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Lynda Caporn

Just One Word. Piffle! I found lots –
from LyndaC DownUnder…

Paul Logue

Just one word!? You are so mean! Lol. We are stuck in our homes already going crazy! JUST ONE WORD?🤪

Billy Bob Thornton

Just a couple of friendly Canadians out having a good time. I mean, look at the stash, mostly knives, big deal. But then again, it scares those to the north that they are becoming us. News flash, you don’t have a right to bear arms. You guys allowed your government a long time ago, in the 50ties, or 60ties, I forget, when you broke away from Great Britton, another no rights country.

Gee, and we fought and became independent, when, oh yeah, 1787.

So, nothing to see here but sensationalism, as usual. Move along now.


Ha!….Good luck on that not buying Chinese….! Try finding American made shirts, underwear, socks, etc etc…..you could make this a major quest but you won’t be able to buy much. I too remember when EVERYTHING was ‘made in America’. Thanks to rampant corporate greed, no more. Not even American icons like Daisy BB guns or Radio Flyer wagons….all made in China. European countries did not allow this, and we should not have either.


Concerning dump facilities…my city has a free municipally-sponsored dump station as does one of our favorite stops along I-70, Fruita, Colorado. Thank you Fruita!

Cities miss opportunities to have tourists stop, or they suffer from unscrupulous folks dumping their black tanks into local storm drains or road side ditches.

The alternative is to provide a free RV dump station, or permit an appropriate business to have a dump station as a magnet for tourists to stop and visit your town or business. What town doesn’t want tourists to leave their town green….with money?


Since The coronavirus has affected all of us, some to the extreme like the R.V. Doctor Gary Bunzer I will not buy ANY product from China. I would ask people to do the same as the CCP is responsible for every death world wide. This is a disease that will not go away and will be with us forever till they have a vaccination which may not be available in our lifetime (since most of us reading this site are retired and older). Just my thought and yes I’m pissed.