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Issue 1866
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Today’s thought

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ―John A. Shedd

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Lucky Penny Day!

On this day in history: 1995 – The first version of the Java programming language is released.

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Tip of the Day

Tricks to finding quiet RV parks

Who wouldn’t want a little peace and quiet? From morning to night, daily noise hammers at our senses. Work, traffic, technology, conversation, and more assail our ears in a never-ending cacophony. Wouldn’t a nice, quiet getaway be welcome? Yes! But how can you find a quiet RV park?

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Today’s RV review…

2022 NoBo 19.8 travel trailer with power galore

Tony writes, “Today’s review is of a Forest River No Boundaries 19.8 travel trailer, a smaller single-axle bunkhouse that’s got an option some folks might really be intrigued by. The No Boundaries line of trailers already is an adventure-focused line of trailers from Forest River that has some nice features whether you’re into boondocking or not.” What’s the intriguing option he writes about?

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

Why do fridge fins ice up and then drip tray overflows?

Dear Dave,
We seem to be having an issue on and off with our Norcold N821L (I think that’s the model) fridge. This only seems to happen when we’re “stuck” down here in Houston. When we’re in home country (Carson City, NV, 5,000 ft. elev.) this never happens. The fins in the reefer ice up (normal I guess) but the water tray beneath them will fill up to overflowing, which is a problem. … —Tommy, 2012 Arctic Fox 25Y

Read the rest of the question and Dave’s answer


How many of you are musicians or singers?

Dear Readers,
I would really like to know what percentage of you are musicians and/or singers. The reason for this is that I’m gearing up for some solar-powered jam sessions this summer at a few of the RV shows and rallies where I’ll be teaching. Here’s my gig at the FROG International Rally in Goshen this August. …

Continue reading

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Check out this incredible DIY RV. It’s a “log cabin” on wheels!

By Nanci Dixon
Mike and Bobbi (Mikey and Barbi) Wemple set out to make their 30′ 2005 Coachmen Concord into a woodland retreat – and succeeded. They hail from Montana and know a thing or two about log cabins and forests. Mikey and Barbi have totally (inch by inch!) remodeled the interior of their motorhome to be their perfect vacation retreat, aptly named “Barbi’s Rig.” Intrigued by the wood door, I stopped to spend a little time chatting. They treated me to a tour of their log cabin RV. Take your tour here.

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Quick Tip

Slow down to save money

Our longtime reader, Gray, suggests slowing down might save you money. “For the lead-foot RV drivers among us, here are some HARD facts. None of us can argue with the laws of physics, although many do ignore or deny them.

“Aerodynamic drag increases with the square (x2) of the vehicle speed, and engine power required to overcome drag increases with the cube (x3) of vehicle speed increase. Thus 2x speed=4x drag=8x power. Example: Going from 55 mph to 65 mph, an 18 percent speed jump, increases drag by 36 percent, which requires 54 percent more engine power. So for that 10 mph increase in speed, your engine is working half-again as hard.

“So how does that 70 mph freeway speed limit affect fuel mileage, as opposed to the  double-nickel speed limits? 70 mph is a 28 percent speed increase over 55 mph, which is 56 percent more drag needing 85 percent more power to overcome. If your RV is getting 12 mpg at 55, you’ll probably get 10 mpg at 70 mph.

“Here is an excellent web-based calculator to estimate speed impact on vehicle fuel mileage.” Thanks, Gray!

“Why I love my RV”

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, readers tell in their own words why they love their RVs. 

From Stacey Coville
2021 Vanleigh Beacon 41LKB

“We love our coach because it feels like home. We have a rear kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space, a living area with two recliners, and a pull-out couch for the grandkids. Our bedroom has plenty of storage along with a double vanity in the bathroom and a front closet. She tows like a dream and is virtually problem-free. Vanleigh is the fifth wheel division of Tiffin and, as such, our coach includes many of the same quality features as Tiffin motorcoaches. Another reason we love ‘Edith Ann’ is due to the excellent customer service provided by the folks at Vanleigh!”

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Website of the day

The Most Accessible National Parks in the U.S. 
These parks have paved pathways, all-terrain wheelchairs for rent and more accessibility features that welcome mobility-challenged guests.

