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gary-736Dear Gary,
We have a 27-foot Gulf Stream Streamlite trailer with a small slideout. The manual states that there is a manual override to retract the slideout in the event that the electric motor fails. We can’t locate the “emergency device” mentioned in the manual. We even had a technician look, with no luck. The motor is located in the middle of the sofa but there appears to be no access to it. Any thoughts? —John E.

Dear John,
The slideout motor used in the Streamlite brand is produced by Lippert, one of the largest providers of slideout mechanisms. All Lippert electric motors have an extended shaft with a cross pin that can be manipulated by hand to extend or retract a slide room manually. Some models may be equipped with a hex shaft, in which case a ¾-inch box end wrench can be used. 

On your coach, below the sofa you’ll find a kick plate covered with a fabric. There will be two or more medallion-like decorative pieces on that kick plate. They pop off easily with a flat blade screwdriver and then you’ll see the attaching screws. Once you remove those screws, the kick plate will come off and you’ll have clear access to the slide motor.

Lippert ships a flexible adapter with each unit that can engage the shaft of the assembly in order to turn it by hand; probably the “emergency device” you mention. If you don’t have that adapter, one can probably be easily fashioned. I’m not sure which direction you rotate the shaft, but you’ll be able to tell once you start. Just be sure to only manipulate it by hand.

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John Connaughton
John Connaughton

Gary, can you tell me where I could find this manual override for my slideout, 2006 Winnebago Aspect 26A. Also, on the pic in the article, could you add a red arrow pointing to exactly the shaft you mentioned?

bob aikman
bob aikman

There is never enough information or litrature in any rv and most times the line does not put it in they are worked to death