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RVer shares story of RV park bathhouse; crappy situation unfolds


Rod Andrew sent us this story and it made us smile. His accompanying email said, “I’m sitting in front of a fire in a small cabin on a frozen lake in B.C. Even with the curtailment of our activities imposed on us by Covid, life can still be good.” You’re right, Rod. Thanks for sharing your story about your bathhouse experience. 

By Rod Andrew
The RV park in which this event may have occurred has two bathhouses, which are both rendered in a faux Western manner to fit in with the Western town theme of the hotel and RV park. The entrance is partially hidden by a stone wall, to give some privacy to those seeking relief inside. The door is opened by entering a 4-digit code into the lock, pausing, then tapping the pound key. This has to be done slowly and carefully. If one is too hurried, the lock will be frozen for a few seconds and the process has to be repeated. 

The inside keeps with the rustic theme. The floors are bare concrete and are often damp, as some of the pipes aren’t all that sound. One half of the bathroom consists of showers, the other side is for more serious business. 

The toilet arrangement

There are two toilets, side by side, with large gaps under the dividing walls and door. Each is locked by an interior slide bolt. Very cozy. Across the far end of the bathroom is a large handicapped toilet, much prized by the residents for its roominess. Privacy in there is protected by a partial wall and a curtain that finishes about 2 feet above the floor.  

Upon entering the bathhouse, one sees immediately if any of the toilets are available. Shoes,  sandals, slippers, flip flops, and, amazingly, bare feet, may be viewed under the doors to the two stalls, and are a clear indication that the seats are occupied. If the end curtain is pulled, that place is also in use, although a peek under the curtain may be needed to confirm this. 

So, the scene is set

I trotted over from our trailer at about 7:30 a.m. and settled into the closest of the two green stalls. This is not my favourite, as the lighting is better in the next one, but both that stall and the handicapped stall were already occupied. As usual, nobody spoke and the silence was only broken by occasional sighs and grunts. Very companionable. 

 So there we were, three strangers, united by a common emission. 

I was happily engrossed in a challenging crossword, multi-tasking, when our tranquility was shattered. The door to the bathhouse was shaken violently, then we heard someone moan, “Oh no. Don’t jam now. Open! Please!!!” 

We all knew what was happening. Someone, in a hurry, had rushed the combination. We could hear him panting anxiously, as he waited for the combination to reset. I could also clearly hear each deliberate poke at the keys as he forced himself to slow down. It was obvious to me, and I suspect to all three of us, that he was desperate. 

He finally entered the bathhouse

When he shoved the door open and rushed in, I held my breath. I think we all did. “Oh, God,” he moaned. “Oh, no.” 

He had seen that the two nearer thrones were in use. We heard him shuffle over to the handicapped toilet and knew that he was taking a peek under the curtain. No relief there. 

He groaned. Then he said. “Come on guys. I’m in trouble here. Can one of you hurry up? I’m hurting bad!” 

Nobody moved

Silence. Nobody moved and nobody spoke.  

“You gotta help me!!” He yelled. “If any of you are reading, please give me a break.” He was now begging. 

I sat, motionless. Rustling was coming from the next cubicle, so I knew he was reading. I  couldn’t be sure that whoever was in the handicapped stall was also reading, but it was a good bet that he was either holding a book or on his phone. 

I was the only one not reading

Of the three of us, I was the only one not reading. I was doing a crossword puzzle. Definitely NOT reading. It was up to one of the other two, the readers, to rise to the occasion and help the poor fellow out. 

No one volunteered. 

Shameful, I thought to myself. 

“Oh God,” he moaned again, and he sounded so distressed that I almost called out that I  would help. Then, he shuffled across to the door, hauled it open and rushed out. 

There is another bathhouse only about 40 meters away. I felt pleased for him, as I was almost certain that he would make it. 

Then the door flew back. “I’ll remember those brown slippers and you’ll pay for this!” Out he rushed again. 

Rod’s (current) brown slippers

I was the one wearing brown slippers. Well, technically moccasins. He was blaming me! That was definitely not fair. I had not been reading! 

We left anonymously

Now came the hard part. We were all quietly preparing to leave. I won’t go into details. None of us wanted the others to know who we were. The other two were probably ashamed of their behaviour and, while I was innocent, myself, I didn’t want to know who they were and be forced to comment on their inaction. 

I heard movement in the handicapped stall. Instinctively, we all knew what to do. I, and my neighbour, sat quietly, while the handicapped guy washed his hands and left. Without a word being spoken, we had entered into a compact with one another, an inspiring example of cooperation among strangers. We would all leave in anonymity. 