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Recipe of the Day

Grilled Citrus and Garlic Pork Chops
by Claudine Tijerina from Lemont, IL

Wow, these boneless pork chops are extremely easy to prepare and delicious. The lemon pepper gives the pork chops a nice little kick of spice and citrus zest. Garlic and basil add an Italian flair and flavor. They grill-up in no time and turn out nice and juicy. Simple dinner in a snap!

Click here for the recipe

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Readers’ Pets of the Day

“Our very spoiled Cavalier King Charles Spaniel boys, Hunter and Cooper. Shopping at a big box store.” —Rodney Lacy

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jillie (@guest_184049)
1 year ago

I have a jeep grand cherokee and I travel about 65 on the interstate and the mpg at the next stop is around 12 when I fill up. But when not towing its around 22 in the city. I read that math gig and went huh?

Michael Galvin, PhD (@guest_183929)
1 year ago

I usually get 15 mpg diesel in our 2017 Winnebago Class C. On my current trip, Albuquerque to Salem, OR, I drove 45 mpg; 55 on interstates. Got 19 mpg.

Travis (@guest_183876)
1 year ago

Like they would say in the 80’s take a chill pill. The photo of the dogs in the cart is a hardware store such as lowes. If you study the picture you can tell this. In stores like lowes and Home Depot dogs are allowed in the store. Other than a candy bar at check out you are not putting food items in a hardware store cart. Those dogs are probably cleaner than the bags of potting soil or tan bark those carts haul around. Just think about what all gets put in a cart at a hardware store and the dog would be the least dirty item. LOL

John Hall (@guest_183794)
1 year ago

Another issue with speed and fuel economy is the gearing of your vehicle. I have a 3500 Chevy with a Duramax diesel. Its a 4 wheel drive. If I drive at 1900 rpm I get the best fuel economy and I am going around 64 MPH. The few times I had to drive 55 thru California I got horrible economy. 1900 rpm gets me about 64 miles a hour and the best economy. Above and below that magic rpm and the mileage goes bad. So after all that what I am saying is the speedometer is not always the best gauge to mileage

Dave (@guest_183864)
1 year ago
Reply to  John Hall

Lock out upper gears until you are towing at 1900 RPMs.

Brian Burry (@guest_183750)
1 year ago

Cute pet of the day! Home Depot, Lowes and many stores do allow dogs, even K9 Trainers take them in for their obedience training, all over the country. Yes, food stores have such limitation rules, but in this day and age of need for companionship, there is a welcome for customers and their beloved pets by many businesses. Heck, try the Lazy Dog Restaurant, they have a doggie 🐶 menu too!😊

jillie (@guest_184051)
1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

I take ours into home depot whenever I am there. I think they get more attention then I do. Plus half the time the workers are spending more time oohing and ahhing then working. I guess they do not see dogs that much in their stores.

Debby (@guest_183742)
1 year ago

@Rodney Lacy I hope you will join our friendly Facebook group called Camping Cavaliers!

Betsy (@guest_183740)
1 year ago

A dog free RV Park. Please let me know where. Most of the dogs are so annoying.

Jim G. (@guest_183909)
1 year ago
Reply to  Betsy

I also hope to see more “Dog Free” parks published in the future.

Gene Sannes (@guest_183730)
1 year ago

I just went by our local Chevron station here in CA., and the price for diesel fuel was $6.69/9. I hate to say it, but our long vacation for this year will be at home, not pulling my fifth wheel trailer with my RAM 3500 pickup. The price for diesel seems to be pretty much the same at other stations I go by as well.

Gene Sannes (@guest_183728)
1 year ago

A comment that has stuck with me. My brother, an owner operator of a big rig, says he can sure tell who is paying for their own fuel vs. a company that’s paying for fuel. He stays steady at the road speed and passes the same trucks a number of times as they fill up with fuel then race ahead again. He’s paying about $1300 for 250 gallons of fuel and he fills several times on a long haul. So, being a roadblock while traveling the speed limit puts money in your pocket not the gas pump. Let the jack rabbits pay while you save.

Walt (@guest_183693)
1 year ago

My dog goes into stores that allow them, but Never in a shopping cart.

