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7 months ago


I missed the Saturday edition of RVTRAVEL since we were traveling but I caught up this morning sitting here at a state park in West Virginia. As you, we having our morning coffee but in bed since it’s in the low 40’s. Being from Florida, that’s cold. The point of this all is I really appreciated your Editor’s Corner. It was very inspirational. Well written. I think you might have a knack for writing! Thanks for all you do and serving the RV community.

PS. I frequently “push” RVTRAVEL.COM to fellow campers I meet along the road as we travel. I often refer to it as a Consumer Reports of RVing since you don’t take any money from advertisers and report honesty. A lost trait by the news operations these days. Thanks again and good luck!

Mike Albert
7 months ago

Referring to the Song of the past poll, I feel we need a bit of levity in this chaotic time we live in. Just like watching re-runs in tv from The 60’s. Gives one a warm and fuzzy feeling. We need more of this.

James W
7 months ago

Good Day Chuck,

I just read your opening in this issue regarding the serenity of camping in nature. Your ending refers to a more peaceful time of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. I really enjoy your newsletter and point of view. I find it very similar to mine. I wish you the best when you move on to this next phase of peaceful life after the days of this newsletter but I would have to say I will really miss you, your commentary and your point of view! Thanks for all that you do and have done for all of us lucky people that enjoy the RV lifestyle – when we can! Best of luck in the future. Stay healthy & happy.
James Wagner

Tom H.
7 months ago

The old songs are fun! Anything that gives you a chuckle, is welcome relief, these days. 😁

David Hagen
7 months ago

I spend my winters in a private campground in Arizona, but the summers are usually in public (state, BLM, FS, CoE) campgrounds. Many in Idaho don’t have full hook-ups (if any at all) and we enjoy the quiet. But seems nowadays more and more RV’s need full hookups for refers. stoves, etc. I feel sorry for those who can not ‘dry camp.’

Philip Sponable
7 months ago

Great listening while reading comments…

Jan E.
7 months ago

I love those old songs. In fact, we have an old wind up phonograph with several old records that go with it. Keep the old songs coming.

Craig Carbrey
7 months ago

We were not able to read last weeks newsletter as we were in a park with no service. We are in the tail end of a six week trip utilizing mostly federal and state parks with limited service. The one thing that has struck us is the number of unused reservations in “full” parks. On the average full parks are about 70-80% full. It would help if people would cancel, so others could go. Maybe the price is to cheap?

7 months ago
Reply to  Craig Carbrey

Maybe there should be cancellation fees. I understand losing your reservation fee but most charge almost that much to cancel too.

Roger B
6 months ago
Reply to  snayte

That’s probably why they don’t cancel. We have seen a lot of this in our travels. Particularly in national parks.

7 months ago

We experienced our fuel pump fell off into a full tank of gas of course and slide not coming in on the morning we had to leave our site. Our next site was30 minutes away, only thing to do was have her towed down the interstate to the next site. Expensive but absolutely scared that the slide would fly off going down the road. Crazy things happen when you live in an RV.

Alaskan Traveler
7 months ago

Love the old silly songs. My dad, in the 50’s, brought home a record player and some 78’s he found at the dump. My favorite was the OK Laughing record. I found a different version but not as funny as the one we had. The 50’s Grand Ole Opry had some cute songs. My favorite must have never been recorded because I can’t find it… The Rubbing Doctor.

Dan Harvey
7 months ago

Love the old songs!