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I’m sure most of you have heard about Greg Gerber. Go to his website. greggerber.com read his article covid 19 the numbers don’t warrant the response


The continued bad news concerning Good Sam Camping World Ganders should have you Chuck smiling and dancing If or when Marcus Lemonis goes belly up your news letter can focus on rving Frankly your tirades against Lemonis are getting old

Greg George

Every issue in the past 10 years has had at least 1 article about an RV fire. YES, this happens, but please just once stop broadcasting someone else’s bad fortune.

Lester R Hollins

This news letter is very informative. I plan on fulltime RVing and this news letter will truly keep me from putting the “Cart before the horse”


Give a listen to Brandon Holthaus on youtube. Church prophecy update 3-20-20.:eye opening as too what is really going on in the United States.