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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 888

Issue 888 • April 24, 2018
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RVing Tip of the Day

Don’t let noise keep you awake
By Russ and Tiña De Maris 
While most of us associate the RV lifestyle with “getting away from civilization” and back to nature, sometimes we first have to travel through the urban jungle to get there. It may mean overnighting at Walmart, or perhaps staying in an RV park in a busy city. In situations like these, when the sun goes down the noise level doesn’t necessarily do the same. Traffic keeps pumping, and sirens and other street noise can really impact your sleep. Just how can you get a decent night’s sleep?
RogerGoun on

The answer may be counterintuitive: Add a little noise.
Sometimes called “white noise,” it’s a mixture of equal amounts of every frequency of sound within human hearing range. Pump a little white noise into your bedroom and it simply masks the existing noises, and keeps your mind from being alerted by those other unwelcome sounds. It’s sort of like this: You’re in a dark room and someone turns on a flashlight. Your eye quickly focuses on the flashlight. Now imagine you’re in a well-lit room and that same flashlight is turned on. It’s a whole lot easier to miss.
Some people find white noise “too much,” and don’t find it soothing to sleep around. But there are other noise-blanking sounds that work well to mask out startling sounds. Nature sounds, like the lull of surf on the beach or wind blowing across the landscape, are often soothing. Some folks turn on a fan and let a constant mechanical sound mask out other sounds.
Some years back mechanical devices (other than electric fans) were developed as “white noise” machines. They often worked, but tended to be expensive, and for boondocking RVers, were out of the question because of their shore power requirements. But for the techno-equipped RVer, that is someone with an electronic tablet or smart phone, there are swarms of apps that can be played on e-devices producing a variety of white-noise or “nature sounds” that can drown out even the most heart-gripping of troublesome noises.
WE’VE EXPERIMENTED with using an Android tablet with a free download called Sleep&Noise Sounds (available on the Google Play Store). Initially we tried “playing” the sounds directly from the tablet, with limited success. Perhaps our sleeping area was too large, but it just didn’t work out well. Later we tried plugging in an external set of speakers, and the room coverage was so much better. The app provided a wide range of “noise” and other types of sounds – from a vacuum cleaner, to heart beats, a couple of different “rain” noises, even a crackling fire. More sound samples come with a “paid” version of this app.
How well does it work? For one of us, flipping on “Gentle Rain” is an instant sleep aid. On the other hand, “The Princess and the Pea” in our family doesn’t find that the system works as well as she’d desire – the best sleep “sound” for her is simply no sound at all. We’re working on earplugs that meet her needs.
You won’t really know which category you fit into until you try something like this out. That’s why we’d recommend shopping the iTunes or Play store for your device and downloading a free version or two to see if you get the desired relief. Then, if it works, consider an upgrade.

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Clean black marks off your rig
Black marks on your rig? Give it a shot of WD-40, rub it with a rag, and many of those black marks will vanish. Wear gloves when using WD-40.

Don’t blow my fuse!
With electricity expert, Mike Sokol
You can tell if a fuse is blown by first pulling it out of the holder and placing it on a non-metal surface (a wood or Formica table top is perfect.) Set your multimeter to the lowest ohms or continuity scale and place the two meter leads on each side of the fuse. It doesn’t matter which side gets the red or black meter lead and you don’t have to worry about getting shocked. A good fuse will measure very close to 0 ohms or cause the meter to beep if it’s in continuity mode. A blown fuse will measure infinity, or maybe a million ohms or so if your fingers get in the way.

Extend the life of your awning
Awning stretched and sagging? You may be able to avoid the costly awning replacement with a less-expensive addition of a center rafter support from your RV dealer.

Safety issue? RVer’s door locks randomly, leaving him trapped inside.

It looks like a key, but it’s a folding knife
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Playback FM 
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Devices make connecting coax TV cable and RV hose easier. editor Chuck Woodbury talks with inventor Jim Wright, who explains his two new devices, one to make hooking up a coax TV cable easier, and the other to make it easy to hook up to a fresh water spigot. The cable devices are available at RV Cable Grip • 25-foot coax cable with grips installed • Eight inch coax jumper. For information on the fresh water hose grip, email Jim at cablegripguy (at) .

