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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1248

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” ― Albert Camus

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Bobblehead Day!

Tip of the Day

Keep small bathroom items in place

Storing bathroom cabinet items in “modules” like small storage bins will help keep items from shifting around while on the road. And if something breaks loose that shouldn’t (e.g., lid on liquid soap pops open due to altitude change) it may keep a nasty spill contained.

RVers Alan and Cheryl Day suggest corralling items on your medicine cabinet shelves with 1/8″ Plexiglas across the front of the shelves. Thanks to the Days for the great suggestion! And reader Wendy W. says they also use clear Plexiglass and double-faced tape it in place. Wendy adds, “Most home improvement stores will cut the Plexiglass for you. Add a few small plastic baskets and it’s all organized.” Thanks, Wendy!

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For a better rest, use a backflow preventer

We received a letter from a reader, as follows: “My husband is a neat-freak. He can’t stand to think about the stuff that lives in our motorhome holding tanks, and thinks that he needs to flush the tanks clean as a whistle every time we get home from an RV trip. I say he’s nuts. How can I get him into therapy?” Read Russ and Tiña De Maris’ humorous but helpful recommendations.

Yesterday’s featured article: Mod that wet bed so it stays dry!

Reader poll

Quick Tip

Easy storage and catch basins under sinks

Here’s another handy storage suggestion: “Plastic bins or boxes without their lids offer great storage under the kitchen or bathroom sink. Not only will they keep your jugs and bottles organized and upright, but if the plastic boxes are strategically placed under a water line joint or water filter, you have a catch basin should a leak develop. Guess how we know.” Thanks to Ken and Helen Kirkwood!

On Sunday we published the 26th issue of Mike Sokol’s monthly RV Electricity newsletter. Did you read it?

Random RV Thought

On those occasions when you’re traveling by car and not with an RV, and you pull into a rest area, you can get a little bit depressed. It happens when see happy RVers walking in and out of their RVs, or maybe you see them sitting inside having a snack. You stare at them and realize that all you have is a car, which is totally boring compared to an RV.

Website of the day

The best restaurant buffet in every state
Do you ever get hungry — and we mean really hungry — on the road but just don’t feel like cooking? Here’s a list of the best buffets in all 50 states. You won’t be hungry for long!

Keep road flares in the RV for emergency
You should always have road flares in your RV in case of an emergency. This pack of three bright, waterproof, and shatterproof LED disks are perfect to keep tucked away. These bright lights can be seen from a mile away and can be used for traffic control, as a warning light, as a rescue beacon and they can also be used for recreational activities such as camping and hiking. Learn more or order here. 

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 45 percent have never been a smoker.
• 36 percent of our readers have been turned down service at an RV dealer because they did not purchase their RV from that dealer.
• 5 percent would not recommend the make/model of their RV to a friend.


If the sun were hollow, you could fit a 1.3 million Earths inside it. That’s because the sun has a diameter 109x bigger than Earth’s!

What hilarious poem did Michelangelo write about one of his works of art? If you read yesterday’s newsletter, you would know.

Afraid of water damage in your RV? You need this!RV Travel Newsletter Issue 865
This essential water damage tool helps home and RV owners measure moisture content in wood, concrete drywall and subflooring. Use the pin sensors to find the moisture content in your home. The easy-to-read LCD display will help you know if you need to dry the existing materials or replace with brand-new ones, and can be used as a water leak detector after flood damage. You’ll want to buy this here. 

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Traffic cop: “Your eyes are red. Have you been drinking?”
Driver: “Your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?”

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Cee (@guest_61214)
3 years ago

Random RV Thought: YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!

Elisa (@guest_60638)
3 years ago

What’s the deal with all those Indian restaurants? Apparently only Indian folks do reviews on Yelp.

squeakytiki (@guest_61407)
3 years ago
Reply to  Elisa

Maybe it’s because Indian food is delicious? Btw, I write Yelp reviews and I’m not Indian, so that last statement is pretty ridiculous.

Alvin (@guest_60615)
3 years ago

WOW, there’s some concern about food quality/safety at buffets.
I grew up in a restaurant environment so I guess I suffer an opinion different than some about these things.
But here’s the rub.

Do you all not find this all just a wee bit strange knowing that almost everyone in modern times thinks nothing of farming off their newborn, right up to grade school to a place where 10/20/30 other little ones comingle with each other through coughs colds, and every other objectionable afflicting those little bodies, while their moms, dads, grammas and grandpas on this and other forums discuss restaurants worrying and fretting about the cleanliness and nutrition of public eating establishments!

