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April 11, 2019

Welcome to another fabulous edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space living, tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your readership.

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Floor wax your RV?

Sure, nothing wrong with using floor wax on the floors inside your RV, but we’ve heard some RVers suggest you should wax the outside of your RV with the stuff. Here’s a bit of feedback: A Utah RVer with a nice fiberglass-sided motorhome took the old floor wax advice and coated the rig with Zep. Said it looked great for about a year and a half, but then the side of the rig which received the most sunlight when parked started to look pretty ratty.

How do you remove floor wax? “With a wax stripper, of course!” he reasoned. So with a scrub brush, Zep stripper and a lot of labor, he “removed” all that floor wax. Trouble is, he now has yellow streaks down the side of his rig and faces trying to find a professional who can help him out of his “yellow dog” quandary without damaging the gel coat or his graphics.

We’ve always been ones who lean toward the frugal side of life. But there’s something to be said about letting the cheap get you into trouble. It’s just a little something to think about.


Picking a fuel station with a big rig

This requires a bit of prior planning, maybe even checking ahead of time to see what’s available along your route. Avoid stations with tight confines in heavily congested areas, as well as those that don’t have truck lanes. Remember: “If a semi can fit, I can fit.” So your primary clue for a good station is one where you see semis entering and exiting.

To be safe, memorize your vehicle’s dimensions or affix them to your dashboard. If you see a sign that says maximum clearance and you’re rig is too tall for that, don’t ignore the sign! If you’ve been running your refrigerator and/or other gas-powered appliances as you drive, be sure to pull over and turn off that pilot before entering a station. Know ahead of time the location of your fuel hatch. You can give yourself a major headache by pulling up to the pump and then realizing the fuel goes in on the other side! From the RV Repair Club.

Before lay-up, add stabilizer

When putting your RV in storage add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. Run the engine and the generator (if applicable) long enough for it to get through the fuel system. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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Stories behind the names of Oregon’s State Parks

You’ll find these stories interesting even if you’re not from Oregon or don’t travel there. For example, Beverly Beach State Park was named by the daughter of the first two beach settlers, whose doll at the time was named Beverly.

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Senior Citizen Remix:

Photo by @their_nature, Instagram

“You’re So Varicose Vein” by Carly Simon
“How Can You Mend A Broken Hip?” by the BeeGees
“I Can’t See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash
“These Boots Give Me Arthritis” by Nancy Sinatra
“Once, Twice, Three Trips to the Bathroom” by the Commodores
“I Get By with a Little Help from Depends” by the Beatles
“Talkin’ Bout My Medication” by the Who
“Bald Thing” by the Troggs
“You Can’t Always Pee When You Want” by the Rolling Stones
“I Heard It Through the Grape Nuts” by Marvin Gaye

Source: Jokes4us.com

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Vanessa Simmons

Just completed a 5000 mile trip across country. Like to fill up at Flying J/Pilot to get the GSs discount. Many of them had RV pumps with satellite pumps so you can use either side (don’t like that you have to lift the handle and lay it on the ground to use the satellite). Some of the RV islands were not convenient to make turns with RVs. FJ/P has a trip planner that filters by stations with RV islands. I accidentally turned into the truck entrance and waited over 20 minutes so I could go around and enter the gas pump area! Be careful following trucks into stations. I also learned that if it has a FJ/P has another gas company on their sign they do not offer the GSs discount on gas.

Richard Hubert

Regarding fueling an RV –

Drive a 38′ gas Class A towing a car. Found that truck lanes of most truck stops sell only diesel so must use auto gas lanes. Pleased when a station has dedicated RV Lanes, but rare. The biggest issue is gas pump orientation. Most perpendicular to main building, often not allowing enough room for RV access. When route planning use Allstays to ID fuel stops ahead, and then Google Maps satellite view to study pump orientation and entry and exit routes for the station. Allstays will also ID other related services which the station may offer such as dump or propane. I’ve learned the most important factor to consider is the exit route – not always possible.