Debby (@guest_183744)
1 year ago
Reply to  Walt

More fun for them in a cart, they are at petting height!

Diane M (@guest_183770)
1 year ago
Reply to  Debby

I hate seeing dogs in a shopping cart. Not sanitary! People don’t need their dogs to go into a food store with them. If you need a dog’s companionship while you are shopping in a food store, there’s something wrong with you.

Dan Fabian (@guest_183786)
1 year ago
Reply to  Diane M

100% agree with you.

Roger V (@guest_183688)
1 year ago

According to the linked fuel consumption calculator at $5/gallon, it’ll cost me less than $10 extra for my usual 300 mile day to run my campervan at 65 instead of 55. Well worth it! I prefer not to be a rolling road block.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roger V
Dr4Film (@guest_183632)
1 year ago

Many people driving today most likely do not remember the gas shortage in the 70’s where the national speed limit was reduced to 55 mph. I have recently purchased a 2006 Monaco Dynasty with a Cummins ISL 400 and have found that the “sweet” spot for the engine is between 55-62 mph. So I drive mostly around 55 mph. The sweet spot is defined as the speed at which the Allison transmission is in 6th gear at the lowest possible rpm. In my case that is around 55 mph. I have even noticed that it stays in 6th gear even when I go below the 55 mph. So, for now I have become a slower driver while driving my diesel coach. And, yes, you will find me always in the righthand lane letting all of the crazies pass me by doing 75-80. Their pocketbooks must be a lot deeper than mine.

Sheryl Hendrix (@guest_183629)
1 year ago

I must comment on the pet pic of the day. I really wish you would not glamorize taking your pets into stores when it is not legal! It is ILLEGAL to take your pet in a grocery store if it is not medically necessary! I’m sorry I don’t want my groceries in a cart where you have put your dog!!!

Glenn (@guest_183637)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

I agree wholeheartedly!!! It has gotten absolutely ridiculous.

Steve Minor (@guest_183656)
1 year ago
Reply to  Glenn

Come on, this was a BOX STORE not a GROCERY STORE!

Roger V (@guest_183685)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Minor

A box store is a grocery store. At least half of it.

Sue (@guest_183712)
1 year ago
Reply to  Roger V

Looks like Lowes or Home Depot, not Walmart, Target, etc that sell groceries.

Tom (@guest_183724)
1 year ago
Reply to  Glenn


Rosalie Magistro (@guest_183639)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

Evidently you’re not a dog person, it’s very common to bring your 4 legged kids with you shopping..
I put his blanket down in the cart.

Leonard Rempel (@guest_183642)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

Sad actually, that you would put a healthy dog in a shopping cart. Your dogs appear to be on the road to a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Sur (@guest_183653)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

That appears to be a Lowes or Home Depot store, where well-behaved pets are usually allowed. I don’t see that these dogs are doing any harm. In most states only guide and service dogs are allowed in grocery stores and most other businesses. Most working dogs would not be in a cart. An exception might be a smaller breed that is a trained medical alert dog. (Side note: I’m a puppy raiser for a large guide/service dog school. These pups in training in many states have the same access rights as working dogs after they’ve had their puppy shots. They would most likely be walking on the floor, too.)

Spike (@guest_183680)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

Sheryl, thank you!

My wife and I have three dogs, but they don’t go on tables, including campground picnic tables, or other places that could contaminate a surface with what might be on their feet (or other body parts that could touch those surfaces).

I’ve been in homes where the family cat just crawls out of the litter box then jumps up on the owner’s dining table or kitchen counter! YUK! Not much different than letting a dog or cat get up on a public picnic table or putting it on any other publicly used surface (except the ground and floors.)

dale (@guest_183692)
1 year ago
Reply to  Spike

I’m with you…I don’t want to be the next in line that uses that cart after dirty paws and dirty butts have used it….it just seems self centered. Put them on the floor.

Tom (@guest_183690)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

I feel it’s wrong to put your pets in a shopping cart. You are just spreading germs to the next user. Shame on the stores that allow it.

