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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1021

Issue 1021 • December 19, 2018

Welcome to another fabulous edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here, you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space living, tips from the pros, travel advice, road trip stops, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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Acrylic mounting tape may be your mounting issue answer

RVers are like folks with stix-and-brix homes – they want to hang stuff on the wall. Trouble is, RV walls aren’t exactly designed for having screws or nails driven into them. Enter acrylic mounting tape. Here’s Ashley Mann from rvinspiration.com’s take on the stuff: “It’s a clear, double-sided tape that is extremely sturdy yet can be removed easily with no damage to the surface it was attached to and without leaving behind any residue.” Ashley has used this sticky stuff to hang everything from pictures to ceramics on her rig’s walls, and used to it temporarily mount acrylic storm windows. Check out her site for a whole trove of uses and get some on Amazon here.

Keep the reefer cool on hot days

RVing in hot, sunny weather and the refrigerator isn’t keeping its cool? If the fridge is on the awning side of the rig, keep your awning out to keep the “back side” of the refrigerator shaded. If not, add your own “fridge awning” with a piece of shade cloth.

Road trip stop:

Thanks to Oregongirlmary for the photo!

The Sea Lion Caves in Florence, Oregon, along the rugged coastline, is a wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary. The caves are the largest sea lion caves in the country and can be accessed year-round. Hundreds of these adorable sea creatures can be seen inside the caves in the winter months, and outside on the rocks in the spring and summer. This is a site (and smell…ahem) you won’t want to miss. Visit the website here to plan your visit.

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DIY hinged leveling blocks

Need a good set of leveling blocks for your trailer? Dave Jones whipped up a batch and posted his results to social media. “My camper leveling blocks are 4″ x 6″ cut to 24″. It takes one 12′ and one 10′ board to make five: one for each jack and one for the tongue. Simple hinge and a utility handle. Gonna put a hook-and-eye latch system to keep them together. A rubber band would work too.” Thanks to Dave!

Regular RV cleaning schedule

Clean the entire interior of your RV thoroughly at least three to four times a year. Clean the AC, furnace, drawers, floors, walls, and compartments. It helps to keep out bugs and just makes your RV a nice place to live in.
–From RV Living Full Time: 100+ Amazing Tips, Secrets, Hacks & Resources to Motorhome Living 

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50 spots, 50 natural wonders

This beautiful gallery showcases America’s top 50 wonders in 50 states. Not only will you want to visit this page if you have wanderlust, but also just to admire these photographs. Wow!

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Lap desk puts your back to rest!
If you find yourself using your computer on your lap, reading your Kindle on the couch, or having a hard time holding that heavy hardback, you need this lap desk! Staff writer Emily uses this when she works and highly recommends it. The desk has eight adjustable levels and even has a stopper to hold objects upright. Great for those who have lower back pain or terrible posture (ahem, Emily). Learn more or order.


Q: What’s the difference between love and marriage?
A: Love is blind and marriage is an eye-opener!

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John T
4 years ago

DO NOT hang anything weighing more than a few ounces on the wall with tape or Command hooks. They can pull the plastic wallpaper away from the wall.

Jim Schrankel
4 years ago

To hang pictures, I use a small brad on top and two balls of Earthquake putty on each bottom corner. Have never lost a picture going down the road. When removed, a wax based filler pencil (Minwax brand) covers the hole like it was never there.

4 years ago

I agree with others… those wooden blocks are just extra weight to carry around. Camco makes plastic (read light weight) 2′ square pads that even comes with a handle. Or you can get the smaller (read even less weight) 1′ square pads. Both come with their own storage and carrying bag.

As for the Sea Lion caves just north of Florence Oregon, you will need a oxygen mask down there. Those caves are a sea lion’s septic tank. Odor? OMG!

4 years ago
Reply to  Ron

After trying the plastic pads I pitched them…as fiver was too heavy for the plastic and they became useless. I now use treated lumber and made my own..works great.

Dave Telenko
4 years ago

Those leveling blocks seem very heavy. I made my last set out 1-1/8″ flooring plywood. Cut then 12″ square glued & screwed 2 together & added an eyelet for easier install! I’ve used solid wood before, but they warp & brake after a while. I guess to each his own.

4 years ago

Keep the reefer cool on hot days
Add a window awning to shade the area of the fridge

Tom Rastall
4 years ago

Hacked news letter. Last Saturday’s news letter was hacked. Tried to open the news letter and got a drop down stating this site was hijacked to steal your financial info.

4 years ago

3M command adhesive has worked well for me for hanging pictures and such and it removes way easier than the double sided tape.

Dave Levick
4 years ago
Reply to  Snayte

A roll of the same tape as used in the article, sells on Amazon.ca for 50 bucks, quite the differance. We Canadians seemed to get hosed like that all the time, no wonder we have no money.;)

4 years ago
Reply to  Dave Levick

As in “hoser”?

Jeff Arthur
4 years ago

The wood block hack. Really? Heavy & large.

Wayne R.
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Arthur

I agree w/Jeff. Extremely heavy and too large. I use 2x12s cut 16” long, stack as needed. Cut 10” pieces of web belt and fastened to blocks for soft, colapsable handles. To do it right, use “treated” lumber for wet use. Easily supports my 41’ 5th wheel. Use them under each jack, or under tires to assist in initial leveling.

4 years ago
Reply to  Wayne R.

Same here…works great.