Sunday, December 4, 2022


RVer Poetry Corner: The Silent Sentinels


This lovely poem comes from reader Nina Soltwedel. She introduced it to us this way:

April being Poetry Month, I offer this simple poem. It came to me as we drove our RV through the desert Southwest where there was little at which to gaze except cacti and the occasional train. As I viewed the warning light poles along the tracks, the poem took form:

The Silent Sentinels

In the vastness of the landscape’s might,
They faithfully stand erect, upright,
Waiting to work, to warn, advise.
Their lights proclaim, “Open your eyes!”

One on the left, one on the right,
Keeping watch both day and night.
They have no voice; they make no sound;
No movement made when tied to ground.

No horns to sound, no gates to lower.
The monster passes. Their work is o’er
‘Til, in the distance, another’s in sight.
They patiently wait to speak with light.

©2019 Nina Soltwedel

Do you have a poem to submit inspired by your RVing? Submit it here.

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Margo Wood
3 years ago

How lovely! I am reminded of a haiku I wrote while sag wagoning (?) with my husband on his cross country bicycle trip. Will post when I locate where I filed it!

J Baker
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this little observation in rhyme, my friend. Really beautiful pic, too

3 years ago

Poetry is a great addition to the newsletter… I tend to write more about people while RVing than RVing itself, but maybe I’ll submit something…

Peter C McDonald
3 years ago

Very clever and enjoyable. I never noticed those silent sentinels the way you did!!

3 years ago

Thank you, I enjoyed your poem.

3 years ago

Truly lovely…thanks Nina! That photo, also, is beautiful.

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