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Kenny Goss
9 months ago

I’m guessing that in a couple/few years there’ll be a lot of used RV’s for sale.

A lot of first time RV buyers are going to find out that it’s not what they thought it’d be like and will look to get rid of their RV.

Tom B
9 months ago

No doubt there are some dealers with low inventory, but the numbers don’t lie. RV sales for May, the latest month available, are way up from April, but way down from May 2019. June sales numbers will have to be really good to even equal 2019, and remember, 2019 was a down year from 2018. The local Camping World lot I drove by recently was full. There is no reason to panic buy or overpay. Any shortages seem to be due to manufacturers not making new ones at full production capacity. That doesn’t mean, though, you’ll have an easy time getting a camping reservation, especially on the weekends. I’ll bet those RVs out in the wild are getting used a lot more this year.

john stahl
9 months ago

This past several weeks we have traveled thru Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, & Utah and have not seen a shortage of RVs for sale. Lots of motorhomes but thousands of trailers, etc. You may not get exactly what you want but there are plenty for sale.

9 months ago

Fire today’s joke writer!

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
9 months ago
Reply to  john1470

Hi, John. I don’t think he wrote it, but I don’t think we can fire the boss. Just sayin’. 😆 —Diane at

9 months ago

We cashed in on the high RV market and sold our camper last week. It sold in a couple of hours and for a price much higher than we expected. We have been campers for many years and will return to camping again when the market takes a dive. It was a hard decision to sell because we love to camp, but with the current situation of a pandemic, unrest in the country, and over crowded campgrounds, we had little desire. As the saying goes, sell high and buy low. We will buy back in when many of the newbies are selling out.

9 months ago
Reply to  John

Very smart financial move. Patience has always paid dividends. I just purchased a truck (1 ton Dodge) from someone who was upside down and brought money to the credit union to make the sale. For example, better to get rid of $45K in debt and obtain a small loan of $7K to pay off the shortfall and no longer owe $45K than keep paying $700 mo each month ( not including operating and insurance costs) while the alligator keeps eating you up. I give the seller credit for recognizing and doing something about it. The problem is way too many RV’rs that are selling upside down rigs or trucks think people will come in and pay their balances due. To informed buyers that will never happen.