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RV Daily Tips. Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Issue 1592
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“You can’t go back and make a new start, but you can start right now and make a brand new ending.” ―James R. Sherman

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day! Thank you, teachers!

On this day in history: 1973 – The 108-story Sears Tower in Chicago is topped out at 1,451 feet as the world’s tallest building.

Tip of the Day

12 ways to support your favorite campground

By Gail Marsh
Do you have a favorite campground? Maybe it’s a state or national park. Or maybe it’s an RV park close to home that your family visits as often as possible. No matter what kind of campground (government-owned, franchised camp, church camp, or privately-owned) you can make a positive difference. You can help ensure that your favorite park will survive to be appreciated years from now. Here are 12 ways you can support your favorite campground.

Do you have a tip? Submit it here.

Yesterday’s tip of the day: Blowing in the wind: 7 truckers’ tips for safe driving

Today’s RV review…

In today’s column, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the new Coachmen Apex Nano 16T Travel Trailer. As he reports, “I really, really like this little trailer. Despite its small size, the trailer has a good amount of storage so I can store everything I want to take with me.” Learn more.

Did you read Tony’s review yesterday of the 2021 Northwood Desert Fox 27FS Toy Hauler? If you missed it, you can read it here.

For previous RV reviewsclick here.

Is this your RV?

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Get your teeth cleaned at the world’s largest truck stop

At Iowa 80 in Walcott, Iowa, you can fill up on gas, get yourself a bite to eat, view some show trucks, see a movie, get your hair cut, get a back and neck adjustment from a chiropractor and, yes, even get your teeth cleaned. Read more about the world’s largest truck stop right here.

Yesterday’s featured article: Winnebago’s amazing flying motorhomes

Reader poll

Is traveling to Alaska with your RV on your bucket list?

Please tell us here.

Quick Tip

Unwanted showers? Tame that slideout drenching!

A new RVer complained that when he pulled in his motorhome slideouts, he got a bath. What happened? Rain had accumulated on the slideout and it came right on in with the slide. Yes, slide-toppers will help prevent some of this, but winds can blow rain in underneath slide-toppers and leave you with the same soaking feeling. If it’s been raining, consider de-leveling your rig, forward or back, to allow gravity to dump some of this collected rain off your slideouts before pulling them in. You may still get a bit of water, but it’s better than a bath!

Website of the day

Cinco de Mayo Recipes and Party Ideas
Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, so we’re sharing these recipe and party ideas a day early so you have time to prepare. You’re absolutely going to want to make the “margarita guacamole.” YUM!

Oh, this would be sooo perfect for a new RV owner! And it’s customizable – how fun!

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 13 percent say they’re a newbie when it comes to electrical knowledge
• 53 percent very rarely or never go on a diet to lose weight
• 20 percent say their RV or car has personalized license plates

Recent poll: How do you feel about RV parks charging more when demand is high, like airlines and hotels do? 

Recipe of the Day

Tri-Color Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese
By Ronna Farley from Rockville, MD
Mac and cheese is one of my favorite comfort foods and I loved the addition of spinach and artichokes to this one-pot recipe. Nice and cheesy, with a hint of spice, I couldn’t stop eating this. So good!

Mac and cheese is the magic word! Get the recipe here.


Mother’s Day is just FIVE days away! Check out our Mother’s Day gift guide to surprise Mom or Grandma – there’s still time! Click here to see many fun gift ideas.


Hey bookworms, there’s a good chance you’ll live longer than those who don’t read! Research from Yale University School of Public Health found a link between reading more books and life expectancy, saying that those who read often live almost two full years longer than those who do not read at all. Happy reading!

*How can you visit the Grand Canyon without visiting the Grand Canyon? Read yesterday’s trivia to find out (it’s fun!).

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Maggie is my copilot. Even though she hates the drive, she does like to play in the RV with me. We play peek-a-boo.” —Karen Restoule

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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Protect hitch balls and receivers from corrosion with this high-film strength and waterproof grease. Formulated to stay where you apply it, this lubricant reduces friction, wear, rust, water corrosion and noise. Compatible with any variety of trailer applications like receiver hitches, ball mounts, hitch balls, locks, couplers, jacks, and more. Learn more or order here. 

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jillie (@guest_125101)
2 years ago

I really want to take the RV to Alaska. But after doing a serious look at driving to there I am realizing it would take almost 1 week or more just to get there I said forget it. Because once there you can’t find a FHU site at any of the campgrounds. Then to really take it all in you would need at least 2 weeks. Some campsites look real seedy and I am like I would rather take a cruise from Vancouver to Juneau for 7 days and not stress it. So to save myself time and effort, fly into Vancouver, take the cruise and done. Whenever Canada reopens and stops this insane madness of a vaccine passport when most have had it and are immune to it. This virus insanity needs to top. And that mask crap? OMG that needs to go away like so yesterday. I can’t breathe with it on. Time to rewind 2019.[That was not bleeped by Diane, BTW. Don’t know if jillie put it in herself or if our filter is now set to do that. 😕 ]

Bill T (@guest_125114)
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

To the best of my knowledge, Canada doesn’t have a vaccine passport requirement, at least not yet. The big problem is vaccine acquisition and distribution. Only so much can be physically manufactured at a time and with the entire world looking to get some, it will take time to bring all citizens to at least the 80% herd immunity level. Patience is required as I am sure there are plenty of Canadian folks who would love to travel to the US as well.

