. Make sure that everyone traveling with you is trained to use the extinguishers.

Add a bathtub to your RV’s shower, it’s easy! Check this out. 

Reader letters

Dear editor:
My partner and I have just returned home to Arizona after an 8-day trip. Our first observation was how few people anywhere were wearing any masks including none of the owners/employees at RV parks we visited. That was very surprising, and frankly disappointing. Our other observation was the number “new” RVs that pulled in every evening, with temporary tags, fresh off the dealer lot. As Chuck has discussed many times, “Where will they all stay?” Read more.

Museum of the Week

Photo by Ryan Byer, Google Photos

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology

Oklahoma City, OK

Ever wonder how tiny a hummingbird’s skeleton is? Well, you’ll find out at this fascinating museum. The Museum of Osteology displays almost 400 skulls and skeletons from all around the world. Want to see the rarest skeleton? Check out the Sumatran rhinoceros… Wow! Check out the official museum website here and plan your visit. You won’t want to miss this one!

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“This is Rusty at Valley of Fire. He loved this cool little nook on a hot day.” — Julie

Pets featured in this past week’s RV Daily Tips:
• Monday: Don • Tuesday: Missy • Wednesday: Two anonymous small white fluffballs! • Thursday: Dobby and Weezie • Friday: Dolly

(Many) Tips for RVing with pets

By Terri Nighswonger
If you are full-time in your RV, I’m sure you know more than a handful of neighbors that own pets. You might hear Fido barking or see Fluffy checking out the world outside her window. Whatever the species, there are many pets out there traveling with their owners. Continue reading.

If your dog or cat gets hot in the summer, why not buy them a cooling bed? There are tons of options available on Amazon, and Fido and Fifi will thank you!


Sometimes visitors at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, break the rules, and the law, by taking rocks home as souvenirs. But then, according to rangers, they often mail the stolen rocks back to the park, along with a note of apology.

Bumper sticker of the week

I am a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I am perfect.

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Joke of the Week

Q: Why did the girl take toilet paper to the party?
A: Because she was a party pooper.

Worth Pondering

The best part of any RV trip is when you turn your ignition key and roll out of your driveway.

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Kenny Goss
2 years ago

I’m guessing that in a couple/few years there’ll be a lot of used RV’s for sale.

A lot of first time RV buyers are going to find out that it’s not what they thought it’d be like and will look to get rid of their RV.

Tom B
2 years ago

No doubt there are some dealers with low inventory, but the numbers don’t lie. RV sales for May, the latest month available, are way up from April, but way down from May 2019. June sales numbers will have to be really good to even equal 2019, and remember, 2019 was a down year from 2018. The local Camping World lot I drove by recently was full. There is no reason to panic buy or overpay. Any shortages seem to be due to manufacturers not making new ones at full production capacity. That doesn’t mean, though, you’ll have an easy time getting a camping reservation, especially on the weekends. I’ll bet those RVs out in the wild are getting used a lot more this year.

john stahl
2 years ago

This past several weeks we have traveled thru Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, & Utah and have not seen a shortage of RVs for sale. Lots of motorhomes but thousands of trailers, etc. You may not get exactly what you want but there are plenty for sale.

2 years ago

Fire today’s joke writer!

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  john1470

Hi, John. I don’t think he wrote it, but I don’t think we can fire the boss. Just sayin’. 😆 —Diane at

2 years ago

We cashed in on the high RV market and sold our camper last week. It sold in a couple of hours and for a price much higher than we expected. We have been campers for many years and will return to camping again when the market takes a dive. It was a hard decision to sell because we love to camp, but with the current situation of a pandemic, unrest in the country, and over crowded campgrounds, we had little desire. As the saying goes, sell high and buy low. We will buy back in when many of the newbies are selling out.

2 years ago
Reply to  John

Very smart financial move. Patience has always paid dividends. I just purchased a truck (1 ton Dodge) from someone who was upside down and brought money to the credit union to make the sale. For example, better to get rid of $45K in debt and obtain a small loan of $7K to pay off the shortfall and no longer owe $45K than keep paying $700 mo each month ( not including operating and insurance costs) while the alligator keeps eating you up. I give the seller credit for recognizing and doing something about it. The problem is way too many RV’rs that are selling upside down rigs or trucks think people will come in and pay their balances due. To informed buyers that will never happen.

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