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Sharlene Dering
6 months ago

I am looking for a toad to buy.

Rory R
7 months ago

Just a thought, if a net loss of 7,500 members was caused by an increase of $25.00 in it’s membership fee, it seems to me that those folks didn’t feel like they were getting their money’s worth to begin with. I have a similar problem with AARP and their constant reminders to renew when their is 2 years left on your current membership.

Michelle Wilson
7 months ago

Just up charge for out of state license plates. In states pay lower fee.

7 months ago

On the brain teaser, # 4 could also be cloud!

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
7 months ago
Reply to  Alice

Hi, Alice. Yes, it could be cloud, but then it wouldn’t rhyme with good, which was a requirement. 😉 —Diane at

R.R. Torres
7 months ago

Shopko stores have closed and have large parking areas.
Someone will undoubtedly see that RV parking in an urban envirament brings dollars to local economies.

7 months ago

If I read your sugar beet harvest story correctly. A person will work 12 hour days, 7 days a week if the weather is good. 84 hours in a week. Hats off to each and everyone who has done it. I would like too try the sugar beet harvest sometime but afraid I would fail. 84 hours is a lot of hours.

7 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

where I used to work at I worked with two farmers. They worked by me for the insurance. There vacation time they spent planting and harvesting.

K chandler
7 months ago

I wonder how many snowbirds will be spending this winter at home, like we will. Much as we hate dealing with upper midwest winter it might be smoother going than the continually changing restrictions away from home.

Alan Goldberg
7 months ago

I have never used FMCAssist medical evacuation program and hope I never need to use it. It’s a great insurance policy to have when traveling, and considering It comes with membership in FMCA it is a really great deal.

I’m not happy with everything FMCA has done these last few years but it’s an organization that needs to survive and continue to represent camping.

mike henrich
7 months ago

In the news briefs, the story about the Pa State Parks may start charging for use has another underlying strategy. Since the pandemic started, more people are getting outside, which is good. The problem is, these people don’t realize, or care, that they should take their trash with them, or at least use the trash cans. It is very common to go to a Pa State Park and see empty trash cans, but look around and see trash everywhere. The entry fees would help pay for cleanup, but possibly also deter so many uncaring people from using the parks.

7 months ago
Reply to  mike henrich

I am in constant contact with representatives of PA State Parks and have camped at some of the ones in question. Yes they are being “trashed” by those who don’t respect the outdoors as we do. Upon just wandering around through the parks and around the site areas, I have taken notes and found that people who are trashing the PA parks and camping areas, are from out of state; mainly New York and New Jersey. They are 20ish and blast their “music” so that someone at the other end of the park can hear it. No consideration for anyone at all. If charging an entrance fee to keep trash out of parks is all that is needed, then I am for it, but the people I am talking about are the campers, so be prepared for those rates to increase also thanks to out of staters. PA should do like other states do: add $20 to the cost of camping to the price per night at the state parks. Keep PA state parks beautiful for us.

Gary Byler
7 months ago

They should consider getting volunteer hosts at all day use and/or campground to remind visitors of the park rules. In the case of individuals who do not comply, simply call law enforcement officers , either sheriff officers or Park Rangers. My experience is that when faced by LEOs people’s belligerence subsides amazingly.