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RVers fight insurance company over damaged RV and get $85,000

We received this note from Billy Walkowiak, the owner of Collision Safety Consultants. The company offers independent vehicle damage appraisals and inspections in the areas of vehicle diminished value, total loss assessments and pre-purchase and post-collision repairs. “Our purpose is to reassure our customers that their family’s vehicle has been repaired to pre-accident condition in regards to function, safety, appearance and value,” he says.

He wanted us to relay this information to our readers in case they should get into a situation where they cannot get their insurance company to reimburse them for damages they believe they’re entitled to.

He wrote:

Collison Safety Consultants got a family $85,000 after a one year battle with Geico.

The couple bought their dream RV, a Mercedes-Jayco 24 foot Melbourne Class C motorhome, in January, 2019, and moved it to Florida. The following month it was broken into and vandalized with a fire extinguisher. The corrosive chemical was eating away at everything including the stove top and wiring.

The adjuster insisted it could be cleaned and made chemical free. After 160 hours of professional cleaning and changing out the soft goods the chemical was still present. The chemical actually burned the wife’s hands when she put them on a previously sanitized surface. They spent more than $20,000 attempting to clean it.

The couple hired us, using the appraisal clause in their policy. It took one week for us to get it designated as totaled. The owners were awarded $85,000.

Never trust the opinion of someone who owes you money. Protect yourself and consult an expert appraiser.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Don Callahan (@guest_64208)
3 years ago


steve (@guest_63895)
3 years ago

This is an advertisement ! ! ! Any decent lawyer experienced with insurance claims could handle this

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  steve

Hmmm. If it’s an “advertisement,” too bad we didn’t get paid for it, huh? It’s a suggestion, or a heads up for our readers, and we gave credit where it was due. —Diane at

Billy Bob Thorton (@guest_63946)
3 years ago
Reply to  steve

You lost me at ” decent lawyer”

Thomas (@guest_63875)
3 years ago

Did the gentleman have someone take pictures and document the tree limb? Sounds like claim was made 6 months or more after the fact. The radiator, was it damaged by an accident or just wear and tear from vibration? Without more information, I’d deny too.

Don Baker (@guest_63804)
3 years ago

I would like to find out if there is anyone that can help me recover the costs of a new radiator and a new roof on my Class A. Safeco denied two claims that were filed at the same time for Comprehensive damage. After a tree limb fell on the roof in a spring snowstorm in Denver last year I removed the limb from the roof and did a cursory inspection with no “apparent” damage. We then traveled to Wisconsin where we spent most of the summer before returning to Idaho. During the time in WIS there were some very heavy rainfalls and wind as well as both east and west bound trips.
Also before heading East I had a radiator hose replaced and the radiator pressure tested, with no problems evident. Both east and west bound trips found us on some very rough roads.
I had the engine serviced in Boise ID before heading to Oregon. After getting to OR I had the Coach in to the shop for some other work and had them check the radiator and the roof. The radiator was determined to be cracked and the roof had delaminated.
The roof delamination had apparently started at the front of the coach where the tree limb had hit. The technician that did the work said that he saw some areas where the Filon roof membrane had cracked.
I feel I was treated like a criminal by Safeco Insurance Company and their third party “special investigator”. One of the first things they did was to send me two Certified letters with copies of the last page of my policy highlighting the “fraud section”.
They took a week to even get someone there to inspect the claims. and when it was all done and I had paid the bill I had to call them to find out about the claim denial after three weeks with no word.

Donald N Wright (@guest_63749)
3 years ago

I do not want my RV to be repaired to it’s condition when it was purchased. It was falling apart then !
I want it repaired to be the way it was supposed to be.

Ed O'Deever (@guest_63580)
3 years ago

Most people don’t know that an independent appraiser can help to obtain a fair settlement. We used

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