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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 937

Issue 937 • July 18, 2018

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Do you level?
That’s a question repeatedly posted on RV forums, regarding leveling an RV when stopping at the end of the day. Here’s a typical response: “I try to get it relatively close unless it’s just for an overnight stop, in which case I don’t bother.” Unless it’s an overnight stop? ALWAYS level your RV. Another comment tells you why: “I’m on my second Dometic 4-door. I level METICULOUSLY every time I stop to camp and I check level every morning. I refuse to go thru all that replacement AGAIN.” RV refrigerators need to be level to work properly, and to prevent damage. No absorption-type RV refrigerator has ever read the fine print that says, “Don’t count the damage caused by operating off-level if it’s only overnight.” Seriously, damage to an RV cooling unit is CUMULATIVE, and every “only overnight” adds up. Can’t level? Shut off the fridge. 

Tire air loss
Did you know that your tires can lose up to two psi of air pressure every month? That means if the RV sat in storage for three or four months the tires could be seriously underinflated. Try to get in the habit of checking tire pressure before each trip you take with your RV. Always check the tire pressure when the tires are cold (before traveling more than one mile). Don’t forget to check your automobile tires periodically, too.  Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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The one thing every RVer needs on hand
The roof vent on your RV often goes unnoticed until it stops working. A key component of your RV’s ventilation system is often displaced by the elements, leading to debris easily getting inside. Always keep an extra cap on hand to tackle this small fix and prevent further damage to your HVAC system. Shop Road & Home for this essential item, click here.

Answer to today’s email alert brain teaser: No. Since he has a ‘widow’, the guy’s dead!


Roof vent raising a stink?
If nasty holding tank odors are invading your space, pop up on the roof and check out your roof vents. Yes, they need to be free of debris, but underneath the vent cap is where the real problem could be. If there’s a gap between the actual vent pipe and the roof itself, holding tank gases can sneak right back into the coach. Stuff the space between the pipe and roof sheeting with fiberglass insulation, then seal over the top of the insulation with no-sagging roof sealant.

Adjust your hitch ball height
“Towing with the tongue high (or low) can overload one of your trailer axles.  Set your ball height to level the trailer when attached to the tow vehicle. “ —From Trailers & Fifth Wheels Made Easy

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Double refrigerator bars ensure nothing moves while driving
I know it’s happened to me many times – I’ve opened the fridge (even slowly) after driving down the road and a heavy jar has fallen on my toe – “OW!” – because it shifted in the fridge. Never have that happen again with these easy-to-install double refrigerator bars. These spring-loaded bars can also be placed in cupboards or in closets. Order for a good price here.


U.S. Military Campgrounds
If you’d like to stay at a U.S. military campground or RV park, this is a website for you! Search many parks by state, the highest rating, or the most viewed. 

Yahoo RV Groups
Yahoo offers tons (and we mean tons) of groups to join about RVing. Find groups about your specific motorhome, favorite RV park, or DIY projects. Enjoy!

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Best-selling small-space organizers
It can be hard keeping everything organized in a small space like an RV, right? Here’s Amazon’s list of best small-space organizers so you can keep everything in check. You’ll find everything from under-the-sink kitchen organizers, to clothing and closet organizers, to tiny little bookcases. Explore these helpful items here.

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4 years ago

For my tastes, most RV manufacturers overdo the paint scheme. Most are over the moon. I don’t care if no one looks @ my rig and says, “I want one of those”. If the paint scheme causes someone to make a 6 figure choice, there is something wrong. I want functionality, comfort, dependability and the last thing on my list is beauty. The manufacturers should stop paying consulting firms and spend more time listening to their customers. If they don’t they will wind up like the auto industry, designing and building a unit and then trying to create a market for it. Listen to your customers!

Gary R
4 years ago

If you are unable or unwilling to level every time you stop, you might look into an ARP refrigerator control. It prevents overheating by shutting the refrigerator down if it gets too hot and then restarting it as it cools. It can also control an additional fan to help with cooling. https://www.arprv.com/index.php

4 years ago

A rather exuberant tip on leveling for your frig. Read the specs for the frig.! Often they allow 3 % tilt while functioning. With a little trig using your tire distances you can translate this to inches out of plumb. For my 28′ class C it allows 7-9 inches out of plumb. That’s a lot! And easily checked with those little bubble gauges mounted to show inches out of level front to back and side to side.

4 years ago

Comment on Military Fam-Camp Parks: First, not all parks allow the guest program ..Second, I am not in favor of foreign countries sharing our campgrounds as it opens up ..which countries do we allow or not allow which will/could create a bias and all that is not a necessary gamble if we just let our qualified personnel as per government regulations state. Thousands of veterans being discharged due to war injuries or full retirement of 20 + years who carry a retirement no expire I.D. will likely always deserve first choice as I see it as they defended our country and have priority so the guest program would take the vacancies that our veterans should have..Naval Air [ret.] 20+

4 years ago

When choosing an RV I look for functionality inside. I sit and picture myself cooking, relaxing watching TV, moving in it. The kitchen has to have enough counter space to work on – which is missing in too many. For me the black water holding tank opening has to be directly under the toilet so I can get a good view of how full and/or if something is stuck.

Marilyn R.
4 years ago

I respectfully ask if, as being retired after 28 years from the Canadian military, I’d be allowed to use the US military campgrounds?

4 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn R.

Only as a guest of someone who does qualify to stay there, I believe. Ditto for active and retired military folks from the US when they are in Canada, probably!

Charles Lanning
4 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn R.

Can we use yours?

4 years ago

Retired U.S. and Canadian military may stay a night at any Mexican military base.

4 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn R.

I found that the campgrounds for VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) accept Canadian military identification and CFOne cards and welcome us as brothers/sisters.

4 years ago

Not all past JBC, I’m a veteran 1979-1985 and I don’t qualify since I neither retired nor am I a 100% DAV.

4 years ago

Must you be a member of the military (present/past) to use US Military campgrounds?

Ron Jewell
4 years ago
Reply to  JBC

For most military campgrounds, you must have a DOD ID.

4 years ago

re: poll on exterior graphics

I’d prefer an RV with fewer and more subtle graphics. Most are over-decorated to my tastes.

4 years ago
Reply to  Irv

I agree Irv, I’m in the process of removing mine partly because they needed to be and partly because the manufacturer isn’t paying me to advertise their name.

4 years ago
Reply to  David

I wonder how someone decided that a Nike “Swoosh” was great decoration on so many RVs… If my car had that pattern, it would mean I wiped a parking pole!

(The serious answer is that the curves are supposed to draw the eye from the boxiness of the RV… but it doesn’t work for me…). I don’t mind the wildlife murals on some RVs, but the flat color shapes do nothing for me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Wolfe

I removed the cracked and peeling “sticker” graphics from the front and one side of my travel trailer. while it looks better without that much plain white is not very attractive. Not sure what I will do.

4 years ago

Brothers and sisters I have none
But this man’s father is my father’s son.

Larry Lang
4 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA

It must be my son.

4 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA

It must be Me!

Bob P
4 years ago

Brain teaser had me thinking, the throw off was the state, once you no longer thinking of the state it becomes obvious, very good someone was thinking of that for awhile.

Dr4Film ----- Richard
4 years ago

When reading the Joke of the Day I thought, boy do I represent that remark. One evening in Old Town Cancun back in the 90’s with the wife and friends at a local restaurant having dinner and LOT’s of fun, after way TOO many shots of Tequila I had leaned too far back in my barrel chair and landed on the floor. The service people ran over to make sure I was OK. Embarrassed somewhat but sat right down and continued on as if nothing happened. ROTF

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