Salem, Virginia, firefighters contain trailer fire from spreading

    WSLS 10

    Firefighters’ rapid response not only extinguished a travel trailer fire within minutes in the 1900 block of 12 O’ Clock Knob Road in Salem, Virginia, Sunday but they were also able to prevent the fire from expanding into the nearby woods.

    The fire was reported just before noon. According to Jimmy Poindexter, Battalion Chief for the Salem Fire and EMS Department, firefighters responded within two minutes and were able to extinguish the blaze within 15 minutes. Despite being surrounded by woods, the fire did not spread, reported WSLS.

    Poindexter said the total damage is estimated at around $5,000.

    No one was injured and the fire is still under investigation. The cause has not been determined.

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    Sherry Dawson
    2 years ago

    I appreciate knowing about fires and accidents in RVs (though I am very sad for the owners and occupants). I feel I can learn from them about staying safer. However, as is normal, the reporter doesn’t know the cause of the fire or accident because it is still being investigated. Chuck and staff, if you learn the cause of such tragedies (and the fate of the survivors) later, could you post that? I try to follow the story over time, but am rarely successful in finding a follow-up. You have much better sources than we do. Thanks for whatever you are able to provide.