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It’s tornado season: Be prepared!
For about $20, you can rest assured that any time severe weather threatens, you’ll be notified, even if cell service is down, the Internet is down or power fails. The staff travels with this small, handheld, battery-powered NOAA weather radio. If severe weather is on the way, the radio sounds an alert, followed by detailed information about the storm to let you know to seek shelter or move away. Get one for yourself and one for someone you care about who travels a lot. Learn more or order. 


Be prepared with plenty of ice
Sherri Eley sent in this cool tip: “After reading about freezing single-serve water bottles for constant cold water, I thought about how I pack for an extended or even weekend trip. We usually use bottled water for drinking and cooking both in the park and on the way to our destination. I save milk jugs and plastic juice containers throughout the year. Weeks before our departure I begin filling them with drinking water and put them in the freezer. I then have a good supply to pack in a cooler to keep things cold, and when they melt I have water for drinking, cooking or making coffee.” Thanks, Sherri!

Don’t store valuables in outside storage compartments
Always lock your RV when you’re not physically at the campsite. Do not store valuable equipment in outside storage compartments. Believe it or not, a vast majority of RVs use the exact same key as yours for outside storage compartments. If you store valuables like golf clubs, fishing gear or tools in the outside compartments you may want to have the storage compartment locks changed, possibly to a combination lock. Watch this short video from Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor.
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An RVer named Stanley was stopped by a game warden as he was returning to his motorhome with a bucket of live fish. “Do you have a license to catch those?” the warden asked. Stanly replied, “No, sir, these are my pet fish. Every night I take them to the lake and let them swim around for awhile. When they hear my whistle, they jump back into the bucket and I take them back to the motorhome.”

“That’s a bunch of baloney,” said the warden, to which Stanley replied, “If you don’t believe me, then follow me back to the lake to see how it works.” Still suspicious, but curious, the game warden agreed. At the lake, the man poured the fish into the water, where they disappeared. “Okay,” said the game warden. “Call them back.” “Call who back?” asked Stanley. “The fish,” replied the warden. “What fish?” asked Stanley.

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5 years ago

I have been listening to an album called Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd every night for 30 years. It’s the best sounds to sleep with bar none. My brain tells me when it’s time for sleep when the brain starts singing “run, rabbit run…” in my mind.

Better than white noise every day of the week and on repeat on Sunday.


john stahl
5 years ago

We go to sleep every night at home or on the road with the TV on set with a timer to go off about an hour after we go to bed. Been doing it for years. Works for us.

Eric Meslin
5 years ago

We use a fan for background noise (and air flow if it’s warm), but this only works when we have shore power. Otherwise we have a battery powered weather radio with AM/FM frequencies as well. Remember the sound of static we always tried to get rid of when tuning in a station? Turn the static volume up a bit. It makes great white noise.

5 years ago

A 60 cent screwdriver can pop just about any RV cargo lock even if it has a combination.

5 years ago

I appreciate the lock replacement videos , but have not been able to find where to purchase the combination lock for storage compartments… In Canada preferably, but even in USA. SUGGESTIONS?

5 years ago

Love the Playback FM site

Irv Kanode
5 years ago

Refilling milk or juice containers with water is not recommended by the Red Cross and FEMA per “Food and Water in an Emergency”

“If you decide to re-use storage containers, choose two-liter plastic soft drink bottles — not plastic jugs or cardboard containers that have had milk or fruit juice in them. The reason is that milk protein and fruit sugars cannot be adequately removed from these containers and provide an environment for bacterial growth when water is stored in them”

It’s PET plastic in soft drink bottles vs HDPE in milk jugs.

5 years ago

Yes ch751 keys are universal… Your $20 toolbox has a better lock than your $20,000 RV. If readers want to install the combination locks Gary showed, here’s a video of how to do just that:

As for connecting your coaxial cable to your freshwater hose, I tried that and I can only get cold water on channel 13 now, but the radio reception on the dishwasher is amazing!

5 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

That will happen when you use a Metric Crescent wrench

5 years ago
Reply to  George

Of course the Crescents are metric… France is entirely metric, so their bakery is always metric too.

That’s also why you only get 10 when you buy a dozen croissants… it has nothing to do with the two I ate before leaving the store…

Wayne Caldwell
5 years ago

To help your bride sleep better when you have the background noise on so you can sleep, get some ‘pillow speakers’. Mine have the .7 mm plug and play under my pillow so only I can hear the sounds and not disturb Sleeping Beauty. I have a pair for my tinnitus and they work really well.

Vintage Bill
5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

Soft foam earplugs do a lot to screen out some noises. It might take some getting used to them, but they do help

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