RVs in Japan are a lot different


This is a photo from a website that advertises an RV show in Japan. In Japan, apparently, RVs are called camping cars. As you can see, they are far different from what we travel with in North America. The show is underway in Tokyo now through Sunday (Feb. 2).

Our resident subscriber in Japan, Russ Veillard, who divides his time between Seattle and Japan, where he works as a voice actor (he’s the voice of the Aflac Duck in Japan), alerted us about the event.

As you can see in this PR photo, a camping scene is different in Japan from what we’re accustomed to in the U.S. and Canada.

This is about as large as an RV gets in Japan, from what we can tell.

This coach is small, but as you can see it’s equipped with the basics, and is very stylish to boot.

The photo above was taken at the 2018 show, and published on the website Moderncampingmagazine.com. Most of the models pictured on the site, as well as others, are not big by our standards, but they are darn cute.

If you know about RVing in Japan, please leave a comment and enlighten us.


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Until 10 months ago, for six years I lived full-time in a 17-foot fiberglass TT. I was tired of everything associated with owning my “traditional” home, so I sold it and moved into my trailer. It had everything I needed, and life was good. Then, 10 months ago, a deal on a 5th wheel fell into my lap. I wasn’t looking, it was scary-big (34′!), and I wasn’t sure I needed all that room. My little trailer would soon need some major work (like $3,500 for new gel-coating, and a few other things with a total output of about $6,000), so I went for it. I’ve adjusted and still have lots of empty cupboards and drawers, but I could very easily, without feeling deprived at all, move back into that 17-footer without a moment’s hesitation. In fact, I’m considering doing just that. We Americans live so differently than people in other countries. It’s not always about big, bigger, and biggest. We could learn a lesson here!

Mark B

City streets and country roads are narrower, parking spaces tiny and parking limited in Japan and all of Europe. The fact we don’t understand how the rest of the world RVs is a testament to our strongest American export – ignorance.

Pierre Woody

We should import these RVs, they are probably better than the **** sold here.


Japan has always thought small. With its population and societal behaviors they have tried to do things the American way to a point. So this size does not surprise me. On net flex if you want to see the size of apartments and houses in Japan tune into Queer Eye in Japan. There is one apartment that is no bigger then maybe a 20 x 20 square. Our house is a 1000 feet with a basement. Glad we have our basement. I would go nuts.

Randy T
Donald N Wright

These could be a lot of fun, but should get reduced rates at campgrounds.


‘ Too bad. Site mentioned “refused to connect. Having driven in Japan, it would have to be small designs. I will bet that there are some clever ideas at the show.