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Are you “click averse”? It’s my tendency, for sure. If you’re like most folks, you probably open the newsletter, read the articles, perhaps comment, and you’re done. You may be surprised to learn that with a few simple additional clicks, you can get more out of our website and publications. A lot more.

From the top

A while back, Nanci Dixon wrote a great article about special features that are available on our website. You can read it here. I’m going to add to her list, so get that index finger limbered up because you’re definitely going to be “clicking” soon!

If you’re reading from your cell phone, the opening page of our newsletter looks just a bit different from what you’ll see when reading from your laptop or computer screen. No worries. The information is the same. logo

Click on the logo (name and picture of a Class C RV) at the top left side of your screen. You’ll be magically transported to our homepage, which shows the latest issues of all our online newsletters. Scroll down. You’ll see our most recent Sunday RV News, along with our freshest RV Daily Tips, Reviews, polls and so much more. Take your time. When you see something interesting, click and read all about it. You can always use the back arrow to return to where you were, or just click on that logo again to get back to the homepage.


When reading on your laptop, the menu is featured in a banner directly below our logo. On a cell phone, the menu is located to the right of the logo. No matter how you access it, the menu can take you to almost anything RV-related. Check it out and you’ll see!

Search on

Use this tab to find information about a specific RV topic or interest. Click on the search window. Enter your topic and click the magnifying glass to begin your search. There are so many things to know about RVing. And chances are very good that we’ve written about what you’re looking for.

The banner takes you all over the website

RV Daily Tips Newsletter

Did you see an RV tip or trick earlier in the week and want to revisit it? On the blue banner with white lettering, you’ll see “TIPS/RESOURCES.” Hover over that and select “Daily Tips Newsletter,” and you’ll access past newsletters arranged in chronological order, starting at the top with our most recent one.

Favorite author?

Do you have a favorite author? Wouldn’t it be great to read all of the posts that your favorite author has written? You can! When reading an article by your “fave,” click on his or her name (under the article’s title). That’s right. Just click on, for example, “Nanci Dixon.” Then prepare to be amazed! Your screen will be filled with the many, many wonderful articles she’s written. Here are all the articles I’ve written, if you want to take a peek.

Overwhelmed yet?

There’s more to know about Much, much more. But perhaps by now you’ve become less “click averse” and will experiment by tapping on other tabs, icons, and more. I hope so! Our technical folks work really hard to gather and organize the massive amount of RV information, then make it readily available to you, our readers. Here’s hoping you find much more to like on our site. Tell a fellow RVer about us, too!

Do you have a favorite function on our site that you’d like to mention? Or perhaps you wish we offered a specific function? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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8 months ago

I usually read most articles but I like what was shown today to find past or more information from one person Thanks for the lesson.

8 months ago

This was helpful – thanks!

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