RV websites we like for September 3, 2016



Here are a half dozen websites we believe will be of interest to the readers of RVtravel.com. Be sure to return every week for more great sites that will make your life, whether on the road or at home, better.

America’s 25 most beautiful scenic byways
“These famous routes across the country are the ultimate road trips, thanks to some truly awe-inspiring landscapes. Sightseeing doesn’t get any easier than this.” From House Beautiful and msn.com.

20 extraordinary cheeseburgers
Got your summer grillin’ goin’ on? Pop Sugar claims these cheeseburgers are “so good they might make you emotional.” Well, maybe … but they’ll at least make you — and your taste buds — glad you tried something other than the usual grilled cheeseburger. From popsugar.com and msn.com.

The best states for retirement in 2016
Kiplinger rated all 50 states based on quantifiable factors important to many retirees, including affordability, health care costs and healthy lifestyles, and other factors. They came up with the top 10 states, and then chose one or two cities in each state to help narrow your search. From Kiplinger and msn.com.

The best must-visit beach in every U.S. state
PureWow defines these beaches as the best “stretch of shoreline against idyllic water” in every state — even Iowa! Some you may already be familiar with, some may surprise you — but they all sound like an ideal destination on a hot summer day. From purewow.com and msn.com.

National Parks as seen from space
How often have you wondered what our national parks look like from space? Probably not that often. But here are some fascinating pictures from space of several of our national parks — just in case you ever wonder. From NASA, National Park Service and KOMONews.com.

RV travel tips for beginner and seasoned RV enthusiasts.
These RV travel tips will make your first — or 50th — RV trip safer and more fun. From About.com.


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