Friday, August 12, 2022


Map shows where readers are reading

By Chuck Woodbury

The blue dots on the map show where the last 500 visitors to our website were reading it at 9 a.m, Pacific time, on Monday, July 4th. As you can see, a lot more were reading in the eastern USA than in the West. Although some states show no readers, that’s not necessarily accurate as each dot does not represent a single reader, but groups of readers.

If we were to show you another snapshot of our readers’ locations two or three hours later or tomorrow afternoon, you’d see a different pattern. In today’s case, on Monday morning as shown above, it’s logical that Eastern readers would appear in bigger numbers: They had a two- or three-hour head start of reading time due to their time zone. Those of us on the West Coast were just getting going.

The fact is, our readership is all over the place. By the time readers in the Western states are starting their day, which for some includes reading this newsletter with their morning coffee, readers abroad are getting ready to sit down for dinner or in some cases climb into bed for the night.

Wherever you are reading, we are very happy to have you onboard. And we thank you for joining us. And, by the way, where are you reading from? Please leave a comment.



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Dan A
1 month ago

Pine River, MN

1 month ago

West Yellowstone, Montana

Thom R
1 month ago

Kingston WA
Across the water from Seattle

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Thom R

And Edmonds. Hi, neighbor! Have a great day! 😀 –Diane (in Lynnwood, just east of Edmonds and across the water from Kingston)

1 month ago

Troy Montana (two hours west of Kalispell & 15 miles east of the Idaho border.

1 month ago

Cedar Lake Indiana (about 40 miles southeast of Chicago)

1 month ago

Grass Valley, CA (Northeast of Sacramento)

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