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Keep this product on hand for easy RV underbelly repair

You may have encountered some debris on the road that has caused impact damage underneath the RV. Or maybe you’ve experienced a tire blowout that caused damage to the RV underbelly or fender area that has required you to need some undercarriage repair.

If you have experienced either of these situations, you may be asking yourself, “Now what do I do about it?”

RV underbelly repair solution

The average person would grab a roll of duct tape. But did you know that very few tapes will stick to the underneath material of an RV, much less stick permanently? Duct tape will only work for a short period of time. If you want to eliminate taping the rips and tears in your underbelly repeatedly, I recommend you carry a small roll of underbelly repair tape with you. This underbelly-specific tape allows you to seal off any tears you may encounter. It has a permanent adhesive patch to cover up or protect the underneath of your RV. When placed over holes and tears, the repair tape bonds tightly to the bottom closure material PERMANENTLY.

Other repair possibilities you may encounter

  • Your unit was accidentally cut by the manufacturer or by a repair that was needed.
  • You may want to block off areas to prevent air, debris, or pests from entering the unit.

This product is very easy to use. Simply ensure that the area around the torn part is clean and dry before using the repair tape, and then stick the tape and press the edge of the tape firmly so that the tape can be tightly bonded to the bottom of your items.

Either way, you need to block off an open area, cover up or stop a tear before it catches the air and causes more damage. Make sure you have the right product on hand to make your undercarriage repair, whether you are on the side of the road or keeping up on general maintenance from the comfort of your driveway.

Make sure you check out Dustin’s website, California RV Specialists, and their YouTube channel for more helpful information.

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Calvin Wing
13 days ago

I’ ve had trouble with this material failing from the factory. I finally used some Eternabond to solve the problem. It was expensive but not having to crawl under the trailer tape it up several times a year was worth it.

Jim Johnson
17 days ago

Would have used this for a project had I known about it! What I did use is black Gorilla duct tape – but I also applied a film of silicone along all exposed edges to prevent the embedded fiber from attracting moisture and delaminating. The tape has been fully stable through all 4 seasons with wet (and muddy), dry, very hot, freezing cold and windy conditions.

Steve Peterson
17 days ago

I have used a product called ‘Gorilla water-proof patch and seal tape’. Probably like many others, clean well and measure out what you need. It has a backing you remove to install tape. And once you stick it on, you will not move it so go slow!

Jesse Crouse
17 days ago

For wheel wells try the roof flashing metal. You an repair it temp. and then remove the patch easily to do a perm. repair.

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