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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1199

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” —James A. Michener

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Cat Day!

Tip of the Day

Emergency repairs: Go a step beyond duct tape

tape-744We know we may be stepping into hallowed ground: RVers love their duct tape. It’s the greatest thing for on-the-fly repairs of all kinds. But we found something that you may want to add to your tape deck, if you’ll allow it: it’s called Waterproofing Repair Tape, made by Nashua, one of the big duct tape producers.

This stuff claims it’s so good that it’ll stick to almost anything, and it’ll do it even underwater. Well, we haven’t tried the underwater claim yet, but it is pretty sticky, and it is certainly durable. It goes beyond duct tape in that its outside cover isn’t the venerable gray stuff, but rather silvery metallic, reminiscent of “silver tape” used on fiberglass ducts. There’s a backing strip to protect the “business end” of the matter, a butyl sealing adhesive. Read more.

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Should you electrically insulate (“ground”) your levelers?

Many RVers have concerns about electrical safety in their rigs, and we get occasional letters on the subject. One reader expressed concern about the use of leveling boards/blocks and the grounding of a trailer. We asked RV electrical expert Mike Sokol for his thoughts on putting down levelers or stabilizers with or without adding “insulation” between the foot and the ground. Here’s what he said.

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Reader poll

Quick Tip

A short hose is a good idea

Very often the water hookup for your RV is so close it’s unnecessary to use a long hose. Consider carrying a short one instead – three feet is about right. It won’t get dirty resting on the ground, which makes for a tidy campsite.

‘Earthquake Putty’ keeps stuff in placeRV Travel Newsletter Issue 838
Do you have items in your RV you like to keep in place — on a table, bedstand or counter? You need this. Quakehold Museum Putty is designed to keep items secure in earthquakes! Hey, a moving RV is a constant earthquake! To use this, pull off what you need, roll until soft, apply to the base of the object then lightly press it to the surface. Later, it comes off clean. RVers love it! Cheap, too! Learn more or order. (AMAZON AFFILIATE AD)

Random RV Thought

We may not like to admit it, but we RVers do usually drive slower than a lot of other vehicles on the road. Pay close attention to how many other cars you might be holding up behind you on a two-lane road. Pull over and let them by when convenient (wait for a downhill grade if coming soon as it will be easier to get up to speed again). Even though most of the motorists are too rude these days to even raise their hands to thank you, you will have done the right thing.

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Website of the day

RV Driving School
The RV Driving School was established in 1991, and has taught thousands of RV owners how to safely and confidently handle their RVs. Some insurance companies will provide a discount for those who have taken the course.

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 34 percent say that plenty of room between campsites is the most important amenity at an RV park.
• 40 percent would not pay more than $10 to dump their RV.
• 56 percent of dog owners always keep them on heartworm prevention medication.

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The heaviest animal ever transported by air was Keiko the whale — the five-ton star of the Free Willy films. Keiko was flown from Newport, Oregon, to Iceland in a cargo jet in 1998. All told, the weight of Keiko and the custom-made, watertight box in which he was transported came to more than 20 tons.

Leave here with a laugh

A priest and a nun are working in the country and need a place to sleep for the night. “Sorry, Father, we only have one room available,” says the clerk of the only hotel in town. “That’s okay,” says the priest. “We can share a room with two beds.” Later, both settling into bed, the nun says,”Father, I’m cold.” The priest gets up, finds a blanket, and covers her. A few minutes pass and the nun calls again: “Father, I am still so cold.” So he fetches another cover. Then again, he hears, “Father, I’m still very cold. I don’t think the Lord would mind if we acted as husband and wife for just one night.” “Very well then,” says the priest. “Get your own @#$!@&% blanket!”

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mdstudey (@guest_55907)
4 years ago

As for someone who has chronic pain, I say YES to both medical and recreational pot. A much better choice than opiates. I use CBD oil since it’s legal. It helps but not as good to what a little THC boost will do. The boost is not even enough to get you high.

squeakytiki (@guest_55460)
4 years ago

I’m enjoying the pearl clutching this poll seems to have inspired 🙂

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  squeakytiki

Thanks for teaching me a new term, squeakytiki. I had never heard of that before, but can certainly picture in my mind where the term came from. 😀 —Diane at

Eric (@guest_55180)
4 years ago

I am not a fan of recreational marijuana, but medical marijuana is a good thing. The option wasn’t allowed on the survey.

D K (@guest_55160)
4 years ago

You are really branching out with your topics! Legalizing marijuana and promoting a short hose! Oh my.

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  D K

Whatever it takes to get your attention, D K. 😆 —Diane at

eric (@guest_55153)
4 years ago

There’s anough {bleeped}, drunk, crazy drivers on the roads without adding potheads.