I was the last to leave. Before stepping out, I tucked my crossword book under my jacket. I had behaved honourably, but there was a chance that my actions might be misinterpreted. As I scurried back to my trailer, I rehearsed the reason I would give to my wife for not wearing my brown moccasins anymore. They were aggravating my plantar fasciitis. That would work. 

In the future, I would use the other bathhouse. 

Now, what is the 8-letter word for “not guilty”?

Campground bathroom warns: ‘Don’t drink from the toilet!’


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Sandi Pearson
14 days ago

What is up with men and their dallying in the room of ill retoots? Just don’t get it..but chuckled at the story that may have happened. A gal would have hurried and relinquish her throne…I think(?)

6 months ago

Why has the world lost its sense of humor people?

1 year ago

Relax, people! I truly believe this is a not a factual recounting, but a story. “May have occurred” is your key.
Yes, some people do need time to allow their bodily functions to happen. Even if someone was reading–should this have been a real situation—if they are “in the go”, they really cannot clean up and jump up and free up the stall as readily as the next guy might wish.
A work of fiction based on real life.
Lighten up and don’t read more into it than was intended.

1 year ago

What is it with people using the park facilities and some everyday. Doesn’t your rv have a throne? That’s why we bought ours. Now days they reading their phones, especially in restaurants.

1 year ago

Oh, for crying out loud! I think some of you commenters have been ‘had’, and you need to lighten up. I seriously doubt this author actually did this. #1 Surely no one spends that kind of time leisurely doing ‘crossword puzzles’, of all things, in a bath house. I know I sure don’t spend any more time than I absolutely need to in a public restroom. #2 I still believe most people are not that self centered and selfish. And #3, go back and read the 8th and 9th words in his very first sentence. That should tell you everything.
I think Rod Andrew did a great job making his story sound realistic so he could get a rise out of people, and it worked! 😉 At least that’s my take on his story. 😄

Last edited 1 year ago by JGinFL
1 year ago

You are a selfish a**. Too bad he didn’t take a poop outside your door.

Gary Johnson
1 year ago

I cannot be alone in the opinion that one of a few stalls in a campground restroom is an inappropriate place to be leisurely reading or doing a crossword puzzle. While everyone has ‘a right’, having consideration for your fellow visitor would be nice. While I’m happy this person found amusement in this, perhaps if he was one on the other side of the door he might have felt differently. I have always felt camping’s number one rule was your treatment and respect for fellow campers.

Ed Fogle
1 year ago

Nice job of splitting hairs. Real neighborly.

Thomas D
1 year ago

I guess thats why I bought an rv with facilities. My germs,my comfort, on my time.
Dump on the way out.😀

1 year ago

This is not funny. They all should be ashamed. I’ll bet if the shoe was on the other foot, he would not think it one bit funny!

1 year ago

Really? Not guilty because you were doing a crossword puzzle instead of reading? You’re just as big of a jerk as the other two.

1 year ago

Kind of wondering why anyone would prefer a bathhouse to the luxury toilets if a self-contained RV?

Douglas C Rutz
1 year ago

I have never understood why some people use the public bathrooms when they have their own facilities.

Gary Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Douglas C Rutz

Because their wife won’t let ‘em!

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 year ago

While humorous I hope he learned a lesson of – if a public restroom only do the necessary business. Do your reading and puzzle solving in your own space. I have been one that is desperate only to find all occupied for extended periods of time. Very hard on those of us that have a tendency toward urinary tract infections!

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

I have cleaned public restrooms a long time ago. Women’s were the worst. Women are women’s worst enemy, while sitting on the throne, they paint toenails and finger nails. The check their makeup and hair. One suffering woman in line got up on the counter and peed in the sink. Often LNT using a log in the forest is the best alternative.

Richard Hughes
1 year ago

During the past year we avoid the campground facilities. The total lack of respect most of the campers have for the rule of wearing masks and distancing makes us wonder if anyone really cares about their own health and safety.

Ron H.
1 year ago

Loved Rod’s RV park restroom experience. I’ve noticed a trend toward parks with no public restrooms and a requirement that RVs be fully self-contained. I’ve often stayed in parks with hundreds of RV sites but only two or three toilets for each gender. That’s not the best place to do personal reading or puzzles. It’s downright inconsiderate. I suggest visiting the RV park restroom as you would Walmart . . . go in, do your business and get out, ASAP.

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