Mark B (@guest_183722)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

I agree completely! I am a HUGE dog lover, BUT,,, I never bring my dog to the store with me. By putting your dog in a shopping cart at a big box store or grocery store, it’s rude to the next person that uses your cart whether you agree or not. I have family members that are extremely allergic to dogs. Is it fair to them to have to suffer the consequences because you want to bring your dog shopping with you?

Talking about big box stores…. I was in Home Depot a while back walking the main aisle behind a guy walking a cute Sheppard puppy. The dog stopped, squatted and,,,,,, that’s right, took a dump right in the middle of the main aisle. Did the guy pick it up? Nope. Two employees looked at each other and both said, “I’m not picking it up.” Later, I saw the same dog lift his leg on a stack of plywood!!!! There are other ways to socialize your dog.

Diane M (@guest_183772)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

I agree. But I complained about it at my local Walmart, and the management said there was nothing they could do about it; they had been told by corporate not to confront people with their dogs in the store.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse (@guest_183625)
1 year ago

the milk looks oddly? No, it looks odd.

Stephanie (@guest_183670)
1 year ago

The article says “the milk looks oddly… perfect.” so the grammar is correct when you read the entire sentence.

Nanci Dixon
1 year ago

Todays Trivia- It’s NOT Elmers glue- or any glue for that matter. I was a food photographer for 30 years with General Mills, THE cereal company. We had high standards for the photography and we always, always, always used milk. Whole milk. Sometimes we did use half and half for the drips off the spoon, but it is still MILK! A milk splash would take days of setting up and timing and a lot of film. (And a lot of scrubbing the studio down after)

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Nanci Dixon

Thanks for the info, Nanci! I guess we should have consulted you before putting that trivia into the newsletter. But I wonder if some advertisers do use glue. I Googled it, and there are sure a lot of references to it. Maybe it’s just an old wive’s tale. But we appreciate your firsthand information. Take care. (Maybe I’ll see you at our Zoom meeting tomorrow. 😀 ). –Diane

TIM MCRAE (@guest_183602)
1 year ago

SLOW DOWN TO SAVE MONEY tip may well be true but the math in this article is nonsense.

X2 & x3 are not squared and cubed! Then the examples given are simply doubled & tripled {and again not squared and cubed).

Finally the result given is less than 20% increase in fuel used with a supposed 85% increase in power. Clearly this formula (which is only measuring wind drag) is not addressing the fuel efficency (or inefficency) of the engine at different speeds and loads.

I have never seen an ‘expert’ take into account ‘time’. It I go faster I get there sooner and then my engine is off. This is zero fuel usage for x minutes of my trip, which is way more efficient than 12mpg! I know I know, not a huge argument, but no one ever factors it in. Again in Grays example 70/55, you have a 28% time savings {thats HUGE} so on a 10 hour trip (even over 2 or 3 days) your getting there 2 hours sooner (accounting for idle time accel/decel time etc).

2 hours of zero burn is significant!

Carl (@guest_183611)
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

Burn time means nothing. Distance traveled is the constant in this equation. You may arrive early, but if higher speed results in lower MPG, you still burn more fuel to travel the distance in question. The only significance of 2 hours of zero burn is less time behind the wheel, but some of that is lost in increased fuel stops. This isn’t NASCAR where fueling takes only a moment.

Spike (@guest_183673)
1 year ago
Reply to  Carl

Correct, Carl. Still more total fuel used by going faster. Tim just had a beer or two at his campsite while you and I were still driving saving fuel and money! 😉

wanderer (@guest_183618)
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

You are right about that math error.

As far as time savings, I’m glad your time is so valuable, you must be very busy. Meanwhile, you used 10-20% more gasoline to get where you were going, period. I used less to go the exact same distance, period.

In case people haven’t heard, gas is in short supply, and the longer it stays in short supply the longer we will be paying high prices for it. It will go down once people drive fewer miles, or put less in their tanks at a time, or drive slower, or, heaven forbid, stop idling their vehicles while they fill up, visit with friends, shop, have lunch, or check their phones.

We should all be thinking about which of these things we could do, instead of just griping about price as we use up our petroleum as fast as possible.