Impavid (@guest_55141)
4 years ago

With my RV I don’t drive the 80 MPH allowed on interstates in the west but passing is not a problem on divided highways. On two lane highways usually it’s a 60 MPH posted speed and I can do that. If a car wants to speed then he can pass as he’s able to. If he can’t maybe he should have paid another $10 for a few more horsepower. I do pull over if I’m backing up traffic, when I’m able to, but driving on the shoulder is generally illegal in all jurisdictions.

Ran (@guest_55140)
4 years ago

It’s a shame that the recommendation I’d made regarding developing a list of free campgrounds, is only available to FACEBOOK. There are many of us that don’t want to invite social media into our lives. Can’t it be available off the grid?! We can all agree to disagree!

Dominic (@guest_55150)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

I agree

eric (@guest_55152)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

I agree & don’t do any scial media at all.

Ginny (@guest_55154)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

Agreed. I don’t don’t and won’t do Facebook. So I guess I miss out.

Gray (@guest_55155)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

No facebook for us, either. We (spouse & I) refuse to become the “product.” So, we shrug and do without the “benefits” of Facebook groups.

Mitch Reeves (@guest_55187)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

Several people I know use ‘FaceCrook’ without divulging any REAL information. You can develop a phony name or handle to have access to this tool. There are some good groups with RVing information, cooking, crafting, tips & tricks, etc.

Monty (@guest_55375)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

Good. Then there could be more available sites for me, if more people don’t know the scoop.

rick louderbough (@guest_55383)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ran

Me too, but yahoo just closed all of their groups RV and other so they are all flocking to facebook. I need the info they have so I”m on there too now.

Joan (@guest_55135)
4 years ago

The law in Nevada requires you to pull over if 5 vehicles are behind you. Also, be sure to leave adequate space for cars and especially semi trucks to pull over if you are caravaning with other RVS

Lori Singels (@guest_55148)
4 years ago
Reply to  Joan

I’ve always wondered if laws like that apply to folks who are doing the speed limit and have five speeders behind one. I pull over if I can, safely, but all cars travel faster than, say a motorhome. Of course their mileage is much better than, say, a Class C, which basically gets 8 mpg. All stats say that, over 60 mph, there’s at least a 3 mph reduction in mileage for every five miles over that that you travel. So if cars behind me want to speed, they’re free to pass if they want; I refuse to be pushed when traveling the speed limit.

Gray (@guest_55156)
4 years ago
Reply to  Joan

Washington state has the same law; delay of 5 or more vehicles not allowed. However, nothing is said about having a “safe” lane to pullover. Some two-lane roads have signed pullover areas, but many of them are too short unless one does hard braking and comes to a near stop. Which becomes very dangerous, as then the slower, heavier vehicle must have time to accelerate to speed after pulling back into the traffic lane.

As for speeders, the posted limits seem to have little effect; speeders routinely drive 10 and 15 over. Even those doing the limit (60 + 5 in most minds) are impatient and after passing, will actually slow down directly in front! The attitude is, “my speed is fine as long as I’m in front of you!”

Jim Knoch (@guest_55134)
4 years ago

I taught electronics in a Vo Tech school back in the late 1970’s and I have seen the use of MJ as a precursor drug to the heavier narcotics. It bothered me to see the young people come in stoned and gradually go off the deep end and flunk out after such a short time. Also, my wife is a retired RN from a mental hospital and she agrees that MJ is a “Gateway” drug, almost always leading to the heavier narcotics and further mental problems. I am fine with keeping it completely illegal. Besides, if it were completely illegal, it should reduce the amount of related spam in my email by at least 50%.

Bob Bazinet (@guest_55145)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim Knoch

MJ without THC will not get you stoned! It does greatly help with pain.

Dennis Sprague (@guest_55165)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jim Knoch

“Potheads.” ?? “Gateway drug” ?? Mental Disorders?? Sorry folks, but your prejudice is showing. Not to argue, but every major study since The LaGuardia study 80 years ago offers a more EDUCATED opinion. I agree with comments that alcohol kills many each year on the road; bad stuff. Tobacco kills half a million folks each year. Even the VA now knows cannabis helps Vets with PTSD. It helps you sleep, reduces aches and pains and a lot of other problems. How quick some are to point fingers and say that person should be locked up. smh

Ken Wahl (@guest_55133)
4 years ago

Ref: Marijuana. Cigarettes were demonized in the 80’s and 90’s for the smoke and its connection to lung and various types of cancer. “Second-hand” smoke, no smoking restaurants, smoking allergies, and smoke free environments were the talk of regulations and lawmakers. Taxes on packs of cigarettes and government no smoking programs were implemented. WHERE are the lawyers and regulators in this “new” smoking craze? All of them are out there getting stoned! Hypocrites.
Driving and smoking. I’m frighten of the idea of a stoner barreling down the road driving a 15 ton motorhome or a two ton car. Or a bus full of children. Or a truckload of cargo. Or a passenger jet. Until we can breath test for reliable intoxication levels, I’d say keep the stoners in their smoking dens and off the roads.

