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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 1065

Issue 1065 • March 12, 2019

Welcome to another fabulous edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here, you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space living, tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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The roasting master recommends…

With veteran RVer and hot-dog-loving Mike Sokol

Since I’m now officially the Hot-Dog King (did you see Mike’s poll last week?), it’s only fitting that I have a way to roast them (or marshmallows) over an open campfire. Since wooden sticks can be hit or miss, here’s a collapsible stainless steel version that should be good for all kinds of campfire fun. Now if it would only stop snowing… (seriously!). Get yourself a set on Amazon here.

Make frozen breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos ahead of time and save yourself time in your small RV kitchen! They’ll last for three weeks in the freezer. Get the recipe and learn how to freeze them here.


Did your RV door lock you out?

The most common cause of an automatically locking door is a bent interior lever. The exterior handle moves a lever that locks and unlocks the door. After heavy use, the lever can bend, causing the door to lock automatically. To fix this: 1. Remove the three screws securing the interior door lock assembly with a star-bit screwdriver. 2. Swing the interior door lock assembly out of the way. It will swivel on the inside door handle shaft. 3. Use a pair of pliers to bend the bent lever up into the proper position. 4. Put the inner and outer assemblies back in place, and replace the three screws. More info on this (including pictures) from the

Gray tank maintenance

Over time grease and residue build up in the gray tank and it causes a foul odor, not to mention how it is affecting the tank and valve assembly. Periodically treat the gray tank with environmentally safe holding tank chemicals to avoid odors from the tank. When the tank is empty you can also add some dishwashing liquid down the drains to help break down grease and residue buildup. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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Tired of that big, heavy keychain? You need this handy compact key organizer. Your pockets and purses will thank us.


RV parks for people with disabilities 

Here’s a list of RV parks in a dozen states that go out of their way to accommodate physically challenged RVers.

Check out the long list of great RVing-related websites from

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What’s the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
The people in Dubai don’t like The Flintstones, but the people in Abu Dhabi doooooo!

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4 years ago

I attended exactly one reunion, the 50th. Had to go across the country for that one. So I chose “seldom”.

Randy B
4 years ago

I am the class planner for our reunions, 40th, 45th and 50th as well as our 60 and 65th birthday parties.

4 years ago

Went to 10th, 15th, at 25th, got shock of my life! Walked up to the registration table, which was surrounded by 4 of the girls from the “click”, and was instantly hugged by each of them !! Asked what that was all about . And was told that was because we ,(my buddies and I) always said hello to them when we met them in the halls at school ! I try to go when ever classmates get together.

Chuck B.
4 years ago

The only thing I treat my black and gray tanks with is laundry detergent drop-ins from Costco I use 4 drop-in in each tank. Tanks are 50 gallons each never any odor and sensors alway read correct.

4 years ago

Mrs. C and I just went to our 50 th class reunion, one month and 2 days before our 50 th wedding anniversary. We are what ya call true high school sweethearts

Roy Christensen
4 years ago

I will attend my 50th high school reunion in April. My high school in Brooklyn, NY had 6000 boys and was 8 stories high. It is a great high school. I’m hoping my classmate, Lou Forrigno will attend. There were many in my class I didn’t know with a graduating class of over 1400! I can’t wait to go

Brendan James Walsh
4 years ago

I went to tech too! ’76

Larry Z.
4 years ago

For gray water tank maintenance, I use a couple ounces of dishwasher gel into my tank when I empty it for the same reasons as Mike Polk indicated, it will degrease and deodorize the tank and it keeps the sensors clean as well.

4 years ago

When I went to my last class reunion , I must have went on the wrong night. There was a bunch of old people there!!!

4 years ago

I went to my 10 year reunion. Boring clickish, people. I moved away for college and unless you stayed behind in the large city no one at the reunion wanted to talk to me even though I went k-12 with them. It was like I never exsisted. They still went through the motions to invite me to future reunions through one of those services. I told them twice that I died so they would leave me alone. 50 years next year. I don’t miss anyone. I know, boo hoo.

4 years ago
Reply to  BuzzElectric

Not to worry…Karma is a real _____ you know.

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