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RV Daily Tips. Thursday, March 23, 2023

Issue 2084
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Today’s thought

“The past is never where you think you left it.” Katherine Anne Porter

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Chip and Dip Day!

On this day in history: 1857 – Elisha Otis’s first elevator is installed at 488 Broadway in New York City.

Tip of the Day

Inflation is soaring…still! How to stretch your camping dollars

By Nanci Dixon
As inflation is still impacting all of us, knowing how to stretch your camping dollars can come in handy. Summer RV trip planning may begin to look a little different.

Gas prices, grocery prices, and campground costs are cutting into our travel plans again this year. I can’t even hit the multiply miles by miles-per-gallon button on my calculator.

As inflation soars, how can we stretch those camping dollars and still have a great time? Here are a few suggestions.

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 CONTEST!  Is this your RV?

Win a $25 Amazon gift certificate if today’s RV photo shows your rig
Every day we post a photo of an RV either submitted by its owner or by our editors and writers as they move about the country.

Click here to see if your RV made it into today’s issue.

Please note: This contest will end at the end of this month. It simply does not generate enough interest for our staff to continue putting their time into it. We’ve enjoyed it (and loved seeing all of your RVs!) and know those of you who have participated have, too. We apologize to those whose RVs weren’t randomly chosen out of the thousands of submissions. Now we’re off to think of another contest idea… 

Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

How to prevent high water pressure at campgrounds from damaging your RV

You’re asking for trouble if you just hook up your RV to a water spigot at an RV park without checking the water pressure. Today, Dave explains in a short video how to prevent damage from high water pressure, and shows you helpful devices to ensure you don’t accidentally blow out your RV’s water system.

Read Dave’s answer

FUN, EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING publisher Chuck Woodbury joined Dave yesterday in our weekly Talkin’ RV Tech live webcast. Watch a replay of the program here.

Video of the day

How to cook a perfect fried egg in a cast iron skillet

By Cheri Sicard
Have you even been frustrated trying to fry an egg in a cast iron skillet? I KNOW I have. It sticks, it tears, and it comes out looking a mess! Cowboy Kent Rollins is here to put an end to all that. In the video below he teaches us how to cook a perfect fried egg in a cast iron skillet.

I have to confess, as much as I use my cast iron skillet for nearly everything, I carry a nonstick skillet that primarily gets used for eggs. I would LOVE to be able to leave it behind. With Kent’s tips and tricks for cooking eggs in a cast iron skillet, I just might be able to.

Click here to watch

7 of the best personality traits for full-time RVing (and a quiz: Is full-timing right for you?)

Many folks are jumping into a new lifestyle – full-time living on the road. It sounds exciting and invigorating! … But before you stab that “For Sale” sign on your lawn, take this very unofficial self-survey. If you find you have most of the character traits necessary for life exclusively on the road, maybe full-time RVing is for you! Test yourself here.

Reader poll

Dog owners: Is/are your dog(s) a purebred or mutt?

Tell us here

Quick Tip

Slow-running kitchen faucet?

RV kitchen sink spout running too slow for your taste? Unscrew the aerator and check the screen for crud. If that doesn’t do the trick you can remove the water-saver fitting.

On this day last year…

If you have a dog, there’s no way you won’t laugh at this. It made us laugh out loud!

Website of the day

25 Amazing Hot Springs In the U.S. You Must Soak In
They’re not lying, you must soak in these! Okay, it’s not a requirement, but after seeing the photos you’re sure going to want to! (We do!)

And the Survey Says…

We’ve polled readers more than 1,500 times in recent years. Here are a few things we’ve learned about them:

• 23 percent say there are dirty dishes in their RV’s sink right now.
• 26 percent do not have a permanent ladder up to their RV’s roof.
• When asked how many slide outs their RV has, the highest percentage of voters, 27 percent, said theirs has three slide outs. Followed by one, two, none, and four.

Recent poll: Would you prefer to stay in a campground where kids were not allowed?

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Just about anything and everything you need for your RV at great prices. Visit now.

Recipe of the Day

Reuben Dip

by Goldie Barnhart from Palmyra, NY

This dip is a cinch to make and the flavors truly mimic that trademark Reuben taste. Inexpensive, easy and SO good. Warm and gooey, everything melts together. We loved the zing Dijon mustard added to the dip. We toasted rye bread and it was the perfect vehicle for dipping. Great for game day or any holiday party. We love the recommendation to make this in a slow cooker. You’ll get two very enthusiastic thumbs-ups from any Reuben connoisseur.

Click here for the recipe


What do you call kernels of popcorn that have been popped? Just popcorn, right? Wrong! Popcorn industry folk take these popped kernels very seriously, and refer to them as “flakes.” Yup, it’s not popcorn, it’s a flake! Why flake? They’re all unique, just like a snowflake. There are two kinds of flakes: mushroom and butterfly. At a movie theater, you’re most likely eating butterfly flake, but if you buy caramel corn somewhere, it’s probably mushroom flake. Flake shape is serious business in the popcorn industry!

