RV websites we like for May 28, 2016


Here are a half dozen websites we believe will be of interest to the readers of RVtravel.com. Be sure to return every week for more great sites that will make your life, whether on the road or at home, better.

6 pro secrets for planning a successful national parks trip Experts share smart tricks to make navigating national parks easier this year. From US News & World Report. 4/14/16

23 cheapest places where you’ll want to retire
Kiplinger analyzed factors critical to retirees when choosing these cities, including lifestyle, safety, taxes, health care and cost of living. These locations are not only appealing but also particularly cheap for retirement. Maybe you’ll choose one of these as your home base for your RVing adventures in your retirement years. From Kiplinger and msn.com.

Everything you need to know to survive in the wilderness, desert, or wherever. Just in case you ever wander away from your RV and get lost, or for those with a sense of adventure, this website has survival tips for just about any scenario.

Buses for sale. The best resource on the web to connect used bus buyers and sellers. Their bus inventory includes all types of used buses such as entertainer buses, passenger buses, executive day coaches, and used motorhomes.

Ten RV camping tips that no one will tell you. Make your RV camping trips more hassle-free. From Camping Tourist.

The DMV made simple. A privately owned website, not connected to the government. This is the #1 online automotive guide, with more than 201 million visitors a year. Everything you need to know about your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and about vehicles — and a lot more! BBB rated A+.

Here are last week’s websites.

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edward johnson
4 years ago

is there some kind of coating that you can paint over your rubber roof to refresh it???