Bill (@guest_125159)
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

Sorry for your discomfort with the things that make us a “Society”. Also, if you think you can see even 2% of what Canada and Alaska have to offer in 2 weeks or from a cruise, sorry again…

Bob Amoroso (@guest_125281)
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

You can never replace a road trip (in an RV especially) with a cruise. Sure it takes more time to drive it, but, it’s well worth it. You’ll see more wildlife, you’ll see more towns. And, most RV’s are self contained…..why do you need FHU’s? Go out and see how nice the State Parks are and all the other open campgrounds. You will have to wait until the border opens again. I’ve done the Alaskan trip….from California….took 10 weeks….and 10,000 miles. I’d do it again in a minute. And I would definitely take more time to do it. It was also nice to travel through Canada……Banff, Jasper, the lakes, British Columbia, the Yukon, Lake Louise just sooooo much to see. It’s a total rush to have a Grizzly Bear or Moose wander through the campsite. Go out and do some Halibut fishing, it’s amazing. Go to Valdez and do some Salmon fishing….or better yet just bend over and grab one. Anyway, good luck on the cruise you’re going to pay more and see a lot less.

Karen S. (@guest_125748)
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

Fly into Anchorage, then rent an RV from Great Alaskan Holidays. We did that a few years ago and had a wonderful experience. We did not have full hookups anywhere we camped, but the things we saw and places we visited in the “last frontier” made up for it. A cruise where they herd you on and off with a bunch of people (on their timeline, not yours) will not give you the Alaskan wilderness experience you would get in an RV on your own.

Alan Day (@guest_125099)
2 years ago

The help wanted ad was for a non-traditional employer. Spend a minute searching the address on GoogleMaps, and use clues visible in adjacent ads, and you’ll identify the employer…I love the ad!!!😊

Jeb (@guest_125091)
2 years ago

Enjoyed the help wanted ad. Sign of the times?
Maggie looks like she’s up for fun.

cee (@guest_125085)
2 years ago

Great head shot of Maggie. She looks like a sweetheart  💘 

Donald N Wright (@guest_125083)
2 years ago

I joined lots of other seniors working for an amusement park one year. It was designed for youthful employees as their first real job, but they did not understand the concept of work.
I am sure you understand.

Engineer (@guest_125079)
2 years ago

Now this is interesting…I thought they were almost bankrupt

Camping World Holdings has reported first quarter revenue of $1.6 billion, an increase of $530.5 million over first quarter of last year.

The company reported net income of $147.4 million, an increase of $161.6 million from the same quarter last year.

The company said vehicle inventories decreased by $299.6 million; new vehicle inventories were down $338.7 million and used vehicle inventories were up $39.1 million.

Products, parts, accessories and other inventories increased by $49.6 million to $284.2 million.

David Stansbury (@guest_125062)
2 years ago

That might be the best job advertisement I’ve seen in years. Might not get too many applicants….

Lil John (@guest_125077)
2 years ago

Having hired folks for over thirty years, it’s definitely the most honest I’ve seen. Wish I had been braver in my ads!

Steve (@guest_125039)
2 years ago

Agree with Doug. It’s not a good idea to do this with your slides open! Owners manual will tell you to always have jacks down and to be level before you open your slide outs and to close them before your raise your jacks.

derek (@guest_125035)
2 years ago

This is funny and true. Some people just don’t want to work, but want to get paid for doing nothing.

Gary W Mayberry (@guest_125193)
2 years ago
Reply to  derek

Is that what is kind of happening now with what I’ll call a “Presidential no work rebate”. We have “help wanted/ now hiring” signs all over my area. Just talked to two different employers last week and they can’t find workers ’cause they are making more with “free money” than if they were working! I guess you can’t blame them, but “who can you blame”? Hmmmmm…

Don (@guest_125031)
2 years ago

Gotta love the help wanted. Wonder how many of today’s job seekers could qualify? I’m guessing not many! Sad…

Tom (@guest_125023)
2 years ago

In Lower Al, “now hiring” signs are everywhere. Unfortunately, they have hired a few of those guys.

Bob P (@guest_125012)
2 years ago

With the qualifications for that job they may not get very many applicants, those demands could almost be classified as racist since everything today is racist. Lol

Rich (@guest_125021)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob P

Bob, I was thinking the same thing.

Dan (@guest_125038)
2 years ago
Reply to  Rich

Not only racist, obviously misogynistic and anti-________(fill in the blank with whatever bothers you).

Bill (@guest_125161)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob P

 👤  Like maybe even you…?

Doug Harrison (@guest_125011)
2 years ago

A tip on avoiding the unwanted shower from the slideout drenching, it was suggested to de-level your rig forward or back to allow gravity to do the job.
I have a full wall 26’ long slide and l don’t think risking any “potential” torquing of the frame is worth the risk of slide damage.
My solution, a window squeegee on an extendable pole works well, it does mean getting the ladder out. I have also shaped a piece of 3” foam to insert into whichever end of the slide is affected by the prevailing wind direction, this also helps with topper wind flopping. I use this typically only on a longer stay.

Bill T (@guest_125010)
2 years ago

WRT the “Tip of the Day”, I don’t know if others have experienced this or not? But a few of our favorite CG’s have easily started to throw us under the bus in favor of increased profits. We have been going to these same CG’s, for over 10 years, to open and close our RV and visit friends and family but within the last couple of years, started having our “middle of the week” reservations become un-reserveable or even cancelled in favor of week long or multi-week reservations. CG customer loyalty appears to have given way to corporate greed. This started happening before COVID but has definitely been amplified by it.

Rick (@guest_125037)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

It’s one thing to not be able to get a reservation due to increased camping. It’s another entirely to have your reservation canceled in order to allow someone else with a longer stay to have your spot. THAT is totally unacceptable and could require a court appearance if some disliked attorney was the one who lost the reservation.

Phil & Peggy (@guest_125081)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

Just make sure to share those cancellations on to warn others of those RV park practices. Please.

Bob P (@guest_125009)
2 years ago

It only takes one of those showers to teach you a lesson you won’t forget, I think every newbie experiences this.

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