*Yesterday we told you the history and origin of the sloppy joe. It will make you hungry!

Readers’ Pet of the Day

Our own Cheri Sicard shared her new rescue pup, Benito. She says, “This dog, a Queensland Blue Heeler mix (I assume), was abandoned and starving in the hills above my friends’ home in Baja. In a month he’s gained almost 8 pounds, has been neutered, and is happy and healthy. He is SO SWEET and so smart. He is ready for new on-the-road adventures with his new mom.” Thank you for rescuing him, Cheri. We all know you’re the best dog mom!

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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Jesse Crouse
2 months ago

From a Plumber- Feds got wise to removing the flow restrictor years ago. The flow is now restricted within the faucet body or cartridge. Only way to clear gunk is to reverse the flow.

2 months ago

Please note: This contest will end at the end of this month. It simply does not generate enough interest for our staff to continue putting their time into it.

Geee. I really wonder how much time your staff really puts into a random digital photo? Guess they would rather spend their time creating opinion articles

2 months ago
Reply to  Engineer

you can move on to another RV site if those informative article offend you…there were probably numerous pictures submitted each week that required the volunteers at this site to spend time to choose the right one each week. You can choose to spend your valuable time looking at other sites if this one does not fit your expectations, other enjoy the content each day. Please keep up the good work RV Travel team!

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Scott

We’re trying, Scott. Thanks! Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

2 months ago

Did I miss the survey where RVTravel asked whether we are still interested in “Is This Your RV?” This newsletter states they will discontinue it because it doesn’t generate enough interest for the staff to continue putting time into it. Really? How much time does it take to pull a digital photo out of the hat. There isn’t any article generated with it so how much effort/ time does it take? Sorry to see this come to an end 😔

2 months ago

The Reuben dip recipe is on point and would be perfectly suited for a cast iron pan at a campfire. Love this idea for a great spin on a Reuben sandwich.

Sheri Ken
2 months ago

Welcome Benito to the Happy Loving Furfamily of RV Travel Cheri!!! Thank you, Cheri for rescuing Benito. We are sure you’ll find our that your adorable Benito will be the one who “rescued” you. Happy Travels Happy Life!

David F.
2 months ago

One thing I always check, is to see if my rig made it to the “Is this your RV”
Would like to see it continue.

2 months ago

Cheri, your dog looks so much like our last dog, Roy, it took my breath away. He was Blue Heeler/Basenji (or so said a couple of vets). One blue eye, one brown eye. Basenji tracked as he was very quiet and only barked when absolutely necessary. But he did “talk” and was smart as a whip. You’ll love a Blue Heeler mix. Congrats on you new family member!

2 months ago

The Dewey Decimal System! Ah yes, I remember it well.

Deborah Johnson
2 months ago

We called the unpopped popcorn “old maids.” -Florida 1950s

2 months ago

we called them ‘orphans’

2 months ago

The rising cost for food and fuel is easily to get around but not the higher prices campgrounds are going. I was looking for places around my daughter, the places we stayed at two years ago now doesn’t do monthly, so they doubled their weekly rate. Found another one, sorry but was not a resort, but had resort prices. Average electric is $25.00 month for us and we have our own tv and WiFi and we don’t use the amenities, we have our own. So why am I paying $300 a week, some $175 a night. Know they need to make a profit but don’t need to be millionaires. Most RVers are on fixed incomes. So glad we are installing Solar.

2 months ago
Reply to  Brenda

Cannot really blame the campground totally. Most have a limited season to generate income to cover the total year. When they change ownership, that’s when they get out of sight. Or, “join” KOA.
You need to try either State or County campgrounds. We stayed in a nice older campground in Andersonville, Ga. City owned, city priced. Perfect for our overnight needs. We will go back there next time in the area.

2 months ago
Reply to  tom

We also often stay in city parks, county campgrounds, etc. While campground price increases are understandable and inevitable in the current economy, I refuse to pay extra to secure the exact space I originally “reserved”, and other recently appearing money drains, don’t appreciate that greedy attitude.

Pamela Holt
2 months ago
Reply to  CeeCee

A lot of price increases are from investors who buy these properties and have to pay back loans…

2 months ago

Never could find what I wanted in the library with these cards always had to ask for help, as the book was usually checked out .

Karen Bates
2 months ago

Rescue pups are the best! We were told ours was an Australian Shepherd but she looks more like a sheltie. We had her DNA tested and she is chihuahua and border collie with a few other breeds thrown in! Doesn’t matter, she is the best pup ever!

2 months ago

O the card reference section of the library. The paper cuts, having to write down the information and then go off searching for the item in question. Yeah, those were the days my friend.

2 months ago

Pet of the Day – Cheri, we too have a Benito we call Ozzie. Also a stray and an almost brother in looks to Benito. We were so curious as to his breeding we had him embarked. The DNA results came back a 50% mix of relatively believable breeds and 50% Italian greyhound, a small breed for European royalty in the 1800s we were told. We had to go tongue-in-cheek on that one. He is quite the love mutt now.

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