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Matt Johnson
4 months ago

Thanks for the heads up about DICKS SPORTING GOODS opening up another line of stores called PUBLIC LANDS. After their last fiasco going against the constitution of America, 2nd amendment and refusing to sell a perfectly legal SIMI automatic rifle, yes that is their right, no matter how woke it is. And because of that losing tons of money. It looks like there trying to pull the wolf in sheep’s clothing trick on the American people. PUBLIC LANDS will not get a dime of my hard earned money.

4 months ago
Reply to  Matt Johnson

Yes I agree. They are not a true sporting goods store any longer, and will not get my business under any name they change too.

4 months ago

Thanks for the day in history! It made me dust off my jazz albums and listen to Dave Brubeck’s time out album that featured the take 5 track that played when talking about him. In my opinion Dave is probably the best Jazz Pianist to ever play.

4 months ago

Regarding the topic of number of rvs verses campsites. Have there been any studies on how many rvs actually are used this way? Example we had flooding in our area and the govt won’t allow rebuilding ,so they are using RVs instead (I believe so they can be moved to higher ground when necessary ) .I drive by daily a large rv storage lot and there are rvs that haven’t moved in eight years. And how many RVs are retired every year parked away and left to the elements Thanks! Peace and Stay Safe!

4 months ago

The paragraph about the Tenn parks is miss leading. We were at three different Tenn state parks and 1 federal during the month of October. All campgrounds were full but only 2/3’s of the spaces were occupied on any night we were there.