Phil Atterbery (@guest_55131)
4 years ago

CA hiways & byways offer many driving challenges. One such road is CA20 from Willets to Ft. Bragg. Take a minute to look at a map. The road is carved thru the Sierra Costal range mountains forming many switch backs and short grades. I learned many years ago on that road you look for a turn out when you have collected 5 or more vehicles behind you. It’s a demanding road in a 38′ diesel coach.

Willie (@guest_55128)
4 years ago

Folks who use marijuana provide those of us who don’t with many more opportunities in life.

I’ve never met a marijuana user who had their life in order. Oh I know, someone will say that so Is a great success and they smoke MJ, but they’re medicating themselves.

Have you ever listened to someone after they’re smoked MJ? They’re a blathering {bleeped}, yet they believe they’re a poet.

Sobriety is a great gift of life!

Sharon B (@guest_55127)
4 years ago

The marajuana these days is far more strong than that of the 1960’s. I hardy knew anyone who did not smoke a joint here and there at the University I attended. Most of us just let it go after college and some continued to smoke it. I personally did not want any smoke residue in my lungs so I left it behind. Many my age, 72, still smoke it. I personally like a clear head and clear lungs. However, I have a friend who has a son who is schizophrenic. Most of us know it is a chemical imbalance and how to cure that imbalance is extremely difficult even with medication compliance. My friend’s son has experienced a total sudden shut down of normalcy. Her son has been in and out of homelessness, mental facilities, heavy smoking, poor hygiene, and other ugly associated issues with this horrible diagnosis. He was smoking a lot of marajuana so she decided to get a vaporizer to possibly help reduce the tar in his lungs. I decided to try it using this vaporizer method. OMG that stuff was so strong I got so sick and rushed in the bathroom with my head in the toilet for an hour. The stuff these days is not what it was years ago. It is so refined and so strong.
So my opinion about legalization is ‘iffy’. However, I am absolutely not flexible on the use while driving. This should be so clear that jail time should be implemented. Just like booze if you want to party do it but don’t drive. If you want to smoke ‘Maryjane’ don’t drive. If you are taking medications that interfere with driving logic and responses…don’t drive.
We have enough idiots on the road and a good percentage of them are RV drivers. Now add a little ‘high’ makes the road even more deadly.
The only regret I have in those days is missing Woodstock.

Joe (@guest_55126)
4 years ago

In regards to the survey I answered I don’t care either way. There are many medical benefits obtained from the byproducts of marijuana that help people live a more comfortable life without getting a buzz. Due to lack of law enforcement and laws allowing people to have small amounts on them marijuana is very easy to get for those that want the buzz.

Gray (@guest_55125)
4 years ago

Be careful pulling over to let traffic pass… be sure to check your passenger side mirror to spot the {bleeped} passing on the right–on a two lane highway!

Victor Bobbitt (@guest_55123)
4 years ago

Tip of the day was three years old saying time will tell if repair held up . Well did it ?

WEB (@guest_55129)
4 years ago
Reply to  Victor Bobbitt

With moss growing on it… I would say not. That is, the whole trailer may have fallen down around the tape.

Stay cool

Wolfe (@guest_55121)
4 years ago

Freedom comes with responsibility, and people often confuse what you have a right to do and what is smart to do. You have the right to get as high as you want, just don’t drive into my car or fly my plane. When you OD, don’t ask me to pay your ER and rehab. I’ve never touched drugs stronger than coffee because I don’t want the consequences of stupidity. If you own your own choices nor harm others as I do, smoke or mainline any crap you like.

…and btw, yes, pot is safer than alcohol.

Jeff (@guest_55117)
4 years ago

With respect to todays Survery!

It is bad enough that we have so many DRUNKS on the roads these days, but now certain groups want to legalize POT too. GREAT! Lets have a bunch of POT Smoking DRUNKS driving down the roads as well!

Accordingly, there is no Breathalyzer test that can detect if drivers are impaired by POT. Only a blood test can determine the use of POT!

Yup, we might as well legalize all illicit drugs and DRIVE HAPPY on the US Road System!

I have to wonder where we are going as a nation, when safety and common sense are always being compromised!

Let the Flaming BEGIN.

Frank (@guest_55132)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Being courteous on the road when holding up traffic : We should adopt the LAW seen in Canada and Alaska. It is the LAW that you must pull out when there are 5 vehicles behind you. Biggest problem is waiting for the next turnout or “scenic view”.

Bob Godfrey (@guest_55139)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

When will crack cocaine to be legalized ……. next?

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