Like someone else said, “floor wax is just a bandaid”. If you have an older rv, come spend the winter in Mexico and have an excellent paint job for an excellent price. I had one side of our TT done (water leak stains that are now fixed inside and out), total cost for $300 U.S.

Bob Love

Sorry to be late on this — couldn’t connect. Referring to the comment on lead solder: I was very disappointed in the QuickTips to see that article by the Electricity Master, who I follow regularly. There are very good reasons to follow the ban on lead. A great deal of electrical waste just ends up in landfill, and because of the difficulty in recycling at many RV camps, we are not exempt from contributing to this problem. I have used non-lead solder for years with occasional, but not common problems that can be overcome with some thought and good flux. Shame on you.

Gail Meyring

I really got a kick out of Leave Here With A Laugh song titles!


Chuck (or rvtravel staff)… you need to fix the little box that says: “Save my data for the next time I comment.” It picks up my iCloud email address instead of the one I enter. I have to re-enter every time.

Doug / ND

Floor Wax was made for interior floors! Over the past 3 yrs. an owner, (on YouTube) with the same older Rv we have, got on the Zep train! Beautiful! A year later he was removing it all as it flaked and yellowed. He did not recommend again! I bought a gallon at Menard’s for $37.00 (not on the cheap!). I waited a yr. to see how his job turned out. If you want an unopened gallon for $25.00 + Frt. let me know – it’s yours!


A piece of fruit or veggies are my choice but if I can only choose what is offered I’d take the cheese

Diane Mc

A word of caution for DP’s using truck stops. “If a semi can fit, I can fit” may not always be true. We are 55’ total w/tow. Don’t turn like a semi & you can only back up few feet if straight, Use Flying J truck stops which we have always found easy to maneuver. Their partner Pilot, not so much. We’ve encountered several stops over the years that are incredibly tight for trying to get out of fueling lane, especially depending on lane you use, & marked them off our list of ever returning. Also, most PIlots only have back-in parking, Flying J’s pull thrus. We get 8 cents off cash price w/rewards card & can fuel at pump.

Kevin dean

On the floor wax, perhaps it’s the particular product used that’s the problem? I’ve used “Zep Wet Look Floor Polish” on my fiberglass for years with no problems. I clean and apply a fresh coat each spring.


Please do not use floor wax on ur RV / most are GELL coated fiberglass. Contact manufacturer and ask them what to use. Better yet, read the manuals (can get most off internet)
that came with your rig.

Glen Scofield

I wrote on this site some months ago that the advertisements that encourage the use of electric heaters instead of your propane furnace with the advice, “Use the campground’s electricity” were going to end up with the campgrounds raising their prices as well as charging each camping site for electric use. Sure enough, this newsletter has reported just that result. The desire to go “on the cheap” has caught up with those who are unwilling to pay their own way as well as the rest of us.


As a diabetic who is also lactose intolerant, I would probably go for a piece of fruit.

Rich Wielechowski

I’d take candy unless the cheese sticks were squeaky Wisconsin cheese curds.

Ron H.

I always have a big bag of COSTCO trail mix nearby to snack on while driving.

Tony King

The Floor Wax detail is just a “ Bandaid” quick fix for old RV’s and like anything that stays out in the Sun you have expect yellowing/fading etc.


Today’s poll … I PREFER candy but would CHOOSE cheese stick.


Candy or cheese stick? One of each please.

John sagraves

How does one find fuel for a gasser that has an R.V. lane? Most only have diesel. Trying to plan my fuel locations as I drive from Florida to California. 55ft long pulling TT.


Stop using floor wax on the outside of your Rvs. Floor wax is not solar stabilized no matter what ANYONE says. 40 years as a school custodian. Zep is taken off with a liquid stripper and a heavy scrubbing machine. Some strippers are heavily ammoniated. Some “floors” that are heavily stained must use a diamond pad that removes part of the surface and the color. Sun can stain it.