Worry not friends there’s bigger fish to fry than that fryer will hold

I’ll admit I wouldn’t touch some of them with a flag pole (thank you TripAdvisor) but lest you don’t know about or have heard of an HAI’s. Oh you haven’t!!!

Well remember the acronym. HAI’s were responsible for nearly 100,000 deaths in America in 2018.

I doubt anywhere near 100 people died from eating at a public buffet.

For those who worry about dangerous places to hang out. Goggle Hospital Acquired Illness – you’ll be floored – kidding??, not one bit.

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

So y’all don’t have to Google “HAI,” it stands for “healthcare-associated infection” (close to Alvin’s term). Whatever you call it, it’s scary stuff. 😯 —Diane at

WEB (@guest_60689)
3 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Stats from the website:
On any given day, about 1 in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection. Patients in the 2015 HAI Hospital Prevalence survey were at least 16% less likely than patients in the 2011 survey to have an HAI.

3% of hospitalized patients in the 2015 survey had one or more HAI.
There were an estimated 687,000 HAIs in U.S. acute care hospitals in 2015. About 72,000 hospital patients with HAIs died during their hospitalizations.

WEB (@guest_60612)
3 years ago

I do not live in the Divided States of ‘merica, but I think I can tell how people voted by the comments, and on of all things… buffets!

Tina (@guest_60605)
3 years ago

You got to be kidding me! Those are the “best” buffets in every state? I wouldn’t stop at any of them other than the one on rt. 66!

Bill (@guest_60603)
3 years ago

Indian and Thai are some of the tastiest, healthiest and usually freshest foods to be found in those ethnic restaurants in my opinion. But I do have to say that a buffet would most likely be the last choice (ever since I heard the glass panel above the food called a “sneeze guard”)

Earl Balentine (@guest_62057)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bill

I have seen children unsupervised walk up to the buffet and pick some food item up with their hand and then put it back.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_60601)
3 years ago

RE: Tip of the Day..Thank you for the great idea!

Jim (@guest_60591)
3 years ago

Recently you asked “… how many drive a truck…” I would like to know what series (1 2 or 3) ; what do they pull (5er or tt) ; and how much does the RV weigh. Thanks

I learn quite a bit about people based on their answers to survey questions.

David C (@guest_60595)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jim

GMC 3500HD, 41ft 5’er and 16,000 lbs max weight.

Bob Godfrey (@guest_60590)
3 years ago

RE: the random RV thought……we just completed a round trip to PA for Christmas and left our RV in AL. Every time we passed a rest area I longed for our motor home. Traveling in it is much more civilized and the food is much better!

Phil Atterbery (@guest_60589)
3 years ago

I recieved a set of those emergency flashers mentioned here for Christmas. Loaded them with batteries to check them out. My eyes have finally stopped seeing the VERY BRIGHT LED’s.
Cudo’s to my DW.

DOROTHEA LEDFORD (@guest_60586)
3 years ago

How do you cook an alligator? In a crock pot

Mark B (@guest_60599)
3 years ago

Then,,,,,,,,,,how do you cook a crocodile?

Chris Zimmerer (@guest_60581)
3 years ago

BUFFET. Big Ugly Fat Folks Eating Together

Linda (@guest_60593)
3 years ago
Reply to  Chris Zimmerer

Beautiful Unique Fun Friends Eating Together

WEB (@guest_60611)
3 years ago
Reply to  Chris Zimmerer

I thought it was all “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Margaritaville”

Ken (@guest_60580)
3 years ago

Buffet link. Yuck. Unless you enjoy that much Indian food. Many truck drivers out there are of Indian. So maybe this site was created for them. Buffets have to keep people coming in, otherwise lots of waste. Buffet need foods that they can prepare fast, hint, drop it in the fryer or stir it up in the wok. Then sprinkle it with MSG. And kids going through the lines grabbing food with their hands because no one showed them how to use tongs or serving spoons. Give me a steak dinner or burger.

