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Scott Snider

I have not seen any info on the RV park in Arizona lately, what’s up with them?

DeAnne Townsend

I enjoy this publication, At present am “land locked” hope to change this status within 6 months. Have been RV’ing for over forty years and sincerely miss the daily adventures and meeting new folks.


If you use gps or map quest on your phone it does have an option to opt out of toll roads. And also it has an option to locate those clocking your speeds. I love these features. These features have been there for a while now. Also you might want to take a class on hot spotting from your phone. Campgrounds do not have reliable internet but hot spotting from your phone is. I like being able to access internet when needed. Happy Trails.


Anyone else question the RV Toll Route transponder? Why wouldn’t I just use my EzPass like I do already? What am I missing here.

sue freivald

thank you for the follow up – and tragic news – of the missing couple from New Hampshire. We saw nothing on the MSM about it. It is also a huge wake up call if one believes it is all safe and nice out there in the real world. Take precautions. I pray the murderers will be brought to justice, but believe there is little hope of that.

Tony andrade

Great rv reading material. Love it.
Berkley ma.

Susan Anderson

Tragic ending to the missing couple from New Hampshire. I do not understand why this story did not make the national news in place of some of the other stories that did make the national news. Very sad indeed my heart aches for the families involved.