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Gene M
3 months ago

For peace of mind, use a backflow preventer – these items only protects the supply source, it does not protect the RV. Water flows INTO the RV and this works to prevent water from going BACK into the shore, or city, water supply you are connected to.

Ron T.
3 months ago

Re: Abbott & Costello
I watched Jeff Dunham’s new Pandemic special on the Comedy Channel last week. There’s a bit there about passwords that’s a clear homage to “Who’s on first?”

Terry Taylor
3 months ago

With reference to the video you posted about the GMC motorhomes, I am sure that you are aware that there are still thousands of them around. There were roughly 13,000 made and there are currently over 8000 in the GMC MH Registry. Very large clubs. is the main group.

3 months ago

I believe the propane story might be misleading. Propane dispensers automatically shut down when your tank is full. It’s a safety feature. I think the issue was with the tank. Maybe old, corroded or malfunctioning. There is a reason tanks are dated. Check the date and rust. Get it recertified or get rid of it.