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Joe & Helen
9 months ago

We passed this Brain Teaser on to our children and daughter Betty responded that the answer has to be ZERO because the question states …YOU can win a free popsicle…then it says How many popsicles can Peter win and her name is not Peter.  Interesting take on the grammar.
The variety of answers and reasoning on this question has been most interesting.

9 months ago

When I was a kid each popsicle had 2 bars together in same package with 2 sticks. How does that compute 😊 of course we had to split them in half and share with my sister, and hope that it didn’t fall apart in the process of splitting it.

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tim palmer
9 months ago

The guy with the maroon pickup who stole the trailer in TX. It says he didn’t disconnect any of the utilities and judging by the photo, he didn’t close the slide out.

9 months ago
Reply to  tim palmer

Looks a little like a woman.

Wendy Hayko
9 months ago

FYI British Columbia’s Mount Revelstoke National Park. Snowforest Campground does NOT have a Sani dump which may make it somewhat less than ideal for many RVers.

Bill Trepp
9 months ago

Let’s talk about other reasons why FMCA, the Family Motor Coach Association, continues to lose members that Jon Walker’s letter did not mention. 1) Members are ageing out. 2) FMCA failed to refund $200+ member deposits placed on cancelled International Conventions. 3) Due to Covid, people are not renewing memberships in optional clubs such as gyms, ski clubs, fraternal organizations and RV clubs are no different. 4) The FMCAssist or emergency evacuation insurance is an important drawing card for members but who is going to purchase membership when Jon Walker, wants to eliminate that benefit. 5) With Jon Walker’s letter being released/leaked? to the RV Travel newsletter before the general membership, the suspicion of political infighting/turmoil among the Executive Board grows. Many potential member’s dues dollars may be waiting for the dust to settle before committing to FMCA.

9 months ago

I agree with Birdstogo- I only get 18

Alan Goldberg
9 months ago

The “offer allows you to get a free Popsicle” that quote implies a single popsicle thus the correct answer is one.

Ed Fogle
9 months ago

He can get free a Popsicles forever. Each Popsicle has two sticks. He eats the Popsicle and takes the two sticks back for another Popsicle. No end until the manufacturer goes bankrupt.

Larry Prough
9 months ago
Reply to  Ed Fogle

Yes, been awhile since I had a popsicle but you are correct, 1 popsicle = 2 sticks.

9 months ago

Okay, on the brain teaser, how do you get 19? I keep coming up with 18.

9 months ago
Reply to  BirdsGoToo

first 20 gets 10 that 10=5 then 5=2 w?1 left over +1 for the last 2 he ate leaves him w/2 popsicle stick

Karin S.
9 months ago

What your article did not mention regarding the Class A motorhome fire in Lebanon, Oregon, is once the crew at the tire shop realized the fire extinguisher would not work, a quick thinking worker pulled the motorhome out into the street before the fire broke out even bigger, thus saving the fire from spreading inside with all the stored tires. It was amazing!!! It would have been devastating and very dangerous had the fire caught inside. It did cause our town a major traffic jam, but well worth the inconvience vs. a major alarm fire with the building fully engulfed.