Dane Smith (@guest_183631)
1 year ago
Reply to  wanderer

Math aside the current fuel shortage and high prices were planned and implemented pure and simple to force people into expensive E V’s for the sake of returns on investments using scare tactics . few Americans can afford the E V’s to begin with let alone a sometimes $1500 to $2500 upgrade to a home charging system even if your panel at home will allow it. My sister just bought a nice smaller home built in the late 1990’s with only a 100 amp panel which has ZERO room for added circuit breakers.

Rosalie Magistro (@guest_183640)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

You hit the nail right on the head. I’ll never own an EV !! And NO ONE can make me. Last I knew this is a free country !

Kaeleen Buckingham (@guest_183652)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

Why must you turn something that is attempting to be educational into something political?!? It said nothing about EVs and everything about SLOWING DOWN!

roger Marble (@guest_183664)
1 year ago

Correct. Slowing down in an ev will extend their mileage too.

roger Marble (@guest_183662)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

I doubt that the petroleum companies, that are the ones that actually control the price at the pump, would be pushing ev sales. I think the $Billions in increased profits for the gas companies is sufficient proof.

Sailor Bill (@guest_183810)
1 year ago
Reply to  roger Marble

How much fuel is wasted by having under inflated tires?

Roger Marble (@guest_183925)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor Bill

Under-inflated tires cost you money. The U.S. Department of Energy says that for every 1 psi missing from your car’s set of 4 tires, you lose 0.1 percent of your gas mileage. (Every psi lost also means that tires wear 10 percent faster.) By properly inflating your tires, you can improve your gas mileage by 3.3 percent. In the US we currently use about 369 Million gallons A DAY so that translates to 12 Million gallons wasted each day.

Joe (@guest_183674)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

I wonder what people that live in an apartment, townhouse with outside parking and also those that live in a city with curb parking are going to do to charge one EV vehicle let alone two? Running a cord across a side walk is not recommended for tripping hazards and having a cord laying in a puddle is a very bad idea. How will Landlords deal with a request to upgrade the electrical system to handle charging the EV’s and put a charging station at the curb? What will keep someone from plugging into your outlet and charge their vehicle on your dime? Are municipalities even thinking about this? Will we see parking meters replaced with charging stations in downtown city locations? I doubt those pushing for the EV revolution care or are thinking about this, hopefully the cart is not before the horse.

GWM (@guest_183815)
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

Where is the power that we will need to charge all of these EV’s going to come from? We are way to many years away from having enough electric generated from wind and solar to supply everybodys needs. Also many 3rd world countries will still burn coal to generate electricy. I guess their “air” doesn’t blow over our nation to contaminate us !

Roger V (@guest_183687)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

Panels can be upgraded. First thing we had to do when moving into our house built in 1988.

Leonard Rempel (@guest_183644)
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

Do you also believe that the earth is only 5,000 years old? Wow.

Tim (@guest_183655)
1 year ago
Reply to  Leonard Rempel

It is according to the Bible. Carbon dating has some flaws that don’t get mentioned look it up.

Les (@guest_183695)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim


T Edwards (@guest_183754)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim

I did watch a show years ago where the Flinstones were running around with the dinosaurs – you know, those animals Noah wouldn’t take with him on the ark. And I thought earth is 6660 years old – times up. Well time for cheap fossil fuels is up.

Rick (@guest_183699)
1 year ago
Reply to  Leonard Rempel

Yes. One has to accept science by faith, also.

Tom (@guest_183727)
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

So if you don’t go anywhere you’re probably in the excellent range. How many MPG did you get while moving? Not much to this logic.

T Edwards (@guest_183749)
1 year ago
Reply to  TIM MCRAE

Miles per gallon of fuel has no time in the calculation. The same 240 mile trip at 10 miles per gallon used 24 gallons as the 12 miles per gallon only used 20 gallons. At $5 per gallon, that’s $20 in your pocket. On a 2400 mile trip, that’s $200 in your pocket. Safe to say, it’s your money to burn. Me, I think I will take the $200 and buy a couple cases of beer and a night out on the town. Enjoy sitting there with your couple beers knowing you got there an hour earlier after another day of white knuckle driving fighting for position with the other Go-Fast traffic leaving us “slow-guys” to kick back and watch the road warrior show.

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