James E O'Briant (@guest_60585)
3 years ago
Reply to  Ken

I agree. I went through the entire list. Out of 50 buffets only 6 – 8 serve American-style food. I may be an old fogey, but I prefer the sorts of food I grew up with, and since it was pretty bland New England and Upper Midwest food, I stay away from anything hot and spicy. That completely rules out more than half of the places they listed. All of this is my own personal preference, because I’m the world’s greatest expert on what I like and what I don’t like. But you’re the world’s greatest expert on what YOU like and don’t like, so some of these places may be right down your alley.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_60600)
3 years ago

And what’s up with the Ethiopian food buffet??? Had no idea. Looks like blobs of….? Anyway, the writer of that article used yelp reviews for each state so that ought to tell you something. And food likes and dislikes, ALWAYS subjective!!

Bob p (@guest_60588)
3 years ago
Reply to  Ken

I don’t resemble that, I was a truck driver with red hair(well it’s more white now) I’m not Indian by any means, what is the Indian food on a buffet? Mashed potatoes? Green beans? Fried chicken, meat loaf, roast beef? I think you may be in the wrong country if you’re finding Indian food and Indian truck drivers, yes most are red necks but that doesn’t mean they’re Indian just because their neck is red.

Darrel (@guest_60997)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

Indian, not Native American.

Jeff (@guest_60577)
3 years ago

The best restaurant buffet in every state:

My Wife and I have stopped going to Buffet’s. The restaurants we do stop at that offer Buffet’s, usually don’t have anything Fresh and chances are the Food has been sitting in the open air, with many other patrons touching and poking at the food. NO THANKS!

Plus it keeps the excess pounds off too.

Also, we don’t have any beverages with PRE-CUT Lemons in them. Those Pre-Cut Lemons have probably been sitting out for along time and maybe left over from the day before. Bacteria is simply going into your beverage. We use a product called “REAL LEMON”! A dried real lemon product in a sealed packet, similar to Sweet and Low!

Now I know people will write that this is OVER-KILL, but I’m healthy and won’t have that buffet food attacking me later on or the next day!

Gman (@guest_60594)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Sweet’N Low, “Saccharin”, was deemed unsafe in a 1978 study connecting the sweetener and bladder cancer in rats. “Real Lemon”, really? How real when it’s been processed for packaging. Buffets are changing what’s served for all the “healthy” crazed people. Where do you buy your produce, lots of people touching, poking, smelling them.
The acronym “BUFFET”, dude, not very nice. I eat at buffets and I’ve been on the thin side all my life, quite handsome too, haha!
Approximately 3.5 Pro truck drivers in the U.S.A., most are “Indians”? Google MSG, think you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Peter (@guest_60602)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

There are always exceptions, but I agree with Jeff. Before you line up at a buffet, ask for a tour of the kitchen. 99% of restaurants will have an excuse why you can’t go in, but the real reason is they don’t want to clean up your vomit. With the possible exception of a few high end hotel chains, most buffets are bacteria factories. I digress. Bon Apetit.

Alvin (@guest_60576)
3 years ago

Buffet meals!
Best value by a landslide are Chuck-a-Rama’s (the Boise Idaho location off Overland Road in the entertainment zone is our fav) anywhere you find them. Besides the amazing food, the menu of which changes daily; I rejoice watching happy people actually working real hard making nice for others.
Notwithstanding fair pricing, this company does so many things well, they should get a national community award.
I am amazed they didn’t make the list

Willie (@guest_60582)
3 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Amazing food and buffet in the same sentence is incongruous and self-contradictory.

But I am glad that you enjoy it. Chuck-a-Rama sounds like they care about their customers.

tom (@guest_60575)
3 years ago

homes, not whatever the computer changed the word to.

tom (@guest_60574)
3 years ago

Back Flow devices are required, by code, on all hoes sold here.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_60583)
3 years ago
Reply to  tom

This comment is funnier. Just sayin’.

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Shall I correct the misspelling, Tommy? Nah, too funny. 😆 –Diane at

Dave r (@guest_60620)
3 years ago
Reply to  tom

Also boats……boats and hoes.

Bob W. (@guest_60573)
3 years ago

I like to eat at a Buffet every once in a while but most of these are Indian food. My wife would kill me if I stopped.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_60584)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob W.

I was going to mention this. Wasn’t sure if it was just me, or if the list WAS leaning toward Indian cuisine.

Bob p (@guest_60587)
3 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I also question where this Indian food idea came from, is this meaning American Indian or elephant jockey Indian. In either case I’m not sure what constitutes Indian food.

Bob W. (@guest_60592)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

Join the discussion…Indian – People from India. Native American – USA.

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